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28 / M / Amerika
Posted 8/20/14

Armads314 wrote:

I would work on the way you arrange your characters' faces though; on some of your pieces the characters' eyes and mouths are too large or positioned strangely. On others they are fine though, so also work on your consistency.

But I especially like the way you do hair. It's something I always have trouble with. lol

Oh, apparently you just described anime 555kkww

Infact there is mangaka that draw the same.

A new artist draws Animedysmorphia, many see it as undeveloped art.

When a Professional and renown artist draws Animedysmorphia,
they are redeemed by the compliments as geniuses and original style.

Welcome to the art world~

these are one of the cases, where I cannot really suggest they need to work or practice,
because looks like genuine Mangaka work to me. If the style was not a dysmorphic art style such as anime,
maybe the case be more apparent towards advice. Here though I see very rich work, the lines breath with
great spirit and heart...

form is not of importance, over the capture of the spirit of the given subject.

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