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MAK & Kai Kakurega stories / Anime Discovery stories
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Posted 7/31/13 , edited 10/6/13



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One Blood (Finale) -


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Part 1 -
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KAKUREGA (The MAK and Kai-centric stories)

MAK and Kai: Reunited -

In Sickness and In Stealth -

The Real Hybrid Blues -

True Blue Beauty (1st Flashback) -

New Ferret in the Hideout -


Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
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Posted 8/1/13
About 6 years ago, a young man, whose full government name will not be mentioned but let’s just call him MAK, was just an ordinary high school student doing the basics of his ordinary life with some setbacks like any other person but on this faithful day, he went out to lunch to order him a Philly Cheesesteak while trying to avoid the usual crowd of jackasses you always fuck with him and his money as they do with everybody and as he exits out, the head leader Dice comes at him and said, “Hmmm, Mr. Big Spender, I see you got the most expensive thing on the menu. No wonder why you coming up short on cash this week.” MAK responded with,

“That and you know you’re not about to keep jacking me for change, Dice, besides I’m broke for the rest of the week, so HA-HA, motherfucker.” Then Dice punched out MAK for blatantly dissing him in his face and call his boys out to teach him a lesson, “You know, I really hate that I have do this……Actually, no, I enjoy kicking your ass and taking your money equally.” Then the guys picked up MAK and they hold his arms so he won’t escape as Dice keeps beating him up until MAK poked one of the guys’ eyes out and made a run for it. “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Dice shouted, “How in the Hell you let a poke in the eye bother your ass? Chase that N**** down!!”

So MAK run all through the streets of Eastin City avoiding the guys and while two trucks was delivering packages for the largest supernatural drug cartel in Eastin City but while MAK was being chased in the streets, both trucks crashed, which took out two of Dice’s henchmen and suddenly a large blue mist separated MAK from those guys but MAK was coughing up a storm and try not to inhale the mist as it might seem toxic and potentially dangerous and when he got out of the mist, he ran into his home and as he got there, he became more and more tired and then he crashed……

As the next few hours came, MAK was starting to feel awake as his sister woke up him saying, “Hey! I have been shouting your name for the last few minutes, lazy ass! You do have a class today.” MAK then made a comeback, “Really? Said the girl who sleeps 24/7 daily and doesn’t do shit around here. Shut the fuck up and wait a damn minute.” And after that, she went and through a shoe at him, “OW!!” and she laughed her ass all the way downstairs. As he is getting ready, he notice something blue going inside his skin and it wasn’t his veins and it was glowing, possibly more than a nightlight and he wondered if it had something to do with that incident yesterday and so, after he eat his breakfast, he left to go to school with his usual route and then out of nowhere, a black Suburban pulled out in front of him with Dice coming in the passenger’s side and this other guy that MAK never seen before. “So, Dice, this is the one that owes you money and offed your people?” the guy asked. “Now you must be wondering who the fuck I am, huh? Well, let’s just say I’m a businessman who doesn’t take much shit when it comes to people owing me cash, especially if it’s my younger brother’s money. The name’s Cane.”

His name was Rick Cane to be exact and he offer MAK to shake hand to assure him everything will be calm but knowing that MAK was kind of gullible, he went for the hand shake and then Rick gripped it with his might, hurting MAK’s hand and then punched him to the ground and pulled out a gun and aimed it at him, “Hey, little bro?”, “Yeah?”, Dice asked. “Do you want me to shoot him in the chest or put it in between his eyes for a closed casket?”

“Wait, y’all are going to kill me for some petty cash? You fucking whore’s ti—“, then Dice punched and kicked MAK while he’s down and suddenly, the blue effect in his skin was kicking in and as they were getting ready to pull the trigger and MAK was about to embrace his death, he found himself on top of the roof. Both brothers wondering where he could have gone and MAK decided to keep him out of watch until they leave. With him now having this power, he needs to know how to control it well.

A year goes by as MAK was practicing how to use his powers and knowing what the stuff he inhaled that day was. As it turns out, it came from a rare plant found in Colombia and Brazil called Blue Leaf or in its’ native language ‘hoja azul’.

However, MAK never exactly told his family nor his friends about this new power he’s experiencing but mainly, he rarely speak much to his family and most of his friends as he is mostly the silent one whenever he’s around them. Particularly when rumors starting spreading about him being a super being when Dice and Rick failed to intimidate him as they were robbing him but fortunately for MAK, he always managed to stomp the flames and keep them from being fanned by a few people and it helps that Rick was sent to jail for robbery, assault and extortion for the next 3 years and Dice was sent to boot camp and possibly the army.

Now, if MAK didn’t have to worry about those guys anymore, why did he need practice? He was a fight trainer and Blue Leaf supplier and his name is Big Daddy and for the past year, MAK only told him about the power of Blue Leaf within him and Big Daddy explained to him that the blue leaf happens to be a powerful herb that with enough practice in enhancing your defense, stealth and combat skill but explained that it’s not some power that you should abuse with trivial and petty situations, only use it whenever you are in a dire situation. Big Daddy also warned MAK of another substance that is similar to Blue Leaf when both of those are mixed within each other; it’ll become unstable and render your body to be useless and in a critical condition unless and that is called Red Mist or as the Gods called it…..No.6.

Now it’s time for MAK to do the one obstacle course that he has been trying to accomplish ever since gaining the power, which include jumping at very high places but using the power to get there quicker before falling an immediate death, learn to dodge bullets, punches, hard blows and other foreign objects and using those against your opponents, using stealth when attacking or being attacked, and simply controlling the powers whenever in a normal situation to not reveal yourself to the public. However, during the course, he manages to be excellent in the courses, with the exception of receiving small cuts in his arm during the knifing and he goofed up with the stealth mode…….by a sneeze. “Boy, you have got a lot to learn about this power.” Big Daddy said as MAK was breathing hard and heavy from the training, especially the falling part, which he had nightmares of most of these days.

“Plus, I heard those guys you escaped from are getting released earlier and they are looking to put a cap in your ass soon.” MAK entered the thought of them striking back, “Yes, I know. But unlike that last time, I will definitely be ready to counterattack whenever they come.” Then Big Daddy told MAK not to be too cocky with his power because those who act arrogant with their powers tend to be the first ones to fail and eventually die. So MAK and Big Daddy eventually went back to train some more and to improve his fighting and stealth mode.

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Posted 8/1/13

Another year (or give or take 9 months) has passed and over at Eastin City Jail, Rick Cane has finally released out of jail and of course the brother Dice just got out of boot camp. They both meet up after the pick-up and into the local fast-food joint Killer Crenshaw. “Yo, Dice? What little word you got from your boys about that kid? You know that tall, big, Afro Samurai looking motherfucker?” Then Dice mentioned that MAK hasn’t been on anyone’s radar nowadays and seems to disappear whenever shit’s about to go down and that after high school, he completely fall on the face on the Earth. “Well, that guy must be one crafty N**** if he can get himself out of the spotlight”, Cane retorted and told that tonight, they are going to find him and figure out who or what power he has…..and of course, payback.

But where was MAK nowadays?

He was still practicing his Blue Leaf with Big Daddy at the back of his local shop still in secrecy of everyone he knows and once MAK heard of Dice and Cain back on the streets, getting their own revenge to the people that owe or betray them. MAK sigh at the thought of them discovering his power including his own family and suddenly Big Daddy came into the room and said, “Well, today’s that day and from I heard in the streets, one of the guys they are looking for is you. Well, it’s been over a year and a half. Are you ready to accept this challenge?” Then MAK responded with this, “Big Daddy, I was born ready to do this shit. In fact, I planned this whole thing out.” So MAK pulled out a schematic with blueprints and maps of the city, buildings, and local business and call it OPERATION: SLAYERS.

Nightfall has come and the whole crew of Dice, Cain, and some of the older and rookie members of their gang has been hunting down every person who owe them by threatening them, beating the living shit out of them if they have no choice and eventually killing them, meaning it’s no longer that safe and as they approached Big Daddy’s shop and when they went in, they asked about if they have seen a tall black guy with a low cut afro and Big Daddy acted like they didn’t know who the fuck they were talking about. They kept questioning him, bargaining him with many bribes, and spare his store from being trashed and burned until they saw a blue flash out of nowhere and it was headed for the roof. “Wait a fucking minute”, Dice said, “It’s FUCKING MAK!! Get that N****!!” Soon, Cane and the rest followed Dice’s cue and pursue to get MAK from the rooftops. They try aiming and shooting at him and MAK could easily teleported out of the way but didn’t want to show his power in public and so he dodges the shots carefully and once he jumps down, he then transported into one of the empty buildings, leaving the chasers wondering of his location. They send a couple of people into the building, armed with a pistol and a switchblade.

MAK wanted to use stealth mode for them but he was still sneezing back then so he avoid that but for the first guy with the switchblade, the guy creeped behind MAK and was getting ready to pounce at him and then he swiftly grabbed his blade and kept stabbing him over and over again but wonders why he wasn’t bleeding to death. As it turns out, MAK set a trap for him and the person that was stabbed was nothing more than a cleverly disguised mannequin. “HEY, N****!! You better come out and just give up!! You can’t hide from us anymore and we’re going to find out about that power of ours. Hell, we could use that to be ultra-powerful.”

And then suddenly MAK swing a bat at him and grab his arm, then twisting it until he dropped the switchblade and he head-butted him, causing a nosebleed and then MAK grabbed the switchblade and slit the guy’s throat, as he heard the gurgling of him choking on his own blood. That feeling MAK got from it wasn’t exactly victorious… first. He had the need to vomit and after that, he prepares himself for the next target via pistol and his stance was valid.


Next up is the one with the pistol and as he walks to find MAK, he heard the sudden swipe of a switchblade and thought his boy finally gotten to MAK but when he went to find out, the dead body laying down was one of his own and man, was he pissed. “Dammit! Cain.” Cain answered the call, “Yeah? You got him?” “Uh, no, but he got us.” Dice ended up being more pissed, “Look! You motherfuckers don’t come out until you caught and/or kill his ass. You got me?” Then Cain looked threatened and took the phone from Dice, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, little brother. Slow down. I got this shit here. Just find MAK, subdue him and bring him out here.” The order has given out and the shooter has hunting all over for MAK and soon he was spotted and shooter fired away at him and then MAK showcased his technique of using teleportation to avoid bullets.

MAK then got behind him and snatch his gun and tried to break his hand but MAK was knocked out and stomped by him and was avoiding getting stomped in the nuts. He soon got back his gun and it looks like MAK had nowhere left to run and just as he was cornered, the shooter was getting ready to fire and he said, “Got any last words, you big motherfucker?” MAK responded with a “Yes.” And it was followed by a “Heads up!” What MAK meant was a trap of switchblades was aiming at the shooter and came headfirst at his face, killing him instantly; however, it didn’t stop him from shooting MAK as a fired bullet went into MAK’s shoulder and leg and he fell down from the 3rd story window and he thought of transporting out of there into his home but he didn’t want them to know where he lives but it was too late to do it as one of the crew got his body and drag him out of there.

As MAK woke up from his fall, he took a look around his surroundings and figure out someone must’ve drag him home in his bed safe and sound but as he tried to get up, he is chained to his bed from head to toe and the worst has yet to come for him as both Dice and Cain entered the room. “You damn bastards! What the hell did you do to my family?” MAK questioned them. Both of them said “Don’t worry about them. They’re not home and as far as you should be concerned, they shouldn’t be on your mind right now.” And then Cain began to wail on MAK while he’s defenseless and Dice used a lighter to lightly burn his fingertips while duct taping MAK’s mouth.

