Post Reply Is there a way to limit resolution on the PS3 app?
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Posted 7/4/13
My Internet connection is a little unstable, and my PS3 is the main device through which I use Crunchyroll. When the connection is good, it's just enough to support steady HD video, but its performance degrades at certain times of the day, which causes CR videos to spend more time buffering than playing.

Part of this, I believe, is due to the fact that the PS3 app seems to always go for the highest resolution possible (unlike, say, Netflix, which adjusts it on the fly). Is there a way to configure the PS3 app to limit itself to loading 480p video? I never have any trouble with video at that resolution. I know I can configure the Flash player to do so, and it always works when I do it.
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Posted 7/11/13

There currently is not, but this is a great suggestion so will pass it along to development!
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