Giving Away Guest Passes!
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Posted 7/20/13
Hey all! I have 16 useable guest passes and I'm looking to brighten peoples days. If you've had a crappy day or week or something bad has happened to you recently, come on in! Let me know what happened and hopefully you're telling the truth and I'd be more than happy to throw some guest passes your way! If I hear an ultra compelling story as well, I'm giving that person a three month pass paid for by myself!

As somebody who's been through some hardships recently, I felt solace and comfort in delving into the various anime on this site and it helped me overcome my problems. Not for everybody, but it's what helped me and I want to return the favor to you guys.
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Posted 7/20/13 , edited 7/20/13

Heyhi! :)
There's actually an official thread for this with tons of people who would LOVE guest passes! :)
Thank you for helping others enjoy their shows ^_^
But since a thread exists, I'll actually have to lock this one, so please go post in the link.

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