“Now we going to find out more about that power of yours, boy. You can’t hide this shit forever.” MAK then said something about that but it couldn’t be made out due to being duct taped. So both of them decided to strip MAK’s clothes to find out and when they did, a blue aura began to appear as his body glows blue around him and then Dice joked around and said, “Wow, this must be one serious case of blue balls if you ask me. He must be a virgin then.”

Then both of them laughed and laughed at MAK and how much of a loner he is, although it wasn’t a new thing to him. MAK was more of the loner type ever since he entered high school. Sure, he had a good substantial amount of friends but lives his life with a lone wolf plus he wasn’t really that lucky with the ladies either and all of that torment and laughter just reminds MAK of why he is like this and his pure hatred for the world and as he felt more angry than before, he tries to loosing himself from the chains when he slowly pulled the chains without them noticing and then he pulls the chain and used it to beat the hell out of Dice, “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! SON OF A BITCH COCKSUCKER!! You fuckers are the reason what I’m like this.” Soon, Cain began shooting as him but MAK took his gun and destroyed it with his bare hands and then as he was about to throw them out, let’s just say the truth finally comes out.
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Posted 8/1/13

As MAK was getting ready to finish Dice and Cain once and for all, his mother and sisters walked in on him but MAK was unaware of this point and so, he beat Dice with the chains and threw him out of the window and as for Rick, he was about to be next but suddenly MAK spotted his family watching him doing these things and Rick was going to knock him out but his mother warned him in time and used an old stereo to knock him down. “Son, what in the hell is going on? Why are you glowing blue everywhere?” His concerned mother began asking him these questions even the ones involving drugs, but MAK assured her that he’s not a crack head but he did tell her the whole story about being chased by some guys and a truck crashed with this blue mist letting out and how he never told her about this for the last 2 years.

His mom was very furious and disappointed at him for never telling her all about this and MAK tried to calm her down and she tried to leave for her sight but MAK then pull the teleport trick on her but she wasn’t having it. She also called the cops to have Dice and Cain arrested…..again but it seems like for MAK, this would have been more of a victory for him but it feels bittersweet at the end. As he went to bed that night, he ponders and ponder of how this is going to affect him for the long time being.

Later in the morning.

MAK called his mother and sister in the kitchen for a meeting about last night and it started with MAK saying that he really should’ve told them about the Blue Leaf and its developing powers plus that he trained for the last 2 years of controlling and defending me with them.

The mom highly questions him having these powers, saying that he doesn’t know about the dangers of Blue Leaf, which she describes is like the effects of marijuana and cocaine combined into one but MAK then started to say that it is nothing like cocaine since there has been no reported deaths of the usage of it and there’s nothing addictive about it. His sister then said, “What makes you think that?” MAK retorted with, “Because I always research the stuff and he is assured of everything he did was safe and practical. “You know, you think just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”

Then he and his sister kept arguing over this but his mom had to break it up. “Look, we’re trying to warn you to not fool around with this stuff but you seem to be hard-headed.” But MAK really started to get angry and yelled at her, “DOES IT OCCUR TO YOU THAT I KNOW THIS STUFF ALREADY? AND YOU…..THINKING I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING WHILE YOU ARE SO CLUELESS ABOUT THIS, THINKING YOU’RE THE BETTER ONE THAN ME. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS THINK THAT ABOUT ME?” Following that sudden outburst, MAK was slapped by his mother, saying that don’t you ever talk to her like that again but MAK didn’t listen to her and said, “You got a lot to learn about talking to people in a specific way.”

After that, MAK walked out of the door and then just disappeared into the rooftops and as MAK ran away from his home, there is some tears streaming down on his face, thinking he shouldn’t talk to her like that but he have been keeping those thoughts inside him, driving him insane. But when comes to nightfall, MAK decided that he is going to move out of his mother’s house in order to pursue his own journey…thus becoming “The Hybrid”.


It’s been about 2 ½ years since MAK moved out of his mom’s house and decides to pursue the world with his mystical powers via the Blue Leaf but you wonder how he can do that with no money. Well, MAK told Big Daddy about the move but BD wanted to supply him with the cash he’s going to need for that, so he give him $10,000 for traveling, car rental, food, etc. but now he needs to find a place to stay, not to mention a job……well, a job that pays considering on his downtime, he goes as an alias on this movie site doing his own reviews, anything from movies, TV, music, and animation, especially anime, which happens to be his main forte of doing reviews now. Meanwhile, somewhere in the realms of another world, these god-like figures are watching every move of any anime reviewer (from amateur to semi-professional to the ones we know and love) and they begin to look at these profiles of who watch carefully next. “Hmmmm…what about these group of people? Oh wait; they have been disbanded, so that’s a no go.”

Then they look at another profile of this angel wolf based critic but said that one is always being watched by another group of people….one that is way over their power. Then they suddenly pull out a picture with MAK’s face on it. Now at first, they weren’t interested but the more they read about his personal life and mentions that one specific thing, suddenly they were his choice.

As MAK was doing his daily routine of ordering lunch, he was approached by a person with a certain effervescent glow to them and he wonders why they are approaching him for some reason. “Hello is your name The Hybrid on [BLEEP}.com?” MAK shook his head, meaning “Yes” and continue with, “I don’t owe anyone money, do I? Because I swear I paid everyone I owed money to and—“The figures said that they are not interested in their money but they want him to earn some money.

He followed them to an apartment building they own and he sat down to talk about running his reviews on their time and he will get paid along with food, shelter, basic utilities, and some more perks that are too much to mention. It sounds like a well-needed break for MAK and to keep doing what he’s been doing but almost in a professional way. Unbeknownst to him, these people are firmly aware of his powers and what he is capable of, but it seems like they are more powerful than them…..exactly like Gods but made for the medium of Anime itself. He agreed to the deal, hoping that this will work in the long haul…….well, he tried to make it last.

But one night as MAK was sleeping, he was tossing and turning in his sleep, possibly dreaming about his past and suddenly something was coming from his body as an arm is mutating from his back and another one came in the scene, climbing upward to the surface and breathing for relief. This strange creature looked like MAK, sounded like MAK, has the similarities in body structure, personality, and traits of MAK.

However, unlike most clones, it is a born copy of MAK that remembers everything about him and that meant everything about him. However, the deal with the Anime Gods never lasted long with the betrayals, the killings and the attacks and as if that wasn’t harsh enough, he also got involved with the opposite of the Anime Gods by fighting an all-powerful demon that he found out to a robot and with MAK now fighting two battles, keeping his sanity at bay and not to mention that things will never be the same anymore. Ever.
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Posted 8/1/13
THE ANIME GODS SAGA Short Stories - Part 1

Today, the Anime Gods have assisted me into finding anime outside the mainstream and gave me a mission to watch these pieces of work and review it, proving in order to find more anime unknown to you, you have to dig deeper in order to find it and they said if I mess up and blow it, they were going to force me into watching Eiken on a continuous loop and I don’t want to stomach that show again, so today I’m going to explore some of the earlier works of Mamoru Oshii and a 20-minute anime short based on a short story by Kenji Miyazawa

The Anime Gods were somewhat pleased with my reviews and I didn’t suffer the wrath of EIKEN and now I convinced them into reviewing something that I wanted to get into for a long time. It is based on a manga and there has been much talk about a live-action adaptation from a certain director of two of the biggest box-office hits of all time, but no one knows when it’s going to be released. What is this anime that I speak of

The one they called Hybrid gave us a clue about what review he was going to do next and the Anime Gods did let him choose the next piece to review and I’m guessing the audience knows what he’s about to review next….
They asked me if I was sure about this and warn me about the purists considering I only read a little bit of the manga and seen the anime 3-4 times, (I might be watching it now.) and give me this constant warning: DON’T SCREW THIS UP, KID. REALLY, don’t let us down.
…….and so they heed their warning and prepare myself.

“What? You actually consider Afro Samurai to be HALL OF FAME material?” That is what the gods questioned and I answered, “Well, yeah. It’s not that bad of an anime. It has a few epic moments.” Then they nodded and decided to leave…….after they bitch-slapped me several times and they left me a note saying, “Well, we got a next assignment for you. If you’re still feeling a concussion for that slapping and obviously that kick in the head……well, we’re Gods, we have powers, don’t you know?” They have left me clues for it and it follows: It’s a 2008 release from a director who just recently reviewed his earlier works and the Japanese voice actresses have a connection that you only know and it’s based on a novel about dogfight warfare.

I reviewed Battle Angel Alita and then got the shit kicked out of me for some reason and now they drugged my drink and suddenly……I woke up to the sight of the sky and I try to remained calm. “AAAAHHHH!!”, I screamed panicky. “Why am I flying a jet?!?! I don’t know anything about flying a jet. Who can explain this?”, It was the Anime Gods’ doing and they explain that it had something to do with today’s choice of anime and how to review something under pressure, case in point, the jet. I ask why I couldn’t just do it regularly in my own facility but they said, “Just do the review as it is, you little bitch, or else we’ll make the plane crash with you in it.” And so I just shut up and began the review

"Really?”, questioned one of the Gods, “A 5.5?”, “You are not even trying anymore, are you?”. They were not pleased with what I said about The Sky Crawlers. We argue and argue and argue and still brought out that I rated Afro Samurai more than The Sky Crawlers. “WILL YOU EVER STOP BRINGING THAT OUT?!?!”, I shouted to them and they completely ignored me but unfortunately said to me, “Look! You either shape your dumb ass together or we could bring this to your friends on the group you do.”, Yes, they had the audacity to put my fellow friends/reviewers on the line and maybe me putting them on the line isn’t exactly helping.
Then I woke up and all of that was only a dream. I would say you have wasted your time but during the next minutes, I noticed something on my right side and noticed a little person sleeping next to me and yet she had no legs or anything like that…….but when I raised my right arm, so did she…….

“AAAHHHH!!!” both myself and the attached girl on my arm screamed in panic as they find themselves in a weird bind.
“What’s going on?” the girl said, “Why am I attached to someone’s right arm again? Why does this always happening to me?” She looked frightened and scared as like she went through this before and I figured out it was The Anime Gods’ doing. I ringed them up and they told me since I been dicking with them for the last time, they give me a special assignment (go with me here), on an anime series which conveniently has a somewhat weird concept………and this is a romantic comedy anime.

Then I noticed the girl is staring at me with her teary-eyed moe eyes and was starting to cry a bit because of the way I was talking about the show. I calmed down and said, “Look, I may have pointed out a few flaws in the show but I don’t find them that annoying. I did mention you were cute and that was a genuine truth. I didn’t mean to take it personally and at least I didn’t make any cruel handjob jokes because I need it to be classy.” Then she looked at me and a smile was starting to crack on her and I briefly apologized to her and anything was cool. But since she was graceful to me, she offered to repay me with anything that I can’t mention here and as soon as she’s about to give it to me……..

I woke up. That’s right. It was a dream review inside of a dream review. I have been shafted in two visions. Those Anime Gods were crafty, aren’t they?

Wow. I really don’t feel right about this.

But then again, the dream fucked me up major time but, at least, this time the Anime Gods did not completely cross me.
Then suddenly, I heard some wild and crazy simultaneous explosions coming from outside my room and both are caused by two young women, one who is falling from a bathroom with a large man grabbing her and another one with a guy with punk-like hair jumping from another exploding building with one guy blown up through the ceiling, then crash down and yet was still intact. Dead but intact.

As I left off, many simultaneous explosions happen on my block and this had reminded me of not one, but two anime OVA that I have recently saw. There are most similarities between the shows but they have very small differences that could easily be the better part of this experiment.

