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How does the world view Brazil?
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31 / M / Florida
Posted 8/2/13

rugal08 wrote:

smexy women
samba dancing
soccer (football) crazy
brazilian butt
known for their scary prank tv shows

Wasn't there a video shot at an elevator in Brazil where after the lights go back on, some "ghost" looking person scares them off? I vaguely recall one.
I think it can be found on YouTube
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M / 61st Floor Aincra...
Posted 8/2/13
Sexy women
Cristo Redentor satue
Killer parades
and soccer
copacabana beach
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Posted 8/2/13
All I know about Brazil is that when I play DotA 2, tons of Brazilians come into the US server speaking Portuguese and typically end up abandoning the game or otherwise causing us to lose. This seems to happen in a lot of online games.

While I find this really frustrating, I don't have any objective reason to stereotype every Brazilian based on these experiences. But when I think of Brazil, I think of my games being ruined. If that answers your question.
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Posted 8/2/13
I've always thought of Brazil as very exotic myself. From the culture to the landscape itself, it seems so diverse. A lot of what we catch here in the states seems to revolve around celebrations at different times.

I gotta admit, I have been looking forward so much to next year when Brazil is hosting the world cup. That will be completely amazing to watch all the footage showing the celebrations and seeing the stadiums hopefully packed full. I have a friend who is planning to go, and I am so damn jealous!
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Posted 8/3/13
I can't help but say, when someone ask me on what I think of when they say Brazil, the first thing that would pop into my mind is all the models from there, lol.

But I also like Brazil because of the Itaipu Dam(even if it's the border), Iguazu Falls(again, even if it's also a border), and Christ the Redeemer. Also the beaches and festivals there are pretty exciting.
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Posted 8/3/13 , edited 8/3/13

Skarz wrote:

Some moments ago, I was looking a thread about how the world sees UK.

Then I thought, what about open a thread about how you guys see Brazil, the country where I live. And well, to be honest, I don't like this country at all. There are so much stuff wrong in here, high taxes, violence, I could stay here till tomorrow saying things that are screwed.
Well, this is my vision, of a country that I live, and what about you? What you really think about Brazil? And please, I want you to be honest, no lies or hypocrisy.

Oh, yeah, there's only one more thing I forgot to say.
We do not speak SPANISH, our language is PORTUGUESE.

Home of the badass.
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