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Posted 7/9/13 , edited 11/26/14
Nov 26 2014 -- oops renamed and started editing wrong thread. Closing this as it's low activity and has no recent posts. Will revive the CR 2014 thread as a general discussion for Drama on CR instead --lorreen.

Are you watching any of these? What do you think? Have fun facts to add? Say so here.

Winter 2013: None
Spring 2013: Random Hero
Summer 2013: Town Doctor Jumbo!!
Fall 2013: Hakuba no Ōjisama

I just finished Random Hero--had been watching it week by week. Based on the descriptioNn and the promo, and even the first episode, I thought I'd probably end up dropping this, because it just seemed like the stupidly wacky kind of thing I don't really like. But it didn't take long to grow on me. A little wacky action,definitely comedy, but also some real drama and emotion, and relationships and romance. Did not care for the end though.

Today I watched the first episode of Town Doctor Jumbo. Characters a little one-dimensional right now, and Dr. Jumbo is a bit of a mystery, but I think I'll keep tuning in.

July 14 ETA: So, is nobody watching 2013 drama simulcasts on Crunchy? That's kind of too bad, but I just finished the second episode of Town Doctor Jumbo, and whiile it's watchable it really isn't grabbing my interest. I don't like any of the characters, and some of it is pretty simplistic, people behave woodenly and unrealistically, but not unrealistically dramatically enough for it to appeal in the way that many Asian dramas (in that trainwreck-can't-stop-watching guilty pleasure way) do. If you're watching this show, what do you think?

Oct 2 ETA: Hakuba no Ōjisama was just added for Fall and is starting on Friday. Will you be watching? If so, be sure to come back here and tell us what you think. I plan to give it a try, but I'm tired of talking to myself here!
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Posted 10/2/13 , edited 10/7/13
I might watch it, but since it seems to be about infidelity and sexual stuff-- can't say I'm all that interested. I prefer comedy and cute romance like Atashinchi no Danshi


Just watched the first episode, and I'm not impressed. The acting seems really bad, and the story's not too good either. I don't know if I'll be watching this through. Probably not.
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Posted 10/12/13 , edited 12/28/13
About Hakuba no Ōjisama. I'd agree that the acting isn't that great, but toward the end of the first episode and continuing into the second, I've warmed up to it a bit. It's definitely not comedic or cute though.

For much of episode 1, I was annoyed. It seemed so focused on the trite hackneyed plight of despair over what I consider to be a still young-enough woman not finding love--or at least not "true" love/ marriage love. Seriously girl, there's more to life than that and such love is not all it's cracked up to be--it's got its own room for despair. I don't have much patience for that "must find true love to be happy" attitude in real life, and I sympathized not at all with the main character in the this position.

But, by the end of the first episode and continuing through the second, I was feeling the "truth" of this situation for that main character and it did start to feel like a real emotion for her and not just a pasted on hackneyed situation. Add in the complexity of how she is viewed favorably as a person by others, against how certain actions are viewed by those same others, and how those views have been formed by their own personal experiences...and it's starting to shape up into a sad little contemplative story that I'm interested in.

UPDATE: It's shaped up well. Yes, it's slow-paced, and contemplative, but those aren't flaws--it's how it's meant to be, and the tentative way relationships build feels quite real. If you would like to see a serious show that deals with romance in an unidealized (yet not truly cynical) way, I recommend this. (And if you do watch an episode or more, come back here and say what you think--whether or not you like it too.)

FINAL UPDATE: Finished Hakuba no Ōjisama today. Overall it was satisfying, though not really the ending I expected. I have to admit that personally I was pretty shocked at

I've enjoyed some of the J-drama on CR well-enough, but this is the best I've seen so far. Although I love the over-the-topness of K-drama, and would like to see more on CR, if CR can expand a bit on their J-drama and offer some variety (I know this kind of drama s not the sort of thing enjoyed by all) I'll be happy enough. Now it's just the wait to see what, if anything, they offer up for Winter 2014. I hope it's something that will get someone to join me in discussion in a new CR 2014 drama thread.
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