The Anime Gods messaged me this, “Okay, your last review was a bit off although you dream it….twice. (Yeah, try not to watch Paprika & Inception back-to-back again). But I am willing to give you a pass…..barely. Still, your next assignment will reunite you with an anime studio you have tangled with in your past, but people have classified this as a Hentai.” I quickly answered, “Really? Didn’t I do a Hentai review last time?”, then they shouted, “IT WASN’T THAT GREAT TO BEGIN WITH! And this one isn’t exactly a Hentai as most people classified it. It has a few sex scenes but overall, not that much of a Hentai. Okay. There’s your assignment. Now do it and shut up!!” After that, they jetted out and here we are

“I really to get a drink.”, Then I walked outside for a minute and what’s the worst that could happen to me?
“Okay, I just finished my assignment but now I want to take a request.” I answered to them and they wholeheartedly agreed and I then said, “Next time, can I do a review of a normal show? No over-the-top shit, No more of me getting in life-or-death situations, No more weird hand girlfriend tricks, just a normal anime that could be interesting so what you say about that?”
Then they responded with a swift Yes and I was right back home with a special wrapped gift that they send me and left a note that says: “We heard of your wish and get you something very rare as of now but be warned of what you want. It can bite you back in the ass.” They left no signature and as I rip off the wrapping paper as reveal that the anime for next week
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Posted 8/1/13
THE ANIME GODS SAGA Short Stories - Part 2

Okay, let’s cut to the chase here. After The Hybrid mostly reviewed titles that involves a weird right hand for a girlfriend and two OVAs that has either crazy over-the-top explosions and yet people called these Hentai even though the sex was minimal, he wanted to review a normal anime (Yes, those actually do exist!!) and what he got was…….
“Oh, Hell!” he said, “I should have been clearer when I said what I said.”
“Well, you did said an anime that doesn’t have big explosions or weird elements and this one is the most normal of them.” one of the Anime Gods said, then I reiterated, “You think this anime is normal!?!?!?OH, REALLY? THIS PIECE OF WORK IS A NORMAL ANIME?”
Then I said f**k it, I seen worse things before. What can go wrong?
SIX and a HALF Hours (13 episodes) LATER…….

“Well, that’s another anime reviewed, signed, sealed, and—“, Then I got interrupted by one of the Anime Gods and said, “If you say ‘delivered, I’m yours’, I’m striking your ass over and over again. Anyway, kid, you actually did a decent job with the review and you obviously improve somehow.”
I don’t believe it. No strikes, slaps, beatdowns, threats, or anything and they give me a gift of appreciation but they said not to open after the next anime review and this time, this one is a surreal anime, in terms of story and visuals.
A dark silhouette came before the Anime Gods and said to them, “Did he get the box?” They answered yes and said he has no idea about the special surprise and finish with, “Once he knows about the True Anime God, he will bow down to me and soon, his little group is next, too. Be warned, Hybrid, be warned. This is where it begins.”

Last time on Anime Discovery, a dark shadowy figure appear at the sight of the Anime Gods and unbeknownst to The Hybrid, they sent a special package for him in a BLUE BOX and it was rumored to be the anime that can break The Hybrid, making him totally bonkers out of his mind and where is he now?
Sitting in his armchair, asleep, watching a marathon of Community with an empty bag of Doritos on his head. Then, suddenly, a smack to the face with a DVD box and after cleaning himself up, there were two unmarked DVD boxes sitting in his counter and one of them was THE BLUE BOX and just as he was about to pick whatever he choose, another DVD was thrown at him out of nowhere and he look up the title and that name is…..GENIUS PARTY & GENIUS PARTY BEYOND.

“Okay, which one of you idiots threw the wrong box at him?” The shadowy figure fiercely questioned the Anime Gods and one of them responded and said, “Look, he may have completed some arcs but this thing…….this anime; he is not ready for this type of work. We are throwing all the right stuff at the wrong time.”
“The Hell he isn’t ready!! Did he, not too long ago, review Neon Genesis Evangelion, and look at him now” the shadowy figure said and then one of the Anime Gods said, “True, but NGE does have its bullshit moments and those last two episodes do—“and suddenly got he gotten grabbed by the neck by the figure and slammed him against the ground and remind them they needed to get that box to The Hybrid and deliver that package or they will be exempt of their powers, forever making them a mortal.
But that will have to wait

“Now do you understand my drift? Do you know all about my cause? Did I explain this purpose? The reason why that Dirty South slacker has to review this? Now get your asses together and find that motherfucker because you don’t want me to find him and you don’t want me to find you” The shadow figure said. Then the Anime Gods conveniently popped in his place. The Hybrid asked why they are here and they warned him about the Blue Box package and said that if you don’t review it soon, the worse is yet to come for him and the Hybrid didn’t believe a single they said and was still convinced that they only appear to make his life a living hell and then he stormed off outside his house and just run as far away from them…..but what does this have to do with this review of TekkonKinkreet? Not a thing but yes, this is……well, that title.

As I ran and ran so far away, I started to notice something from this chase. Why am I running from them? Aren’t they Gods? Can they just poof out of nowhere and stop me at my tracks? But then, as I continue to ponder those thoughts, I took a shovel to the head and got knocked out pretty cold.
A few hours later, I find myself tied up in an uncompromising position with a gun to my head and a knife to each sides of my stomach. Something tells me that the Gods were forced into this and if they defy a bigger power than them, they will become mortals like me.
Then the dark shadowy figure finally reveal himself (or should I say herself to me- her identity, BTW) and she said that her name is (CENSORED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF REASONS) and she really insisted that I opened that blue box or else, she renounces the powers of The Anime Gods, but then I remember why should I? They are the ones that got me in this but then she responded, “Well, suits you. But if they lose their powers, that means you can’t do anime reviews anymore and you’ll be banned from going near one again.” I was caught in a binder of a problem and decide whether by helping myself, I would be helping an enemy (well, not enemy, just a pin needle on my foot) out of trouble and I decided to risk it all and do the review of this mysterious anime.
She slowly revealed the DVD title and as my darkest nightmares came true; this title has been an example of fandom gone insane and many people calling this franchise overrated because of its prior entries (especially on their second outing).

I got sick and tired of all the bullshit I went through with the Anime Gods’ bidding (from explosions all around town, a weird girlfriend on my hand, a plane shooting at me, a dream within a dream within a dream, a look into incest and the typical confusion) and now one dark shadowy figure has captured the Gods’ and myself easily and she (Yes, a woman) has ordered me to review a special select title in what she calls THE BLUE BOX and I look upon the product and it is always something I expected. It is related to a certain anime, which I personally thought it was an okay show but some people love the hell out of it……at least, until the second season but will this movie change the mind of the Hybrid, will he review it in time and-----GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!!!
Okay, Okay! This is …..sigh….

“Well,well…”, the dark figure said, “You surprisingly didn’t suck at this review. I’m suppose I can let you go your way and let the Gods keep their powers.” Then I look relieved and excited for myself and for them, too; even though it is their fault I’m in this situation and then she said, “But you got to review one more anime for me and then I will let you go”. Oh yeah, I got pissed and screamed, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!??!? I WAS SPENT BEEN TIED UP WITH A GUN TO MY HEAD AND A KNIFE AIMED AT ME AND YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW ANOTHER ANIME OF YOUR CHOICE? REALLY AND WHAT IF I SAID ‘NO’?”
She showed me a machine gun and pointed it at one of the Gods and she shot him in the kneecaps and it does hurt like hell…..unless you are a God but she took one’s powers away for a while and yeah, it hurts.
“Will you accept my last request or will I have to shoot it out of you? Or worse, I really don’t need this gun to cause harm to you.” She really meant that last statement and I decided to do it to save my ass and next week’s show to look at is an harem anime

So it all comes down to this: The Anime Gods are finally at their mercy and I could just walk out of here and be on my merry way but if I do, I will end up in the same position as them and this woman is no joke. She would tear me down and stomp on me when she got the chance and so, I agree to do this review for her and she’ll let me go and this one wasn’t a hard target but let’s just say that if this anime were a sweet confection and it tasted oh so nice, leaving you wanting more and more and then when you ate too much, you might become sick too quick.
This anime was the case and that case happens to be named SISTER PRINCESS.

“Okay, Okay. I did it. I did the review. Can you let me go now? I’m begging you.” I asked the woman and she was thinking about it and what she decided that she will let me go and walk out of here in one piece but she asked if I wanted The Anime Gods to either walk free with me or should they suffer more for their abuse of me and guess what? I chose the latter. Why? Frankly, I had enough with their bullshit and they pushed me too far and I wanted to torture them some more and she look at me and we happen to think alike about this situation and I told her to get some chains, whips, a lighter, an wax candle, and a MP3 of Soulja Boy’s song Anime….all of them combined is the perfect torture machine and I got her some earplugs so she won’t hear that damn song.
So as I hear the screams of them getting what they deserve, I decide on my next anime venture on my own and fortunately while going home after that, I received an invitation to look inside several different anime series and an anime movie all made by one studio and this is that one studio that did made on my favorite OVA based on a manga that I happened to enjoy that I check out earlier this year and let’s just say…..It’s a MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD out there.

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Posted 8/3/13

One month later after the Anime Gods gotten their due in punishment, I was invited into an open house provided by the people of Madhouse made for anime enthusiasts and it looks like the people that show up so far is me and 4 other strangers. The first one to encounter me is Don, a very slick and tricky guy who works in the IT industry; Neon, a young man who dresses like a certain Madhouse character which I assume you already know; Kris the Discord, an anime insider delves into the crazy side of the experience and why he’s named Discord, I’ll never know; and finally, Nu, this girl who I swear I seen before but have no recollection of her and her past. We all have introduced ourselves to each other and the owner has introduced himself on the giant TV screen and said there was a prize in the top of the building and many of us can get it if you survive the ongoing tactics that could kill you. Those are the rules of the game and right now, the first challenge that the 5 of us have been chosen for to do this title which involves an anime that has flesh-eating monsters and that we needed weapons…….lots of them.

This is KEMONOZUME……or if you can’t pronounce it right, BEAST CLAW.
As the challenge begins, they supplied us with weapons to fight the Kifūken and our chosen weapons are: 2 katana swords, used by Nu; 2 sawoff shotguns, used by Don; flashbombs and grenades, used by Neon; machine guns, used by Kris; and as for me, I was handed……2 tiny pistols that almost resembles the little gun from Men in Black and in other words, I’m fucked.

So the fight has started and the shokujinki started attacking right away and so far, everybody was bringing their A-Game on the floor and every time I shot, it just looked pathetic and just as one of the beasts start to feast on me, Neon pulled me out at the last minute and blinded and bombed him. I’ll thank him later once if I don’t die. Don started to run out of bullets and melee on one of those beasts but tripped and Kris unloaded his bullets upon it and so far, Nu is not doing too badly on the frontline as she slices and dices them like the Iron Chef. She was doing perfectly until the beast grab her and start to dine on her and just as she was a goner, all of us unloaded on the beast and she take her sword and deliver the final blow.

All the shokujinki are defeated and we just finished the level and passed with flying colors and with full body movement intact. We are moving on to the next level and what I got from the next round; it gets more silly and goofy but it is still a very dangerous game.


After the run-in with the shokujinki, the five of us (still intact and alive) have made way into the next round of games which involved more usage of the katana and a new element added into the situation and luckily, we have traded in our firearms for blades and katana with an extra special feature added in, such as, a high-powered laser when it’s fully charged and that is when it is best performed. So far, Neon loved the idea of laser-powered katana and everybody else was a bit skeptical and so was I for thinking that it exists but as we head off to the next round…….

