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Posted 3/22/17 , edited 3/22/17
I would also be heavily interested in this feature. I prefer watching anime in its original language without subtitles to distract me, and being able to disable subtitles is originally why I returned to Crunchyroll. Before, I had to explore the internet with a good adblocker and virus protection, in order to find raw anime. Then I found out CR allows you to disable subs, and I immediately made an account and am currently considering subscribing so I can enjoy my lack of subs in high quality.
For me, this feature is what makes CR unique from all other anime viewing places, and even though I love the userfriendliness of the site, the no-sub feature is why I love it right now.

Being able to see shows in the original language without distracting words along the bottom is great. I downloaded the app when it dawned on me that it existed - but was disappointed because I couldn't remove subs. I'm thinking of just deleting the app, because I don't watch subbed anime hardly at all anymore. :/

Don't get me wrong - CR is great for multiple reasons. But for me personally, this is its greatest feature - and now that the feature exists (though I don't know how long it's existed), I can't be the only one who is coming for the idea of softsubs.
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