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Fantasista Doll Discussions
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M / Canada
Posted 9/30/13
Average ending to an average show. I'm not entirely sure why I stuck with this show, but I guess the card fighting aspect intrigued me enough to keep going.

Score: 3 / 5

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18 / M / Eikou Cram School
Posted 9/30/13
Episode 12
We saw how Sonnet died.

Uzume's team losses to Proto Zero,then Kagami and Manai appear to help Uzum out.They were all defeated anyways.

Turns Sonnet's data was scattered over the world so all the dolls even the ones from the previous opponents go looking for Sonnet's data.

Sonnet is revived.Komachi is happy,so is everyone else.Happy ending.

Nothing special tbh,and cliche as fuck.3/10
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