has anything happen that your couldn't explain happens alot
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Posted 7/10/13 , edited 7/10/13
hi my name is astralreaper in this site anthonysso5 well i love the supernatural cause to me current reality is boring and dull i watched anime to escape my current reality and i stumble upon certain anime that interest me cause i seen mist recently and i didint know there was more to reality some animes gave away a small spect of the truth of this dream we call reality reason i say its a dream cause a famous person name Albert Einstein quoted himself reality is just and illusion then i said this if its just an dream then i can turn into what ever i want but then i was like i tryed it before this is bull it feels to real to be a dream well reason why is cause theres the laws of physics at play im a skeptic or use to be im a virgo well then i watch the anime ghost hound cause i was bored then i saw obes and spirits in the show i was like i see these things alot in the form of mist and at night time i use to be scared but got use to it sleep alone cause they are non physical they exist out side this reality but can manipulate reality on thier side and we on their thats a diffrent story if you want to hear well i would feel cold stuff touching me i electric like feeling on the room and like somthing watching me from the behind but it was a mist i said no no no this cant be real if its just a mist why can i and my animals seem to notice them well i ignor it couple of months later my sis moves in for a while and we shared the same room she was a moosse lamm she was evil to me cause of her teachings were annoying im not racist i just hate almost all religions cause they seem to hide the truth well any how we were in the living room i was watching anime she was idk mtv stuff and i saw a cat we have a black neko named shamy chan cute little critter well we saw a cat grey and brown go right through the glass i was scared a little but the blinds kept on moving was saying its just the wind then my sis said did you she that cat i was like oh hell no i rather be crazy my cat was lazy sitting in the chair i thought it was him but hes black. then she went to the room and it was dark she ran out screaming aXXXXXXXY my name well somhing was talking toi me but i didnt see anything i was laughing i thought she was crazy then weeks later i watched ghost hound cause i watched it for a bit and stop so the dude left his body you have to watch it in dubbed well so i looked it up and tyred it for the first time nothing happen so then i heard about having a opened mind and then i said kay if somthing happens im changing my way of thinking about being a skeptic cause most of my life i watched science and then heard about metaphysics well anyhow so i meditated then i was like thing of the anime of how fe left his body and then out of no where i i went right trhough my sheets and then i saw my self but i was awake cause i was aware of my body but i was aware of me being out side i had felt like a electric sensation like i was made of pure energy then i was like this has to be a dream but i was awake cause i felt my arm twice then it moved then i was sucked back into my body well if you have any explain your story sorry its long and for the skeptics im not crazy or on drugs have a open mind by the way i like anime girls had girl friends in the past but they dont compare
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Posted 7/10/13

anthonysso5 wrote:

Stuff that had nothing to do with CR site suggestions and feedback

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