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33 / M / London
Posted 7/6/13
For some unforeseen reason you're famous. Explicitly and unashamedly famous. The Lady Gaga of Otaku .... The Mississippi king of J-rock... It has been decided that an anime film/series will be made about you in your honour.

What will it be called?
What genre will it be?
Who will direct it?
Who will animate it?
Who will create the score?
Who will voice you and your love interest?
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
God of Twelve Steps


Taniguchi, Goro


score is like up for grabs

also to be determined
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24 / M / Louisiana
Posted 7/6/13
Title: The Truest of Goobers

Genre: Psychological, Slice-of-Life, Romance (or lack thereof)

Director: Not sure yet

Studio: Either SHAFT or KyoAni

Score: Jonny Greenwood
-OP: supercell

Voice: Me - Sugita :: Love interest - not sure yet

I don't know why anyone would want to watch it other than the animation and music lol. It'll turn into the next Guilty Crown if I don't start being more interesting.
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Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
Title : Halcyon!

Genre : Shojo and slice of Life

Director : Takahiro Omori

Studio : Production I.G

Score : Miwa ( anything she makes in general )
ヒカリへ OP

いきものがかり ED

Voice - Haruma Miura and Koda Kumi , I'll be in there too! However , maybe just in a cameo.
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Posted 7/6/13
Title: Walpurgisnacht

Genre: Scifi/Horror

Director: Katsuhiro Otomo

Studio: Ufotable

Score: Boris
OP: Nothing Special
ED: Statement

VA/Seiyuu: Norio Wakamoto/Travis Willingham, Maaya Sakamoto/K.T. Gray
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