Five other people was in the first stage we just passed and the first thing shown is another crazy rabbit (but it’s a real-life walking rabbit) with a chain sword, slicing and dicing every shokujinki spotted and well-executed. The rabbit was very lucky to survive and yet that is the rabbit’s name, Lucky, or LRF. Soon another person just strangled the shokujinki with his equivalent beast-like features and snapped its neck and stabbed it with his bare hands and shrugs it off like it was nothing. His name is Jon Da Beast and he was a force to be reckon with and two other guys was shooting it out with little effort as one of the guys, Professor Paradox, the genius of the group told his test subject and supernatural muscle, The Jumper, whom him and Paradox represented the Chaos section, to put this new drug inside him, which will make him capable of fighting from every angle, thus making him harder, better, faster and stronger. And last, their masked leader of the group easily took down the last round of shokujinki with her silencer and her final touch, the knife gun. Let’s just say she can be a real maniac when it comes to her battling………..and speaking of maniacs, this is TENJHO TENGE.

We all heard a giant bang on the walls and the sound is getting louder and louder and then there came a horde of martial artists, street fighters, and wrestlers crowding the room anywhere. It looks like we are outnumbered but Neon had this sneaky look in his eye and quickly he made his first move by throwing Nu and Don, both of whom with charging swords, at the guys and they both took them down and Neon continuously stab the toughs and while doing that, me and Discord are getting our asses kicked by the street fighters and wrestlers with one good hit or two but when Discord straight slit the guy in the Achilles’ tendon and I just slit his throat. Yeah, it’s getting pretty dark. So more and more toughs came into the room and as it looks like we are about to end our ends, suddenly, the masked leader of the second group appears and she took down 4 guys with her gun knife. Then Neon notices the other mad-hopping crazy rabbit with the chain sword and he was impressed….and frightened by Lucky. Then, Jon, Jumper and Paradox arrives just in time to take out the toughs and all of them escape and soon I started to ask questions from the masked leader and she did answer them and reveal her true identity to everyone. This raven-haired girl revealed her name is Ani and she heard about the open house through her connections to the anime world and she wanted to be the one to earn the grand prize but suddenly me and her started to clash and argue over the prize but the others follow suit? No. They said it was a waste of time to argue over some bullshit like that and slap some sense into me and Ani, mostly me. So it is decided. We merge together and called ourselves…..The All Nation Army. Why I call it that? Well, that is something I will answer…….the next review (round) and the next one is something that I wanted to explore ever since its existence and everybody else has known about it but me and it involves.......zombies!!!!! (wink wink)


Now with both teams merging into the one team known as the All Nation Army (mainly we are anime fans of all races, nationalities, species and creed) and as they head off to the next round of games, Prof. Paradox wanted to show this new supernatural enhancer he used on The Jumper called Blue Leaf. Blue Leaf is a strange plant found in Colombia and rumors is that it can make you able to fight and jump out of problems in and out (think of the character Nightcrawler) but it has been proven it is become so unstable for one person to handle, the power of the leaf can control you and eventually it will take over your body and possibly end it. However, I didn’t hear that last part and said to Paradox that I should be another test subject but Don, Neon, Ani & Lucky warned me about the aforementioned effects of the drug; Nu was a bit skeptical about it at first and sided with the rest of the people; Discord was a bit neutral on this and Jon…..well, It worked well for Jon but he was more of a chance of stability than me, due to him transforming into a nonhuman and I talked to Jumper about it and he said that you should take a little dose of it and I should be fine and don’t use it for my own mischief, only in case of the important issues like combat and not letting your teammates die. So as the next round begins, the room has this rank smell and this is one level too many people either failed or give up and got destroyed and that level’s name is…….HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD.

So Paradox put the Blue Leaf inside my system and it should take effect in a few seconds when the zombies come to attack. We were all laced with guns and swords blazing and ready to attack at any minute, even to do anything so our group survives and so, the zombies came running at full speed and the first thing I do was blast a shotgun straight to its head and quickly disappear before anyone’s eyes and that’s when the Blue Leaf kicked in. Suddenly, I became a mad man when it comes to shooting zombies and slaying them. Most of the time, I would appear before the zombie and simply stab them in the head and albeit, I didn’t do any showing off but I might as well since I basically played Mary Sue (or in this case, Alice from the Resident Evil MOVIES) but when the round began to end, three people showed up in the balcony and then I hear those strange familiar voices and I know those voices anywhere and this is the time to start worrying and I warn them to “RUN!!!!!” and then they start to shoot at us and so did we. Then one by one, their guards started to tranquilize all of us with different drugs. First they drugged Neon & Lucky, then headed for Jon and they did it once but he was still standing but then they loaded more shots of him and then as he started to slow down, he found a chute towards downstairs and he purposefully fell down towards it. Discord got darted down and when Don was started to cornered, he reluctantly fought them off but at the last minute, one guy tranquilize him in his neck and down goes him. The guards grabbed Paradox and Jumper but didn’t drug them as they will need them for their other purposes and it was revealed that The Anime Gods have made a vengeful return and they were pretty pissed at me …and then their attention was focused on Nu and Ani.

The first one came up to Nu and warn her that she may have trick and torture them before but she won’t be lucky this time and then looked at Ani and noticed that she met them before and once escape their clutches and then both of them shot at the guys and wounded them and then I took a good look and began to finish them off but they shot me but something called Red Mist, which if mixed with Blue Leaf, can make you unstable and will put you in a coma and as I seizure into silence, they dragged me and took the girls away and lock them up with everyone else. As for me, they have something special waiting for me and it does not look uplifting…….

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Posted 8/3/13

After the Red Mist has affected The Hybrid and went into a disoriented coma, he soon woke up to find out he was been strapped down to an operating table with instruments of torture and the Anime Gods want seek revenge for his betrayal and insolence and next to him, Ani was also tied and strapped in an operating table, in a mid-comatose state and Nu has been tied to a chair and has an appearing black eye on her left but what the Hybrid didn’t know that the two ladies actually have more in common with him and his connection to the Anime Gods, but what happened to the others? Well, Lucky was chained up next to a broken heater, woken from the drug stupor and soon ravenous dogs will be released in one hour if the chain isn’t broken from the heater. Neon is in worse shape as he is tied down in a movie theater with his eyes propped open, forcing him to watch unspeakable acts of pain caught on video. Jon was still unconscious from his fall, Prof. Paradox was forced into making the Blue Leaf for the Gods and using Jumper as their test animal and the results has him almost writhing in pain from the effects. Don and Discord has being issued for waterboarding for information and most of the time when they wasn’t cooperating, they changed from water to lemon juice and it does sting like a bitch. Why the Anime Gods wanted to torture them was mainly the fact that they can’t risk another mortal of their existence but they easily wanted to make me beg for everyone’s mercy or else they’ll die because of me and I wasn’t going to let them die like this.

Speaking of dying (or something like it), this is TEXHNOLYZE.

What I later realize that I actually did notice Nu from somewhere and that’s where it hit me. She was the one that tortured the Anime Gods at that warehouse but I really must have a short term memory of that and as they look at her, they had this insane look in their eye and wanted her to feel the pain as they did and then Ani woke up and started to come to the realization that she can’t escape of that trap and soon the attention was turn to her and then another shocking revelation has come to fruition: Ani was originally supposed to be in my shoes. She could have been what The Hybrid is but she is the only one that was able to escape the clutches of the Anime Gods…..until now, that is. Soon after that, the guards took Nu to rough her up more but the worse is yet to come for me and Ani as the Anime Gods has a device called Project EUPHORIA, a virtual reality helmet that can affect you in real life as it’s happening in there, too. Unfortunately, as me and Ani refused to cooperate, they have force us to wear those helmets and we did not like the images we saw. Both of us screamed with agonizing pain and disgust and then came silence and both of us were entered back into the comatose state and then only time can tell.

Everyone is still in peril. From getting beat up, having to fight for your life, trying to survive out of painful situations, working on a formula in order to live, cooperate in order to live so you won’t be dosed in gasoline and just plain living. Will our heroes ever get out of this situation? Will the Anime Gods ever succeed with their revenge? Will I get backlash for ranking Texhnolyze a 7?


Everyone is still in very perilous situations and it seems like it spells the end of our fellow protagonists. Either they are chained up, strapped in, water boarded, forced to work and test or die, getting beat up relentlessly and violently, wandering aimlessly after a brush of death or suffering through a virtual reality program that messes with your psyche. Then, at the room where The Hybrid & Ani is still unconscious from the Euphoria, a lab assistant named Rahman was starting to clean up around the area and then all of a sudden, Hybrid was starting to get his sight and the use of his arms and hands again but he is still immobile of his legs and he took off Ani’s helmet and see if she regains consciousness and she’s starting to come around and they was spotted by Rahman and as he began to call the Anime Gods, Hybrid threw a metallic paper holder at him, only breaking the phone. Hybrid slowly limped to him and tells him if he has a weapon, give it to him and he won’t hurt him, considering he was saving all that for you-know-who, but since Rahman doesn’t want to die, he reluctantly gives them something for getting the quick feeling of their legs back and soon Ani & Hybrid searches for the rest of their friends and the first one they find is Jon and he is still woozy from that fall, but they give him something to energize his being and should be up in a while and as they look for the others, another trip to the surreal and strange begins again with KAIBA.

Soon as we continue searching for the people, Lucky suddenly pops up looking all bloody and beaten, but the blood is from the dogs that had the unfortunate end of that quarrel and then Ani borrows Lucky’s chain and slam into the door where Neon is forced to watch Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star in repeats and he is not having that as he start to break away for the chair but is too strong to break apart and it seems like he is doomed to watch Nick Swardson acting like a dumbass over and over again and then…we just unscrew the chair and freed him just like that. Oh yeah, and Neon lit a match and burn every reel of that movie and laugh like he was in Inglorious Basterds. In the next room, as Don and Discord was getting too wet from the waterboarding (that and their eyes are turning red from the lemon scent they put in) and as they were beginning to crack, Don told one of the guards to look down and kick him square in his jaw and Discord helped out with him sneaking a gun from one of the guards and shooting them in cold blood but one of the dying guards shot Discord in his ass but he still lived. Then Prof. Paradox couldn’t do any more work for another miracle drug like Blue Leaf which if they tested it on Jumper one more time, the results could be fatal for him and then, they dragged Nu and said to test it on her even though humans can’t handle it well. Paradox refused to do it and would rather die than harm a human for his success and then one of the Gods pointed a gun at him and shot his shoulder. Jumper looking worried, he started to knock out one of them but they threw him to the wall like he was a sack of potatoes and then pointed the gun at Nu and said if you don’t work on that formula, she will get shot. Sick and tired of the useless threats like every Bond villain, Nu got a hidden knife and just stab him in the gut and clear out as fast as she can. They soon to approach her and then all of us was reunited and now this looks like it can be the start of the beginning of the end for everybody. Will they survive against the Anime Gods? Can they succeed or will they fail at maximum levels? Will The Anime Gods just give It up?


As I stared into the face of my adversaries and thought all about the pain they inflicted on me and how I wanted my revenge on all of them. Although, I did get my revenge on them at the warehouse 6 reviews ago but now, they are really pissed about that day and now wants to take it out on not only me, but everyone who happens to be associated with me but still, do I deserve what’s coming to me and pay the price for what I’ve done or should I protect these people who I hardly know (in this story, not in real life) and fight to protect? Yeah, I chose the latter and guess what? This time, I won’t go easy on them and there will be bloodshed and most of it will be from them.

All of us, armed with katanas, machine guns, shotguns, gun knives, chain swords, flash bombs, grenades, handguns, the Blue Leaf, and last but not least, our own strength and wits. That list of weaponry may seem like overkill but baby, it’s time to get to killing. So who fire the first shot? Well, you’re going to have to wait for that until the review part of this is finished. The last Madhouse thing to review is MILLENNIUM ACTRESS.

