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Posted 7/23/13
I'm liking Rozen Maiden thus far. Having read the manga, I already have an idea where the stopping point will be. Another series that is somewhat growing on me is Day Break Illusion but I'm not quite sure if I'll stick to it yet. I'm interested in Sunday Without God but I think I'll wait till more episodes are out and hear more feedback before watching.
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Posted 7/23/13
My favorite new shows this season:

Dog & Scissors
The Eccentric Family
Silver Spoon
& Yamishibai
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Posted 7/23/13
Tier 1
Sunday Without God
Gatchaman Crowds
Eccentric Family

Tier 2
Rozen Maiden
Prisma Illya

But yeah, too many 'all female moe anime' this season (not that its CR fault, its just those things sell like hotcakes in Japan and so they make so much of them). Honestly makes me want to puke... >_>

Overall though, good job by CR. Probably the only IMO Tier 1 anime they don't have a license to is Dangan Ronpa, and Tier 2 would be Kimi no Aru Machi. Getting everything else? I guess I got my money's worth this cour.
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Posted 7/23/13
Four shows I dig: Majestic Prince, Dog and Scissors, Watamote, and AoT.

-MJP has amazed me the last two eps, DBZ-esque fight scenes, in space, with giant mechas.
-Dog and Scissors is just amazingly versatile; thriller, drama, comedy, odd-harem, and detective all in one.
-Watamote is just hilarious, gotta love it.
-Attack on Titan, it's ground breaking, the animation and music are always stunning. It's not the best thing I have ever seen, so I don't quite understand why all the hype. It has potential, one would hope a true season 2 or part two would emerge after this block of the series is wrapped up.
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Posted 7/23/13
I was surprised at how much I am enjoying Stella Women's Academy, and on the other hand I was also surprised at how little I can bring myself to care about Gifu Dodo. Also surprised at just how much I'm enjoying Sunday Without God.
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Posted 7/24/13
Definitely not disappointed this season, except Monogatari.
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Posted 7/24/13
All the shows I'm watching/I tried ranked in order:

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (Day Break Illusion) - People keep comparing this to Madoka. Why can't they just sit back and enjoy it for the great series that it is?

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday without God) - Interesting and intriguing. Not completely sure where it's going, but so far it has been really good.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen (The World God Only Knows Goddess Arc) - loved this in the manga, love this in the anime. And there's been a big enough gap between the two that I've forgotten what happened, which is good.

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku (Chronicles of the Going Home Club) - Just my sort of humour.

Kiniro Mosaic - who wouldn't like this?

Free! - seems decent enough so far.

Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) - the first episode was poor, the second was great. This could easily go up this list.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - this is one series I expected to drop, and has been probably the biggest pleasant surprise, in a season with little in the way of disappointment. It's actually pretty decent.

Teekyuu 2 - So far it hasn't had any of the gold-quality episodes that the last season had. But then the last season only had 3 of them, so perhaps we just haven't had any yet.

Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family) - I'm watching it, and liking it. But nothing more than that. It's definitely different, but my attitude to it is about as average as it comes. I'm going to have to hold off on everything for at least a month, and this is one series that I won't miss in that time. But I'll happily start watching again afterwards.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (No Matter How I Look at it, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular!) - I knew what I was in for when I started watching. I was actually pleasantly surprised, though the OP is awful.

Fantasista Doll - I may drop this one yet, but so far it's been just interesting enough for me to keep going with. It has its moments. Occasionally.

Servant x Service - Seriously boring, and all 3 of the main characters are irritating. The only drop of the season so far.
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23 / UK
Posted 7/24/13
Wednesday is by far the weakest day -_-
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Posted 7/24/13
I'm really enjoying WATAMOTE. Surprise of the season so far. It's stylish and genuinely amusing. Somehow, it's relatable in its grand absurdity.
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30 / F / Southern California
Posted 7/24/13
Sad there's no Kimi no iru Machi, but what can ya do. Some interesting titles, but I haven't gotten in to much yet this season.

Also...still hoping to see Bakemonogatari 13-15 on Crunchyroll. Would rather not have to hunt for it somewhere else...and would definitely want to watch it legitimately.
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24 / M / Rochester NY
Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/24/13
Lets See for me:

Free! = Eyecandy all around, with good bits of comedy and a passable slice of life.

Majestic Prince's Second ark is amazing so far, and its only continuing to improve

Sunday without god I'm all flustered with atm. What happened in the last episode made me have the sads.

