Characters not able to get in
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this is form for all the characters that got rejected..

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Posted 7/5/13
Name:Archos Drakkar
Age: 100 years old but olny looks 22
Race: Half Human/ Half demon/ part Elves/ part shifter
Realm none
Abilities:Can both welled both light and dark forces. his armored suit has an array of high tech weapons from lasers, shells, guns a sword,
Bio: born of mother of mix races and father who was a demon. The mother was a out cast and was abandon by her human family.
was left find her way in the world but feel in love with man named Domus Drakkar. Took pity on her and went against the ways of his clan to help her. As they grew closer they fell in love. For a time life was good with out strife. But as the times changed so did the world. And the great War had broke out. and Young Archos father had to leave his family. It was battle the of the realms. No one knows how it started or why. toward the end of it half the humans, and beings of light had been mostly wiped out.
All seem lost then some thing happened that no one counted on. In the last days of battle as Domus drew his last breath as he was slain but in that moment his son heard his fathers cry and force like no other shook all the realms. closing them all. from each other. A power in even that made the Gods pauses in this moment. In a flash the war was over and no had a clue what had happened accept only few higher powers for each realm. As he got older he learn he had the powers of light and dark. and be came a great athlete in the process learned many fighting styles, magic, and sciences, from reading all his fathers books about the world. He built suit of armor to cover over his whole body to hold his power til he could master it.

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