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from the South Bay
Posted 9/4/13 , edited 9/4/13
some funny moments in the latest episode.

I actually love Kaji kun as the seiyuu of youngest brother , his delivery is very adorable.

but for me , this one is better than Amnesia --character wise and the flow of the story and the female protagonist is not as annoying , but Uta Prince is much better that the 2 in writting and the characters .The only reason I am watching this is the characters amuse me is some ways and I love the character design plus all the seiyuu in it.
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22 / F
Posted 11/9/13 , edited 11/9/13
Hi all, anyone want to buy Brothers Conflict PSP game? Price: 80USD for each game.

Payment by Paypal.

Brothers Conflict PSP game: Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue.

Please contact me at [email protected]
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Posted 7/20/14
Nope but I love that show
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Posted 4/26/15
All I know is one of my friends recommended me to watch it and I did... my first reaction: WTF?! She's their step-sister! And most of them fall in love with her?! Why can't they be normal step-brothers?! I mean, it's just creepy! What if you had a step-brother/step-sister and they said they wanted a romantic relationship with you?! To me it's just so weird! They're all super hot, I would love it if she wasn't related to them. I just feel really bad for Yusuke, since he goes to school with Ema and has had a crush on her for a really long time. The poor guy .
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30 / M / Bellingham WA, USA
Posted 4/26/15 , edited 4/26/15
Oh wow, big necro. When I just saw the thread I was like "what the hell this series seriously got greenlit for a second season?"
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