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Posted 7/12/13 , edited 7/12/13
Secret government information leaked by Snowden has most recently proven Obama has stolen your Fourth Amendment right to privacy thereby rewriting the Constitution through extortion. That's right- Using the fear of 9/11 he made Microsoft, AT&T and Skype access to millions of private emails and phone calls. In 1974 impeachment trials began against Richard Nixon , mocked for 20 years for claiming "I am not a crook". What did he do? Burglarised DNC headquarters and planted bugs. When confronted with allegations of spying on his own people, Obama said "Nothing I did was illegal". Where is the outrage? Where are the petitions? Where are the SNL jokes? Before Snowden Obama was praised for his speech characterising himself as the "Anti Bush", the end of the fear mentality thar created the intrusions of our liberties created by the Patriot Act and Guantanamo abuses. Will Obama ever be called to answer for his hypocrisy? Doubtful, just as Republicans drape themselves with the flag when funneling billions to their Super Rich supporters, so Obama has created an image of the champion of liberal social causes like abortion, gay rights and liberal Supreme Court nominations. Because he is black anyone who stands against him is suspected of racism, while the truth is he used the race card to get elected and protect his office, while in truth dragging his supporters through the mud with his traitorous trashing of our constitution through fear. This man should be impeached.
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Posted 7/12/13 , edited 7/12/13

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This seems like more of a rant than a discussion opener, and the subject matter you raise is already being discussed in an existing thread, so I"m locking and closing this one. You may want to participate in that other, similiar, discussion (it's over in Extended Discussion) if you aren't already:


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