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Post Reply Sakura Trick Anime Anticipation and Discussion
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Posted 4/16/14
I miss already Sakura Trick.

In the end was a great series. A great mix of slice of life, comedy and yuri. Excactly the things that I love to watch.

Mitsuki is a great character. Her love/gay epiphany was just epic.
I loved hers and Haruka's hiperactive imagination.

It's a shame that we don't get too much Sumi Sumi too. She arrived too late.

Sadly I doubt that we will get a second season, with the low sales and all. But at least we got the manga.
I hope to see in the future...
- Haruka and Yuu properly dating.
- Mitsuki and Rina as a couple. (They deserve it!!)
- Kotone giving the middle finger to her family and running away with Shizuku to marry overseas.
- Mikan-san realizing that gay people exists.
- Sumi Sumi getting a big breasted girlfriend.
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