So who fired the first shot? Well, Ani did with her knife gun and this is part where SHIT GETS REAL!!!!

Everybody was shooting all around the places, bullet holes are showing up more than Swiss cheese and there is more bloodshed here than in a Quentin Tarantino film and that’s saying a lot. So far, Lucky sliced a few guards with the chain swords; Neon got his revenge by stomping on the guard’s head and making it bloody but not too bloody; Nu just went into Berserker mode and snap every guards’ neck off; Don, Paradox & Discord manned the many guns they acquire and stole from the room and Discord had some payback by shooting the guy in the ass and Paradox really went mad. Jon & Jumper held their ground and straight threw a guy up in the air and slammed him on the ground and The Hybrid just did his thing and aimed for them. He took one out with a shotgun blast to the knee (not an arrow!!) and another one by stabbing him in the gut and the intestines just bleed out and it’s pretty gory and now the last remaining Anime God and he is so determined to bring him down and as he took the Blue Leaf to finish him off, The Anime God grab him by the leg, swing him and throw him directly at Jon and then Jon launched me back at the guy and surprise, he caught him again and threw me at Neon and it happened again and again and then I was beginning to be sick.

As the remaining God proven to be invincible and started to grab The Hybrid again and give the finishing move, a gunshot was heard out of nowhere and as it turns out it was directly at the God but it didn’t affected him that much and as he finds out Ani was the one that shot him but unfortunately, he won’t hold back because of a woman and grab Ani by the neck, choking the life out of her, and as hope seems to be only a sliver, the end of a sword came from the God’s back and Hybrid was the one to stab him, only to have the God stabbing him, too, but not that far into any vital organs. But he is, in fact, losing blood from his wounds and starting to lose any consciousness. He won the war but at what cause? Well, he made some new friends and hopefully allies for the future of his next endeavors of anime reviewing…..only he is doing it by the orders of himself. For now on, he is his own boss.
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Posted 8/5/13

It’s been over a month since the Madhouse incident and the fact that I vanquished the Anime Gods once and for all, but unfortunately, when the police search for any remains and dead bodies, they reported that there are no traces of the Anime Gods and soon began to question me. They would have questioned the others but they skip town and no one has ever heard anything from them since. As for me however, I ended up in the hospital due to the serious life-threatened wounds and the result from the various fights I been in. But before he left, Prof. Paradox left his serum of Blue Leaf and carefully administered it in my system but the healing process takes a lot of time along with rehab, learning to walk again in order to avoid blood clots, and that could meant the end of my anime reviewing privileges since I basically killed(?) My handlers but then I noticed a wrapped box under my bed and I reached for a stick and dragged it out of there and quickly rip the wrapping paper and the package reveals itself as…..another anime review for me to do and it’s………AZUMANGA DAIOH.

All of a sudden, I begin to get up and try to walk towards the end of the hall, carrying my IV and then the Blue Leaf is starting to kick in and I was spazzing all over the hallway and the nurses are checking to see what is wrong with me and then a blue light shine inside me and then, a big neon blue flash came out of me and then……..

I was out of the hospital but I’m still in the gown and I check to see my surroundings and wonder where I was and asked a stranger and all that said was, “You’re in Cashis”, and what I known about Cashis is that it is really Hell on Earth and it makes Detroit look like Palm Springs.

Unbeknownst to me, an assassin dressed in dark clothing was viciously stalking me and as it turns out somebody planned to put a hit out on me and anyone who associate with me during the last few weeks and this one seems to be somebody who can’t be turned to the other side.

I’m stuck in one of the worst cities in an hour from the hospital and yet I don’t know how I gotten there. I get the Blue Leaf is supposed to phase and transport you to the next area within two minutes distance but is this batch of Blue Leaf that Paradox cooked up is more advanced than what he knows but yet, he should know. He made the formula and I’m sure Jumper tested it out but then as I walk toward a restaurant, I asked to see if there was a pay phone available and why I ask for a pay phone? I don’t have a cellphone, that’s why. People said I never go anywhere and yet here I am, a long way from home. I went to call everybody I knew from the mansion as I call towns and cities in Florida, California, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Illinois and yet there was no response from either of them. My guess is that they are still on the run and don’t want to be on the grid, and suddenly, this guy tried to knock me out with a broken beer bottle and quickly phase and broke his arm. He seems to be defeated but as I stared and mostly ran, he quickly got the feeling of his arm back and chases me from the restaurant and threw knives at me and then remembers I can phase out of there but before I can, he took a needle and drugged me…….that reminds me, this master assassin seems to remind me a lot of this character in the next anime du jour and let’s say it’s a return to something known……This is MEZZO DSA.

I wake up to find myself tied to a chair and my feet nailed to the floor and luckily, nobody stripped me naked like in Casino Royale and use a ball of rope to hit me in the nads but they would soon do worst things than that. The guy with the mask started to question me about the mansion incident and I responded to nothing and remain silent. Then he question me about the people take were with me at the time and said to spill names. I told the guys one of the guys’ names is similar to one of the cheating & scandal celebrities and I said names like Eric Benet, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, John Edwards and they knew I got it wrong and kept beating me. They ask about the rabbit-based character and I said I don’t remember Bugs Bunny being at the mansion and hit me again. Then they questioned about the beast, the scientist, the experiment, the guy whose name is a MLP: FIM villain which I think you know by now, and the two ladies that was with him at the time and they were really getting to be too personal with the latter and then I demanded him to show me his identity and he was reluctant to do it and then that is when the shit hits the fan. The masked assassin happens to be…….me. But it wasn’t really me. He looks to be like a clone and then after that reveal, he punched me in the face and knocked me out cold again with a swift sucker punch.

Once again, I’m still got my lights punched out and this time the person that knocked me out with in fact…..a clone version of myself. I started to wonder how did a clone of me get made and why was it made in the first place. Then he told me the whole story about his existence when the Anime Gods first started to look over me as I do my anime reviews and the top-notch researching I always do (i.e., Wikipedia or some shit) and one day I felt a slight nerve at the back of my head and as it turns out, one of them snatch some DNA (hair) from my body and created a baker’s dozen of clones in case I started to turn rogue against them and it couldn’t come at a perfect time like this. Now, I don’t know much of his plans to do with my image and what he or did after that is inject another drug to put me to sleep because I guess punching someone in the head too many times can damage the brain but what kind of punch can knock you out without lifting a finger……..and the answer is SWEAT PUNCH.

More and more, I’m starting to get tired of being knocked out and drugged, especially since I spent my time in the hospital mostly being that and this time, we’re outside and the clone is getting his silencer, ready to shoot me in the head and as I explain if he kills me, he will never get any info about me or the team but he already got the information from my head and knows where the others are located at. Then I thought to myself, oh wait, I got the Blue Leaf and then I activate it and jump on the guy and grab his gun and aim for a clear shot of his head but he quickly makes it hard for me and threw it toward the river and we began punching and stomping each other in the stomach and other areas and as we reach for that gun, the Blue Leaf kicked in and transported us to another location and unfortunately for me, we transported into the location where Professor Paradox is located and it is the first one on the clone’s list to hunt and interrogate

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As me and the Hybrid Clone was transported into where Professor Paradox was at, Paradox was startled, shocked, and confused to see two versions of me and like anybody, he could not tell which one is the real version of me and just like that, the Clone pulled a gun out of his holster and aim straight to the two of them, demanded them to get the Blue Leaf and administered it to him or he will fill a fistful of bullets in all of us. I quickly responded with, “FUCK THAT!!” and beat the shit out of him and kept punching him, mostly payback for knocking me out several times and stomp on him like he was on fire and then gave him a horse kick and now he’s the one that knocked out. So I explain anything to Paradox, warned him about the Anime Gods sending an assassin to exterminate him and the others involved, and then he called up Jumper and we dragged out the body and plan to dump the remains at the river, which is behind the HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES.

We arrived at the river and pre-packaged the body in a body bag and I, Paradox & Jumper carefully drugged the guy so he wouldn’t try and escape but when Paradox tried to drug him, he discovers that we drugged the WRONG GUY!!! That and the clone have escaped even after we opened the trunk, which was a very stupid idea in the first place, and suddenly, the clone swiped the Blue Leaf and just swallows it orally. He started to pull out the gun but realize he didn’t need a gun to take us out but grab me and threw me to the ground. Then Jumper decides to take on the clone and it is not looking good for either of them and both of them get their asses kicked and then the clone disappears and continues the rest of them. However, I think I know what location he’s going to……but it’s the place I’m worried about. His next target is located in…..somewhere in Durban.

There was trouble brewing and pretty soon it could come to the other side of the world…..The Hybrid Clone just escaped from being dumped into the river and transported himself to Durban, South Africa. He did have a reason to travel there and unfortunately it is all a part of his hit list and the next target happens to be Ani. Now, initially, I was worried about her and the endangerment she was going to encounter but yet I know she was a woman who isn’t willing to give up and it helps that she has a bad-ass arsenal of weapons. So, it was all up to me, Paradox & Jumper to travel to South Africa and get to the clone before he hurts another one of us and I loaded up with Blue Leaf and focus on my journey but made a pit stop in Georgia and that’s when I ran up to Discord, or as of now he goes by the name of Batmare (Ask him why he named himself that), and of course, I warned him about the clone that was me and he said to me some shit about if I was the clone and was tricking him and it went on for the next 10 minutes and yeah, let’s skip that and get to the mission. Operation URSA Minor BLUE.

Finally, we jumped enough places until we arrived at Durban and we split up to cover more ground to find Ani and can only contact via walkie-talkie in case something happens. We all searched and look in the phone books for her real name and ask people who know her to figure out where she lives….but since 4 Americans asking for a girl’s address for somebody we only knew once seems a bit suspicious for people but I guess we have something that shouts “TRUST US!”

Meanwhile, Ani was just getting home to her place and she noticed that her door was slightly ajar and of course, she was packing and walk inside and then as she looked around the area for any intruders and still no sign of anyone…until she turn around and notice that I came around and she was irritated at first that I broke into her apartment and almost could’ve shot me but she did welcome me, I told her about the clone that the Anime Gods created and he put out a hit list on us and told her to get ready to plan an attack.

But what she doesn’t know that the real me and the rest of the crew was still searching for her and we reach to her place 30 minutes later. While at there, she was changing into new clothes and “I” was searching around for something and then….you know what? Yes, that person masquerading as me is the clone and it looks like we are a bit too late as the Clone was about to barge into Ani’s room while she was still changing and as he did, I grab an chain and began to wrap it around his neck and kick the shit out of him but grab the chain and started to whip me with the chain and Jumper grab the gun and pistol-whipped the clone but it seems that he wasn’t that much of an easy feat and snatch the gun and pistol-whipped Jumper and Paradox and then Disc…I mean, Batmare lay down some smoke pellets and Ani grab some nightvision goggles and find the exit and getting the guys round up and the right version of me together and all of us run out of there quickly and then…we jumped out of that spot and transported into…..

