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LAN Party (Video games and the news)
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28 / F / Overlord's Castle
Posted 7/21/13 , edited 7/21/13
My dad and his online friends that he made, meet up for LAN parties all the time. He has made tons of friends from all over and they fly to different places to meet up and play Halo and CoD.

Angerudusto wrote:

Weapons and media don't cause problems, the people who use them (sometimes) do. It's called individual responsibility.

I think the news media is the problem for a lot of things. They get people riled up and rage over of a load of bull half the time.
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51 / Niggerous,VA
Posted 7/21/13
everyone knows the people who play video games shoot up schools, don't you silly bastards know anything
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/26/14
Year-end cleaning. Removing threads that have been inactive since 2013.
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