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Name an Anime that is perfect in your eyes, but others will find terrible
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Posted 11/6/13 , edited 11/6/13
And Yet The Town Moves... (Sore demo Machi wa Mawatteiru)
It's a slice of life set in a maid cafe involving a plain somewhat ditzy high school girl, a dullard she's interested in, a couple of friends (one of which is a girl that's ultra skinny with massive buck teeth), with many puns and references that most people wouldn't get, an end theme that suggests that the characters started a rock band, and is only available via DVD or a subscription to Anime News Network with subtitles that that are full of "translator's notes."

Wait, don't run! I thought it was worth it.
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Posted 11/6/13 , edited 11/6/13
Bad things I heard about anime shows I liked

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: People say "Lelouch is a wannabe Light, gay, and a douche bag", "the series is a poor excuse of mecha anime and shitty", "all the characters are annoying and lame" and "over all the series is retarded and gay".

Gundam SEED/DESTINY: Its' probably the most dislike series in the Gundam franchise.

Shingeki no Kyojin: It's overrated, the main characters are terrible, so much talking and not enough action, too serious, Eren sucks, Mikasa is a yandere Mary Sue, Armin is a wimp, RIvaille is an asshole Gary Stu, and it overall stupid.

Axis Powers Hetalia: It can be considered controversial to some people along with inaccurate history.

Inuyasha: "Kagome is annoying", "the series in long", and "it's so stupid".


These are just some of the comments that people are pretty much saying. Everyone is entitled to say whatever they want so I'm gonna enjoy these shows regardless of how they feel.

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Posted 11/6/13 , edited 11/7/13
High School of the Dead everyone seems to get so butt hurt over the fanservice in this great anime. It's fast pace with some of the most jaw dropping action I have ever seen in anime plus the people in it were likeable but since people only seem to notice the fanservice sheesh they act like they never seen a pair of panties before
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