So, as we last left, the crew has gotten into a scuffle with the Hybrid Clone and after we kept him busy for a while, we transported ourselves right into…….Florida. The place where there is sun, beaches, and sexy women hanging around and it’s basically the Southern version of California and it’s paradise to you, right? Well, Florida is also known for other unfortunate events in the past, whether they are idiotically insane or tragically devastating. So, it was only me, Ani, Jumper, Paradox & Discord (yeah, we’re going with this name again and I’m sticking to it) and now we are off to search for another member of our crew as one of them currently reside down there, the one called Lucky and we need to warn them about the clone coming before it arrives and then a few minutes by here, the clone just arrived down here and need some transportation and saw a vacant motorcycle and just as he was about to steal it, the owner came out, saw her bike get stolen, reach out her hammer and try to aim at the head and not damaging her ride and soon he stops, he zoomed into the girl, grabbed her gun and shot the bike and it explodes. So, yeah, he had no reason to steal the bike if he can just jump from place and place and speaking of that……….this is TRIGUN……& TRIGUN: BADLANDS RUMBLE.
So, the crew arrived where Lucky is staying at and the first thing we did was…..bang the door like we were the police and the first thing Lucky does is….shot the roof and point the gun at me, wondering why the hell I’m here and from what I detect, Lucky knows about the clone hunting everyone down and how does Lucky know this? Apparently, there are trackers of the world that Lucky conveniently placed whenever the rabbit’s business is to happen and it’s in places like Paraguay, Japan, South Africa, Puerto Rico, etc. Oh, and speaking of Puerto Rico, our good friend Neon happens to be one of the next targets that the Clone is heading. Then a knock on the door rang and said, “Excuse me, have you seen some guy in with an afro whose ass I need to kick? It was the biker girl from earlier that Hybrid knew nothing about and as soon as he opened the door, the girl grabbed the guy and threw him on the ground and the ass-kicking commence. While trying to run away from his undeserved beating, he explain to her that they guy wasn’t me, it was a clone and like any other human being, she didn’t believe that shit and seeing how I didn’t fight back because well, I done nothing wrong and she seems brave and wise enough to know a clone from a real human and also Lucky explained it to her. Anyway, the girl told me her name or what she calls herself is The GSXR, named after a bike of hers and we asked her if she can join us to find the Hybrid Clone, so she can deck him one for destroying her bike and get to Puerto Rico to save Neon before it’s too late.


The Hybrid Clone is now holding Neon as hostage and immediately called the Hybrid and told him all about it. The crew would have arrived early if someone who shall remain nameless hadn’t stopped for nachos. Yes, we failed to get to Neon on time because of m*****f***ing nachos. So, he told me to give the Blue Leaf up or Neon gets the ultimate beating of his life. At first, Neon did put up a fight against the Clone, which he did not know it wasn’t me in the first place and he seems confused and a bit betrayed that I would do that even though I didn’t. Anyway, we arrived at Puerto Rico just at the nick of time and Jumper laid out the plan to easily go behind the clone, knock him out, grab Neon and then get the hell out of dodge. It does sound like a good idea at the time and easily add in a silencer to shoot him in the kneecaps to subdue him permanently and that’s a best laid plan for you……and you know what, let’s get back to the review of TRIGUN: BADLANDS RUMBLE.
So the plan has come into fruition.

We met up into some abandoned apartment complex and the Clone said if there were going to be any tricks, he will not hesitate to shoot and kill Neon and then immediately gun us all down.

The exchange is about to happen as I will give the Blue Leaf vials for Neon’s life and so far, the Clone doesn’t have much of an itchy trigger finger and as I give him the ‘vials’, he immediately begin to inject the stuff into him and quickly spill some on the floor and so he tastes the stuff and he notice that it wasn’t the Blue Leaf, but it was Gatorade.

Now in anger, the Clone makes an attempt to shoot Neon, but the real Hybrid grabbed the clone by the neck and slammed him down, only to have the Clone to make him trip and stomping Hybrid in the stomach and chest. Suddenly, Ani shot the Clone with the knife gun and throw back the knife back at her. Luckily for her, he misses but he grabbed Ani by the hair and threw her around and then at the ground. Then GSXR, Jumper and Discord all jumped at the Clone and GSXR really did a number on him as she grabbed a lead pipe and kept beating him mercilessly and grab an knife and stab him in the kneecap, Discord give him an wet willie and said “dogpile” and Jumper kept kicking the shit out of him but soon the Clone emerges from the pile and as soon as that happen, The Hybrid pushed the clone and himself off an window from an 9-story height and got on top of the Clone and then The Hybrid grab an pole to save him from falling and then immediately lets go to stomp on the Clone, hoping to end him once and for all.

But unbeknownst to him, it wasn’t the Clone at all; it was a clone but not that one. As it turns out the real Clone is still indoors and could be executing his friends right now. He got into there and everybody was missing or either wounded. Paradox is left defeated with a gunshot wound to the shoulder and the legs. His condition are stable but in dire need of first aid. The last thing he told me that they kidnapped the others and then transported them to the next location to use my friends to find more of the others and end them off and that location that Paradox told me was:


All hope is about to be lost. In case you need to recap for a second, The Hybrid Clone kidnapped the remainder of his crew and shot Paradox and is in dire need of immediate medical attention so I quickly took him to the hospital and unfortunately, he was to stay there for over a month and cannot assist me attempting to save the crew from being terminated by the Clone but he has already arrived in London and is storing Neon, Ani, Jumper, Kris, Lucky & GSXR into this warehouse previously ran by the Anime Gods and now managed by the Clone and have them tied and locked up (some in uncompromising positions) really tight and the same thing can be said about their security. It always seems that every time I’m with these guys, we always manage to get kidnapped in every way possible but at least it isn’t a running gag on an anime that I’m now reviewing, which is DAPHNE IN THE BRILLIANT BLUE.

Now then, the Clone continues to search for the rest of the crew and first he got to Don, who was easily tricked by the façade of the Clone by just acting like the real Hybrid and in 10 minutes flat, Don went for the gun and then the clone did a paralyzer move and then Don got knocked the fuck out and as he’s dragging him to outside, an cat was staring at him with this “I’m watching you” look and then he said, “I could poison your food if you tell somebody about this.” Then the cat up and left.

Then he went to see Nu and unfortunately for him, it took twice as long to get her as she knew that wasn’t Hybrid and she kept punching and kicking and throwing him at the wall and bitch-slap him….and then he injected a drug inside her and easily she was subdued.

Then there’s Jon. He made a fully-cooked steak and left it outside for him to get. Jon tried a piece of steak and notices it was marinated with steak sauce, black pepper, a little bit of seasoning and lots of rum and drugs. He quickly fell asleep and was, too, dragged out of there.

He did the deed and gotten all of the Madhouse survivors, with the exception of Paradox and myself plus a new member who wanted to kill him for stealing her bike, into one building and is about to get the tools to finish them off. He grabbed a machete and uses it on Jumper first and as the blade heads toward him, two gunshots were heard and Jumper quickly ducked the impact and hopped around the area and that’s when Hybrid uses a wire to strangle the Clone and bash his head against the grain.

As the Hybrid kept on throwing the Clone back and forth to the wall and slap him around, eventually the Clone did knew when his ass is getting kicked, he grabbed some sand and threw it on his face, punching and slamming the Hybrid on the floor and kicking him while he’s down. When that happened, the others are planning a way to actually kill the Clone, although they should have planned it before Hybrid was getting a beating for his life. First, Kris grabs a lead pipe and tries to knock out the Clone but he conveniently grabbed the pipe and uses it to beat Kris (Discord) into a coma and also breaking his legs. Then Jon dog piled on the guy to distract him so everyone else would leave but then the Clone got a switchblade and he stabbed Jon over 16 times and while Jon was getting stabbed and managed to not bleed out quickly, the others escaped with Hybrid & Kris (Discord) needing medical assistance but soon the Clone did catch up to everybody, armed with a machine gun and is about to aim and shoot the rest of the others and as that’s about to happen, it’s suddenly interrupted with the review of EDEN OF THE EAST: THE KING OF EDEN & EDEN OF THE EAST: PARADISE LOST.

So the Clone begins to shoot the rest of the crew, trying to make Swiss cheese out of them and barely getting a mark, The Clone noticed Neon escaping and easily grazed him in his legs and as the Clone was about to end him, The GSXR & Lucky was distracting him by throwing rocks at him, continuing to berate and harass him and Ani & Nu was helping Neon to escape out of there. Soon, Don grabbed a chair out of nowhere and he thrashed it roughly at the Clone; Jumper snatches the machine gun from him and aims it at his head to end once and for all but there were no bullets. Then that’s when the shit hits the fan. The Clone grabs Jumper by the neck again and slammed him against the ground, then got the switchblade and cuts Don’s Achilles’ tendon, rendering him unable to walk and then Clone grab a pistol and shot him in the stomach. As for the GSXR, the clone subdued her by snatch and grab and beat down. The same was also applied by Lucky and soon, Neon, Ani & Nu was the only ones left that were to survive and then the Clone spotted them and as he did, he first began to torture Neon by putting the gun into his wounds and then as Nu and Ani was at gunpoint and if they were move, he would shoot Neon and then shoot them….or worse, he even thought about having his way with them (i.e., torture of the other kind). Then, as it looks like things are coming to an end, Neon notices a wounded but willing Hybrid coming with a sword and then he STABBED the Clone through his torso but what Hybrid didn’t know the Clone stabbed him in the exact same spot, too. Both men fall down to their knees and they each tried to twist the sword in each of their stomachs to make the pain worse but soon, Kris shot the Clone in his head, thus ending this clone’s life.

The war between the Hybrid and the Anime Gods may have ended but at what costs? Paradox’s in the hospital, Jon & Jumper are knocked out unconscious, Don is severely wounded and is losing blood, Neon’s legs are shot to shit, Kris (Discord) might have brain damage & The Hybrid suffered from deep (and I mean deep) wounds. The GSXR & Lucky are doing fine but suffered from bruises but they’ll live. With his last words (for now), Hybrid told Ani & Nu to escape with their lives and if Paradox is alive, find him and give him a card which says, “ALPHABET 4 INITIATIVE” and wants him to activate it.
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It was about three months later after the Clone incident, as we know of the Hybrid that he was severely wounded after defeating his clone and finally putting an end of the blood feud between him and the Anime Gods, despite him thinking he actually killed them but none of the bodies are recovered and anybody hasn’t pronounced them deceased. Now, inside an unnamed underground fortress where only few anime fans knows of its existence, he is in a comatose state and is being kept in for major medical need, possibly rebuilding him and studying him to see how he can survive the ordeals he went through and what of the anime world that no one knows about. Luckily, someone that Hybrid know has someone they know working on him and trying to prevent them from knowing about the rest of the group. The insider calls himself “Tron” (apparently at first, I thought he was named after the movie but I was wrong) and his job is to blend among the scientists, grab whatever data they got on me and burn it and to have the Hybrid escape safely. In other words, that card that Paradox had……that was the code for his plan and it was called INITIAL D (Don’t ask why?).

So, Tron heard about the plans of what they’ll do to me. He received Intel that they are planning to study my brain for any secrets from the anime world that no one dares to know or find out, then extract the info from my brain and then deactivate me and toss me aside like yesterday’s trash and dump the body so no one will search for him. As soon as Paradox received the information from Tron, he needed to act fast on how to break Hybrid out of the underground.

Three hours later…..

Tron snuck into the lab while a disguised Paradox is monitoring the outside office in case someone checks in there. While there’s no one around, Tron indiscreetly switch charts with some other unlucky idiot who’s also in a coma and Tron went into the room to quickly roll the Hybrid out of there, disguising him as a cadaver and went out the back door and escape without any detection from the security staff and alarmed Paradox to get out of dodge quick.

Then, when they went into the road to take Hybrid into a hideaway, both Paradox and Tron try to revive him from the coma without giving him an anxiety or heart attack. After attempting that 4-5 times, they noticed a finger movement and soon, The Hybrid started to wake up, looking around his surroundings, and wonder where he is and how did he get here. Both guys tried to calm him down and say everything is alright but then the Hybrid asked this very shocking question, “Who Am I?”

