SAO and Crunchyroll
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Posted 7/24/13
so i just finished my first anime ever, and using the site Crunchyroll. I LOVED IT so much, it was SAO. i literally cried every other episode. it was amazing. but anyways, i have a bunch of stuff in my que. i noticed when i finished SAO it sits at 25/25 looking the episode is almost done on my xbox. is there a way for it to say completed in my que, or a completed list on the site. or do i just have to take it off que. id like to keep a list of animes ive watched. ALSO; are there any animes like SAO you all would recommend? and, thats it for SAO right? no continuation whatsoever with the universe?
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Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/24/13
the Anime Accel World is SAO in the future.
the Manga's are both written by Reki Kawahara.
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Posted 7/24/13

Okay, this post is actually pretty clustered so I'll try to address all of it.
For the recommendations, please post :
there :)
And for the queue question, once you finish a show, you remove it from your queue ^_^
If you want a completed list I recommend checking out MAL (MyAnimeList).

Since this is a personal thread though I'll have to lock it.

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