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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/17/13
Here is where the rules of the game can be found. There isn't that much to learn, especially if you know Shaman King decently well (most if not all of you should). First some general rules!

  1. No Godmodding!- For those who don't know what this is, it simply is making your character akin to God. You dodge all attacks, you auto hit on everything, and you are perfect in every aspect. This is NOT allowed, particularly calling shots. You describe your attack and see how your opponent reacts, you do not, under any circumstances, take control of another persons character and force the blow to land.I have little tolerance for this nonsense and will deal with it accordingly.
  2. Be Respectful! - Always be respectful to everyone here. I don't want to see any nasty attitudes, name calling or any negativity of the sort to other members. None at all! This will not be tolerated and may result in you being kicked from the group.[/it - This is the only case in which I want to see called shots. If you are in a topic with others, and you fail to respond in 48-Hours, your turn is passed, and it is assumed you stand there blank faced for a round. That means any attacks aimed at you will hit. If you give me or one of the staff notice of an absence in advance, this rule may be overlooked.
  3. Post Order - Always follow post order. Everyone has a turn to post and it has to follow the original order you posted. If someone new enters, put them at the end of the line and continue there.

Now onto the rules that apply to this Shaman King Group in particular:


In this group, every Shaman has a rank, S-E, with S being the strongest, and E being the weakest. Everyone starts out as an E-Class Shaman. What rank you are dictates how powerful of a Shaman you are, and thus allows us to gauge our strength without the need for complicated stats and such. It also dictates the strength of your Spirit. E and D class Shaman's spirits are considered Ghost-Level spirits, while C and B class Shamans control Seirei (Sacred) Level spirits. Finally A and S class have the strongest, Kami-Level Spirits, and are the only ones who can control the Spirits of the elements. As well, your rank dictates how many Oversouls and how many spirits you can control(Spirits like Silva's Silver Arms, while containing multiple Ghosts, still counts as One Spirit as they share the same Oversoul). Here is a quick list of all the things a Shaman Class can do:

  • E-Class: Ghost-Level Spirit, 1 Oversoul, 1 Spirit
  • D-Class: Ghost-Level Spirit, 2 Oversouls, 1 Spirit
  • C-Class: Seirei-Level Spirit, 3 Oversouls, 2 Spirits
  • B-Class: Seirei-Level Spirit, 4 Oversouls, 2 Spirits
  • A-Class: Kami-Level Spirit, 5 Oversouls, 3 Spirits
  • S-Class: Kami-Level Spirit, 6 Oversouls, 3 Spirits

Ranking Up

So you may be wondering "How do I advance as a Shaman?". Well the key is to participate in the Shaman Games. Every two weeks, the games will be held, and you will be pitted against other Shaman. It will be held tournament style. After the tournament, the Moderators and I will gather and go over each contestant's fights. Then we will take a vote on if they should advance to the next level of Shaman. If a moderator is the one being judged, they will not participate in the vote. That means, while winning is not necessary to advance, it does help your chances, especially because you have more chances to impress us if you win. Anyone wanting to participate in judging may apply in the Staff Applications.Results on who advanced will be posted after the games finish. Unless it's impossible, you will always face shaman your own rank.

That is all the rules I can think of for now, but if new ones are posted here, then there will be an announcement on the main page. Have fun Shamans~!
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