It has been confirmed that The Hybrid lost his memories that channeled over the last few months. It turns out the memories of his past encounters are contained and encase in this vial and as it turns out, Tron was eventually about the receive it but didn’t have enough time. As Paradox and Tron try to retrigger the Hybrid’s memories, they used many practices to bring it back. First, they tried to recreate one of the fights with the Clone but ends up sounding like Jar Jar Binks and eventually, both guys had to knock him out. Second try: they use a flashbulb memory technique by having he read a fake newspaper they printed out and yet one of the pages had an ad for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with the Twins and guess what happens next? He acts and sounds like him and eventually both of them had enough and decided to……well, what would you do if you encounter them? So knocked out again, Paradox tries to figure a way to once again retrieve the vial and administered it to him and after initializing the first and second stage, we are about to enter the next phase of INITIAL D…….THIRD STAGE. But before that, I’m going to give a short but sweet look into the Extra Stage OVA.

Later into the night, Tron decides to break in again just to steal the vial from the offices. Breaking in didn’t seem like an easy feat to him but this time, it really seemed easy…..almost too easy. So either way, he grabbed the vial from the room and as just as he was going to leave out of there scot-free, a silent alarm triggered and that was when 12 armed guards showed up with very itchy trigger fingers and they started shooting. But then, Tron got a pistol from one of the lockers and easily shot the shoulder in one of them and one in the legs, arms and feet. The mission was to get the vial only. Why should cops doing their job get killed for? It seems that he was headed for freedom but then came somebody in the shadows who shot Tron and receive the vial from him. One of the guards took him away and puts him in their prison facility and as that happens, the shadowy figure thought to him that he knew someone would send somebody to get the Hybrid’s memories back and it seems not too soon that will happen.

Meanwhile with Paradox and a somewhat-laxed Hybrid, he kept trying practices on how to regain his memories but everytime, Hybrid ends up imitating as a child-like figure or an annoying stereotype from any movie that must’ve come to his self-conscious. Paradox is beginning to feel worried about Tron and call him to check up on him but when it rings, the person on the phone warned Paradox that Tron is being kept in prison and they know all about the memories of the Hybrid one and they stated that if you don’t give the Hybrid to him within 24 hours, he will kill Tron in cold blood.

Now, with Tron captured and a 24-hour deadline to either give up the Hybrid or have Tron tasting his own blood. Paradox has to make this difficult choice that could cost him to lose either one of his partners but as of recent, Hybrid has been acting like a spaced-out kid with ADHD and it’s been getting on his nerves so much, he’s actually thinking of just giving him to the unknown bosses within the trade of Tron and move on with his life, but considering that they might tried to screw him over and kill both of them and he’s being the next target, he’s not taking any chances.

So, 8 hours later, they met at this bridge of the facility where they are holding Tron in chains (yes, in chains for some reason) and Paradox announced to them that he agreed on their terms and will trade in the Hybrid for the safety of Tron, just as long as nobody does anything that’ll regret. The switch begins as Tron and Hybrid walk towards each other and when they pass each other, Tron gave a strange look to Hybrid and nodded his head as they are about to enter the other part of the Initial D stage – FOURTH STAGE or PROJECT D.
The Hybrid just reached the other side and as just as he was about to be taken prisoner, they had him in chains but he grabbed the chains and then whips the guards with them and it seems like the Hybrid has gotten his memory back but how did he gain it back?

When the exchange happened, Tron discreetly injected the vial inside him, which he stole behind the guards’ back while he wasn’t looking, and if you’re wondering how no one noticed that from the trade with guards watching by. Tron is a bit slick like that and now, Hybrid is busy beating down everyone with his 2 Chains and then he escaped out of there quick and jump into Paradox’s ride and speeded out of there.

However, this is only the beginning of what to be their impending doom as if you can guess that, it was one of the Anime Gods. As it turns out, he was only one to survive the Madhouse massacre and despite that no one knew his name and the other whereabouts of his others, he might become a dangerous force to be reckoned with and how will it affect the Hybrid and the others?

As the Hybrid, Paradox & Tron escape with their lives, they discover the one who ran was trying to extort the Hybrid’s info from his brain and then execute him was one of the Anime Gods, whom most of them was assumed to be killed but their bodies are never discovered. His name is Phoenix and what Paradox knows, he is the most corrupt and smartest Gods on the group and that he relies on accurate planning, finesse, and he’s also somebody who fights his own battles alongside his guards rather than just sit on his ass and do nothing like most villains do. However, while he was beaten by the Hybrid a while ago, he lashed out a Plan B and it was revealed to be----

Everybody was screaming, “WATERBOARD! WATERBOARD! WATERBOARD!” as Phoenix revealed that he planted a bomb on the dam to flood the road to keep them from escaping and possibly drowning them, which would kill them and yeah, he would just do what they were going to do with they didn’t bring him. So eventually the dams blow up and obscene amounts of flowing water came racing onto the escaping vehicle and suddenly, Hybrid thought of an idea that he can make the car jump out of the flood to escape by using the blue leaf but it would to do that, he would deplete himself from that and the results could be fatal to him.
So, he tried to pull the trick, charge the car to be invincible as the water came crashing down and----

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Did the water plan helped them escape from the crashing waters or is it the end of our fallen protagonists? Well, if it helps, they’re not dead but they are unconscious and are drifting from the ocean, soaking wet and tired. Paradox and Tron first awaken from the accident and aside from a few bruises, some little internal bleeding and being sore……they are still hurting from the inside (literally) and Hybrid, for once, is not still asleep and as he woke up, he gets a shock from malfunctioning Blue Leaf powers and gets so dizzy from it, he imagined that he saw a wolf walking past here and not only that it’s standing on two feet and almost walks like a human. As I spotted the wolf, it began to run away from him and it left behind a jacket and I look at it to see who is belongs to and one of the label reads out……….PARADISE KISS.

So, I was thinking if I should track down the wolf or I should just try to find a way to get back to civilization and since tracking down a wolf means they won’t be friendly if you try to follow them but Tron and Paradox saw something climbing the trees and it vaguely looked like the same wolf the Hybrid saw before but that creature was about to….sprout wings. Angel wings to be exact and as it flew away, the mystery around the flying wolf has surrounded the fascination of the three wanderers and their choices are either find the way home or blindly follow the wolf for some reason………and you know what? They’re going with the former choice mainly due to the fact that eventually they’re going to find the flying wolf coincidently or basically a case of writer’s block.

So the remaining questions are:

Will the three travelers find their way home?

Who is that flying wolf with wings?

Will the writer of this storyline conquered his writer’s block that is if people actually remember the storyline?

Our three protagonists have begun to travel their way back into civilization after their (sort of) encounter with the wolf angel and basically nothing else. But during their travels, Hybrid is starting to feel more disoriented and jaded for various reasons, such as the fact that ever since he escaped the Anime Gods and his killer clone, he’s beginning to feel more disoriented, vulnerable and liable to not keep going on these strange journeys because the trauma could endanger his life. Paradox and Tron were not sure of his condition but to them, he looks even more depressed than he was at………well, ever since the Madhouse saga aftermath. He’s lost focus of his future endeavors and he doesn’t even care anymore about his life but he really doesn’t want anybody else to be in the crossfire because of him. Then, they arrived at a local youth hostel and just in time as the Hybrid enter into a deep sleep and were out like a light. They also check into a room…....G-9 in the district of Neo Tokyo.

Later on, Hybrid is starting to have these strange dreams of him following a road that leads into a path of many disturbing images and hidden messages. He is warped out of his mind that he is seeing Neon trying to karate chop some wood and keeps doing the breathing in, breathing out thing like that one guy who did it. Then he sees Lucky beating up an overgrown lizard that vaguely looks like the Lizard off of The Amazing Spider-Man (which I haven’t seen yet) and then slitting his throat and waves back at me for some reason. I’m surprised Lucky didn’t notice I saw a murder happened or threaten to kill me. Then out of the blue, I saw large angel wings in the sky and wonder who that was in the sky. Was it the wolf angel? Alas, it was not, it was an actual angel that has the image of Ani flying around and then she asked me if I was okay or do I need to relax. I told her I was fine and then she give me something and said this could lead me back to do was I was originally doing but without any interference from you-know-who.

Suddenly, I woke up and discover a box lying next to me and it reads:

Hybrid, you need to get your head back into the game. There are many people counting on you to review what comes to your way but we are doing this out of love and admiration and not of demand. I may warn you; this next title is not for the ones who like this kind of anime.

The Hybrid has been in a strange drug trip and was awaken by an encouraging and weed-inducing vision and was handed a DVD box set of an anime that he was heard of but never was man enough to face it…..

“Oh no, no way I’m watching this.” The Hybrid complained and complained about his next poison to review and was proceeding to throw the thing out and he did. Then he heard the door knock and he’d open it and the DVD was thrown back at him and it was Ani who did it and she said to me that I have been slacking ever since and I need to get back into the reviewing biz…….if not, she was going to force me to review K-On!.....both seasons of it (40 episodes = 14 episodes/season 1 + 26 episodes/season 2) and immediately I switched back to my original selection and like K-On!, this show is involved around the subject of moe and it was made by Kyoto Animation…….it was Lucky Star.

Well, I completed the task and it really felt good…… scars, broken bones, being slapped, gun downed, or risking my life for any bullshit. I can simply review anime without any consequences of life and death. This was the start of something anew; a future in reviewing titles in situations that won’t get me killed.

I told Ani how I did on the review and from the looks of it; she said that I finally learned that I didn’t always need to fight for my life or endanger the people that I know and for that, she said that I can use some of the members for my next two reviews and when I told her what’s the next review going to be, I told her to pick out an outfit that would fit into the show’s theme and that show happens to be…….

One morning after the Lucky Star review, The Hybrid was deliberately planning what to do on his review but the next one he’s planned wasn’t exactly what everybody had in mind. For example, he wanted Ani to dress up in a maid outfit, Neon & Lucky to transform themselves into robot panthers (Yes, they can do that.), Tron and Paradox to get a lot of porno magazines (you’ll get it) & Kris……well, he was still pissed at Hybrid for showing him Eiken for the first time (you’ll hear about it later among other things) and said that the next time I owe him a favor, I have to sing “Call Me Maybe” in front of everyone and I wasn’t looking forward to that. Eventually, I have to force them to do this skit with me or if not, I was going to make them watch Strike Witches, both seasons of the show, Clockwork Orange-style. So, I’ll say this about the next anime; there was a very arty but strange guy named Shaft who met a very eccentric but sweet woman named Gainax, who seem to click right off the start and so they dated a few times until that fateful night where they (you get the idea, didn’t you?) and then 9 months later, out came their first child….MAHOROMATIC.

So the plan is all set but I felt like something is missing and I really need to call on some more girls… I look into my calling list and looked up GSXR, Nu, Angel, & E.B. and call them if they want to be a part of this and after I told them about it, these are the reactions I gotten from them:

GSXR: “I’m actually going to be busy today, sorry to disappoint you.”

Angel: “I’m going to have to refuse politely.”

Nu: “Motherfucker, are you serious about that?”

E.B.: “Yeah………No.”

So they all refuse, although I get why and after that plan is botched, I have to break it to them and they were civil about it, especially Ani, since I had her practicing in the maid outfit, while Lucky being the robot panther and Neon also being one and a stunt panther and Kris was the panther wrangler and he almost got hurt and said to me, “You now owe me another song……and some hospital bills to pay for.”

Well, at least the next time I tried to make a plan, the output would be better than expected and speaking of next time, I’m going to check out one anime series that many people have being talking about for a long time, they rather loved it or hated it and considering to be one of the very controversial endings of an anime ever.