Day break illusion is aight, waiting to see what they actually do with it.

Silver Spoon is a great, just watch it

Makai Ouji - It is good so far, but I fear they may make the main character disassociate with his identity too soon in the season.

Dog and Scissors is filling the void that The devil is a part-timer left in my heart. Though not as funny, it comes close, and is surprisingly interesting

Servant x Service = <3 Workplace humor, my type of thing. Its pretty good
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21 / F / UK
Posted 7/24/13
out of the ones im watching there's a few that're really interesting me.
the animation and style of 'the eccentric family' is constantly intruiging aswell as the relaxed and unique storyline.
'hakkenden' has been amazing to me from the start, i love all the characters and the mix of comedy in each episode.
'free!' ................... beautiful shirtless anime boys~~~~

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46 / M / Canada
Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/24/13

lugiamania wrote:

Hey everyone,

Summer 2013 is well underway, and we hope you guys have been enjoying this season as much as we have been so far!

What's your guys' favorites so far? Any surprising hits that you didn't think you would enjoy? Check out our whole Summer 2013 lineup and tell us what you would recommend this season!

Mushibugyo - 3:00am
Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 - 9:30pm
WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~ - 10:05pm

Mushibugyo continues to surprise me in going beyond the generic shounen fighting show I was expecting. The characters and their interactions are very interesting and have me wondering how they will end up. Love the second OP and ED songs!

Stella has progressed faster than I thought it would. It is an enjoyable show, I love the characters and the Airsoft matches are quite realistic. Great voice acting.

Watamote is amazing, such a poor girl! Comedy, self deprecating but not going too far. Love the OP.

Sunday Without God - 12:00pm

OMG, the most recent episode 3 of Sunday Without God was amazing! Tears streaming down my face! Only question is what will they do now? Wonderful art, intriguing world and characters, great show!

Majestic Prince - 8:00am
Recorder and Randsell Mi - 9:00am
Silver Spoon - 11:45am
Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen - 10:00pm

Majestic Prince keeps getting better aside from the new OP and EDs. The new OP is growing on me but I loved the first one. The characters are fun, the space mecha battles are good, still not sure what the end game is but it keeps me wondering.

Recorder and Randsell Mi continues to be a very amusing short.

Silver Spoon I almost gave up on before the first OP finished but I am so glad I didn't! Great characters, very heartwarming and funny, want to see where this one goes. Hope for a little romance.

Rozen Maiden is so much more than just dolls. I like the characters, beautiful artwork and hint of possible romance. Nice music too.

Servant x Service - 3:00pm

Is this the new home of Servant x Service? Love the show, wish it would pick a day LOL! Great comedy, wonderful adaptation of the 4-koma manga.

KINMOZA! - 8:00am
Day Break Illusion - 9:30am
Genshiken Second Season - 11:30am

Kiniro Mozaic is one of my biggest surprises for the season, death but moe cuteness! But also some very fun English/Japanese humor. I hope they head back to England for at least another episode or two.

Day Break Illusion is good, another interesting and fairly unique take on mahou shoujo so far. Intrigued to see where it goes.

And Genshiken is a lot of fun, a high school club which seems to go places no other club goes! Edit: err, make that college club... thanks TheAncientOne!

Teekyu 2 - 7:30am
The Eccentric Family - 8:00am
Fantasista Doll - 11:30am
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories - 11:45am

Teekyu 2 continues to be 2 minutes of zany and yet deeper comedy than most realize.

Uchouten Kazoku has wonderful art, interesting characters and story for sure.

Fatasista Doll has cute dolls, still hoping for a bit more of an overarching plot.

Yamishibai has interesting hand drawn cutout art in short ghost stories.

Oreimo 2

Looking forward to the Oreimo2 OVAs!

Wish Monogatari was on Crunchyroll already. It pains me to have to head over to Daisuki.
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57 / M / U.S.A. (mid-south)
Posted 7/24/13

hpulley wrote:
And Genshiken is a lot of fun, a high school club which seems to go places no other club goes!

For those that avoid anything with a mention of "high school", it is important to note that Genshiken is a college club.

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46 / M / Canada
Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/24/13

TheAncientOne wrote:

hpulley wrote:
And Genshiken is a lot of fun, a high school club which seems to go places no other club goes!

For those that avoid anything with a mention of "high school", it is important to note that Genshiken is a college club.

Thanks for the correction! I'm so used to writing "high school club" for anime that it just rolls off the fingers on the keyboard... I read it in Afternoon monthly so I should know better too!
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