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Post Reply Ender's Game
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19 / M / United States
Posted 10/2/13
The book is great, and if you love it try Ender's Shadow too. It's the same thing but told from Bean's perspective. Both awesome book I liked a lot.
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 2/25/14 , edited 2/25/14
I have read everything (except for the novellas) in chronological order.
The Shadow series and the books concerning the First Formic War are my favourites out of the whole Enderverse.
As far as the main story goes, I'm on the last book right now, Children of the Mind, I'm a 1/4 of the way through and it is as solid as everything else that I've read up until now. I have never felt the need to collect a series of books except for this one. I'll keep these books for the rest of my life, they are captivating stories. My eyes teared up a bit at the end of Shadows in Flight, and there was this part in the second half of Xenocide, something happens to Miro when he goes Outside... man that gave me such a rush of emotion. Also in Earth Afire when Victor goes into the Formic ship and then the book pretty much ends there, what a cliff hanger. Two new books are coming out this year, they are both big deals because one (titled Shadows Alive) is going to tie in the main series to the Shadow series and the other book (titled Earth Awakens) is going to cap off the First Formic War, I can't wait.

Oh yeah, one more thing.. stay away from the movie, it's not that bad but it does not do the book any justice and they got so many things wrong, I wish I could erase the whole experience from my mind.
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M / Port Richey, Florida
Posted 2/27/14 , edited 2/27/14
I have seen the movie,but I just got e-book of enders game that I got from amazon book store on my Kindle Fire HDX.
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23 / M / Minnesota
Posted 3/1/14 , edited 3/1/14
Oh its a very interesting read. All about kids a in a military environment, what makes a sound leader, the moral consciousness of war, the manipulations of higher powers or talented minds, and how the games in the book are nothing but simulations for actual warfar . Plus theirs a part where a rat eats a giants eye out, it's great.
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19 / M / Western Sydney, N...
Posted 3/21/14
if we're talking about authors political views showing in their work, I recommend reading something by John Ringo. His political views are really, really apparent in his books, and he tends to twist them into something hilarious.
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Posted 10/8/14
I read Ender's Games many years ago. I first came across Ender's Shadow which is Bean's series, first. Ever since then I've been more partial to Bean than Ender though I've enjoyed both series. I've seen the movie but prefer the books.
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Posted 10/10/14
Ender's series is a wonderful read. I personally enjoyed the series that followed the original book the most (Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind) but Bean's story was interesting and was certainly a wonderful addition to the world of "Ender's Game" I certainly think they can be enjoyed without necessarily supporting the author's own viewpoints (also you can just go to a library so you don't need to purchase the books). I will say that I find his opinions surprising considering the content of the books. That should be the least of your thoughts however, when you are immersed in the amazing universe that has been created inside of these books.
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M / Houston, Tx
Posted 12/7/14
I thought the book could have been written better, overall the story had few flaws but it was easy to read.

Which I saw while reading the commentary introduction that he was trying to write in the fashion where almost anyone could read his book, it was a good thought towards the reader but it made the story less "enjoyable". Check it out if you want, always good to stay mainstream to talk with friends.
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33 / US
Posted 4/4/15
LOVE Ender's Game but have to admit I didn't like the movie. Far oversimplifies things and doesn't take in to consideration any of the psychological aspects that made the book so great.
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31 / F
Posted 4/5/15
I loved the book when I read it some 15 years ago or so, despite not being a huge sci-fi fan back then.
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