Creamy Mami DVD on AnimeSols -- 16 hours left
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Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/27/13
Not sure if this is appropriate, but you may have heard about AnimeSols, the recent Japanese crowdfunding site supported by major studios that is offering some older titles currently.
Samuel Pinasky, also a translator for many Crunchyroll shows, is in charge of it.

Creamy Mami, a sweet classic magical girl + pop idol anime, is up for funding the first DVD set of, for US and Canadian residents.

You can watch the subbed streams online for free there too.

There's less than a day left to reach it's funding goal and it SOOO close....
There are many pledge levels you can choose:

$10 = Show Sticker + Character Letter
$25 = Poster

$40 = DVD-Box + Sticker
$75 = Illustration Set + DVD-Box + Sticker
$100 = Poster + Name in DVD + DVD-Box + Sticker
$150 = Mami Goods Grabbag + Poster + Name in DVD + DVD-Box + Sticker

The process is very simple, btw. Just create an account, pick a pledge level and enter credit card info

Just a few generous people are required for it to be AnimeSol's first successful project. I don't work or even know them personally, but you'll have my eternal thanks because I want to see it and Creamy Mami succeed, and I think it will be good for the future of unlicensed anime as well!
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Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/27/13
Creamy Mami met it's goal of $19,000 a few hours ago, and there are still 4 hours for anyone who is interested to pledge for the DVD set, but based on what I've seen on the forums, I don't think the crowd on CR is much into spending money on anime.
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Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/27/13
I made my pledge for a Creamy Mami DVD set ^_^ so I'm very happy it made it's goal.
Now if we can only get Tobikage and Black Jack to reach it's goal.
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Posted 10/28/13 , edited 10/28/13
Closed because the time window for the specific set this was about is closed, and a new thread mentioning some current Anime Sols projects has been created. See /forumtopic-825763/dont-forget-about-anime-sols-please
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