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Post Reply Most overrated/underrated anime.
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39 / Inside your compu...
Posted 4/11/15
Akatsuki No Yona bored me... If there has to be melodrama go all the way like Fushigi Yuugi did. None of this half ___ed stuff
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Posted 4/12/15
Well, in my opinion I feel like Deadman Wonderland is very underrated.. So much that Season 2 was never given v.v Truly saddening!
For an overrated anime I would probably go for Fate Zero... Yep, that anime is very well done but god damn does the story backfire... Well, in my opinion lol
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Posted 4/18/15

Kirby2012 wrote:

badisglaid wrote:

overrated: one piece
underrated:hunter x hunter 2011 (it deserves way more attention because it's just perfect)

naruto and bleach i can see why they're popular

attack on titan isn't overrated at all...original plot, suspenseful events and movie quality animation ect....

You're joking right look at my profile and don't tell me, One Piece is not epic.

One Piece is not Epic. I watched 100 episodes and stopped because there was nothing intriguing enough to keep me.

Overrated: The Big guys, AoT, SAO, KLK, Space Dandy, Blue Exorcist

Underrated: Rage of Bahamut, Barakamon, Haikyuu, Silver Spoon, Space Brothers, Golden Time, Medaka Box, Kids on the Slope, Blast of Tempest, Bakuman, Bunny Drop, Heaven's Memo Pad
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Posted 4/18/15
Overrated - Naruto, Attack on Titan, One Piece

Underrated - Mirai Nikki
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