As I was sleeping the night away from all the various Skype calls around the world (not celebrity-wise but still noticeable) and also contributing to the latest call-in show via message board (which we can say that our 13-year-old selves was awoken that day), the cell phone ring and the person on there was Jon, who I haven’t seen since the Hybrid Clone incident, and the reason he was calling was to hide from Nu, mainly because he put up a video that does resemble her voice and it wasn’t the first time that happened for her and now she wants to kick his ass for it. So I got up, was dressed, took a shot of Blue Leaf so I can be awake, and immediately called Tron, Paradox, and Neon & Lucky for backup to cool down the situation and NOT get anyone killed. Then out of the blue, Jon just showed up at the apartment, gasping and breathing for air from running all over the streets and I was really hoping that he didn’t lead Nu to this apartment and then she’ll kick my ass and the others (Yes, they’re involved in this, too, and they should get the same treatment as me)……and speaking of pissing off women and everyone in general, this is SCHOOL DAYS.

So, Jon has been hiding in here for almost 5 hours and I was certain that Nu became tired of searching and decided to go on home. So, Lucky and I went outside to check on Nu for a minute and then as the door closes, Jon notices an open window and then closes it but unfortunately, as he turned around, out comes Nu, smiling and grinning like a Cheshire cat and was ready to attack. As Jon screamed harder than a Twilight fan as he run for his life as Nu is beating his ass with a wooden pipe and was shooting at his feet and yet, me and Lucky didn’t hear anything from outside as we kept looking outside and we thought Jon was fucking with them. Meanwhile, Tron came out of the bathroom and immediately saw Nu holding a pistol, aimed at him and asked, “Where’s Jon?”, and Tron responded with a “I don’t know” shrug and then shoots him in the kneecap and lands on the toilet (a la Pulp Fiction) and he screamed “Why?” and Nu said, “It was in the script.” ---OBVIOUS FOURTH WALL JOKE---Jon then escaped out of the apartment and smacks Hybrid in the face and then said, “Hey! You didn’t notice me being smacked around in there and Tron just got shot---in the knees!” Then, Nu came out and grabs Jon and said to them “Look, I could smack you around, shoot you, stab you and possibly kill you, but then again—wait, I thought you can turn into a beast, what the fuck happened to that power?” Well, we can blame it on lazy or forgetful writing but…..yeah, there’s that. So Nu let him off with a warning and the next time would not be so friendly and then Tron came out with a bleeding knee and for retaliation, he shot Nu in the legs. Now everybody is going to need an ambulance (well, except myself & Lucky). Oh, and where was Neon the whole time?
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Now everybody is going to need an ambulance (well, except myself & Lucky). Oh and where was Neon the whole time?

Well, Neon was guarding the roof in case Nu was to try the aerial route and while he was doing his job for the past 2 ½ hours, he notices somebody on the roof doing parkour and quickly assumed that it was her and then Neon went to check it out but only after he leaves, Nu actually did came from the roof and whom Neon did discover at that time, they were not a friendly and soon Neon got knocked the fuck out.

After some time, Neon awakens and on his left, he finds an unconscious Jumper strapped to a chair and he is not looking very fortunate since it resembles that he’s been trapped for some time now. His eyes looked bloodshot and very tiring and when Neon tries to wake him up, he was screaming “PHOENIX! PHOENIX! LET ME OUT OF THIS PLOT!!!” forcing Neon to calm him down but control his heart rate at that but then one person came in to the room with a screw driver and the sign imprinted on his arm that says “JYU-OH-SEI” or PLANET OF THE BEAST KING.

So, as that person enters the room and Neon was ready to fight for his life and as the guy waved the screwdriver and what he did was…..unscrew the locks out of Jumper’s chair and release him cautiously and then nothing else. He was free to go and Neon seems really puzzled about this. He wondered why Jumper was trapped under here and the guy explained he was going under stress therapy, meaning he had to perform many activities (either physical or mental) that would make him calm under pressure, such as hit by rocks, beaten with umbrellas, slapped by sumo wrestlers, watching Sucker Punch in a repeated loop and this girl named Kitty who threw mayonnaise on him. Neon had that weird look wondering is Jumper into that stuff and then Jumper outright defended himself and said, “NO!! You think I like having mayonnaise dumped on me? Beaten with umbrellas and rocks? Slapped around? And worst of all, having to watch that abomination known as Sucker Punch? I just went in here for some therapy, not be a contest in Fear Factor!!! Can I go home now?”

So, they went home and by home, I mean, back to the apartment. They came just in time after Nu injured Jon and was shot by Tron who was shot himself and Ani was wondering where the hell Neon has been, although she assumed that Nu easily handled him but I think Neon would rather say that than him being knocked out and kidnapped for no apparent reason. Then Hybrid and Lucky came back to the apartment with Hybrid eating shawarma like no other business while everyone stares and he offers some to anyone and everyone eats…..and eats…..and fade to black.






Tron tries to make a run for it because his efforts were proven to be lackluster since his legs still hurt from being shot there. As for Nu and Jon, they were still resting from the treatment that they needed plus the morphine and watching “Reading Rainbow” with DMX does help……..well, not the latter, the nurses had to turn that down due to the inappropriateness and the bit of hilarity of it. Then, suddenly, one nurse whose name is “Angel” spotted Tron limping from peril and shouting “help” in every way he gets and like a normal human being, she asked if he needed any help ASAP or if there’s any urgent danger. After they exchange pleasantries, the crazy woman comes back and continues to beat up Tron mercilessly and as Angel was about to call security, the woman grabbed her walkie talkie and then slaps her and tells her to get lost. Pissed off, Angel then decide to take matters into her own hand and just knock her out once, then slam her head against the wall and quickly said, “Yeah, hit me again and see what happens next.” Tron then called outside help (mainly the crew) and then the lady stands up again and her and Angel is about to come to fisticuffs and wait, what review is this again? Oh yeah, SAMURAI 7.

Soon, Angel and the crazy lady start to really get gritty as she grabs a fire extinguisher, sprays it on her and continuously beating her with it and Tron did receiver some help from the crew but only Hybrid and Don showed up, mainly because everybody else had food poisoning due to bad shawarma meat and Hybrid was still feeling nauseous from it and where has Don been? Well, hell, I don’t know, he didn’t tell anybody. So, meanwhile, the ass-beating continues as Angel begin to show struggle as she was being strangled by a morphine cord and the lady notices something furry distracting her and as she figure it, Angel has a……tail? Yes, she has a wolf-like tail and with that, Angel delivers the final blow to her and won, only to reveal the furry ears behind her nurse’s hat. However, Tron also notice Angel’s real identity and not only that, she was also the flying wolf girl that Hybrid notice a few weeks ago. However, Tron was really feeling destitute and weak as he needed another impromptu surgery and Hybrid and Don showed up in time to see how he’s doing while Angel quickly hide her true form from everyone else. Don wondered who’s that nurse that Tron and why there was a broken fire extinguisher. I looked and asked the staff and they all said that no one exactly knows her name but people always call her “Angel”.

But really, there was more to Angel than what all of us know but what exactly?

Soon, Tron was safely put to sleep for the rest of the night and will be watched by many security guards that should’ve been in here in the first place but after Hybrid and Don check on him and make sure everything is alright, they are still skeptical of the actions of the one nurse named Angel and they soon follow her upstairs. As Angel makes sure the coast is clear from any unknown watchers, she sprout out her wings, run close to the edge of the roof and begins to take off flying but suddenly, Hybrid got the jump on her and tries to stop her from escaping with both of them fighting it out with Hybrid asking who was that lady that attacked Tron and Angel saying she doesn’t know anything about them or why this is happening and basically telling him to get the fuck off her or she’ll throw him to the ground. Don is patiently waiting for Hybrid to get the info but spots him and Angel in the air, but then Angel’s wings start to lose flight ability and they both begin crashing down and fortunately (or not), Don helped them landed into a safe spot…….into a garbage bin and then looking pissed off, Angel punches Hybrid and knocks him out.

After that mishap, Hybrid wakes up and he is in the car and finds Don in the driver seat, Nu and Jon out of the hospital & apparently Angel in the backseat while I was resting. When I woke up, I was startled for a bit and still wondering who she is. She explains to us that she did knew who I was the whole time and she used to work as a patroller/guardian angel to the Anime Gods and once hearing upon their “deaths”, she decided to go freelance (i.e. unemployed) and kept me and whoever with me on watch. She knew about the various activities that the Anime Gods made me do, including the Madhouse incident, the around the world scandal, the clones and the Initial stage. Angel has been keeping a low profile of her for a while, having to go undercover as a nurse and did some training for that. However, after she told me that, I was even more skeptical of her than before and got me thinking that she could be a double agent. I didn’t say it out loud but since she can be some help, especially to our cause (whatever the hell that is) and especially on the medical tip considering our friends back at the apartment has been sick from the shawarma.

Meanwhile at the apartment, the rest (or some) of the team (i.e. Ani, Neon, Lucky & Paradox) are trying not to vomit too much. Ani was lying down on the couch moaning, Neon was banging on the door while Lucky is in the bathroom and Paradox is screaming “Damn you, Robert Downey Jr.!!” for some reason that many of you might guess what it is. Then the rest of the guys got back into the place and introduce Angel to everybody and they’re not feeling quite ecstatic but not because of her. Ani, with little balance she got, introduce herself to Angel and said it’s good that we needed more people to be a part of your little crew and as she is about to welcome her aboard, she started to feel even more sick and headed to the bathroom and luckily Angel brought something to cure them quickly.

After administering the cure, Angel tells them all the stuff she told earlier in the car and some of the reactions to that have made assumptions that Angel might be a double agent and could betray our trust and has us killed and Lucky is definitely keeping watch on her, mostly due to the fact that she’s part wolf. The rest of the crew has very mixed reactions to having another member but they still agreed to let her in our inner circle of wandering eccentric people.

And the night goes on………but as for Tron………

Well, there were some unexpected visitors that pay him for a visit.

At the hospital late at night, a few hospital workers on the late night shift were to keep watch on Tron while he’s resting. Everything was going smooth but when one of the workers went to get some morphine, they were ambushed, drugged, and kept locked in the storage room by some unknown entities. Everybody else was wondering where that guy went to and so, most of them went to check on him but two people remain in the room. So, the same technique happen again and again with the other workers and soon after that, as it turns out, these people were somewhat associated with the Anime Gods but are in a completely different faction called One Blood and they are basically the dirty deeds men to the Anime Gods but now they’re continuing their work starting with Tron. They questioned him all about The Hybrid, his past adventures and his teammates/friends but Tron refused to speak about them, even spitting back at their responses. However, that just pisses them off even worse as they were to go to drastic measures but unfortunately for Tron, it was not going to end well. Tron kept screaming, “NO!!”, “Please!!”, “Stop! For the love of God, I beg of you”, but the pain and punishment was so harsh, it can’t be described…..yet. As for now, let’s get into the BBB or should I say…..Black Blood Brothers.

The next morning at the hospital, as one of the administrators arrived at work, they founded the unconscious bodies of the night shift workers and then checked in every room to see anything wrong with the patients and so far it was a close one until they went into Tron’s room and saw something horrific, so vile, and so cruel. His body was as limp and lifeless as they found it……and according to them, it looks like an overdose of morphine in his system but really, One Blood injected some poison with the morphine and it eventually made him spaz out and blood was coming out of every orifice, eventually causing death at the matter of minutes. The rest of the crew eventually heard about the news via Angel, as she got a call that early morning since she was his day shift nurse and as the crew mourns his unexpected death, One Blood is planning out their next move and that is to eventually hunt the remaining members who’s known of the Anime Gods and it unfortunately spells out doom for everyone involved in this (i.e., Don, Neon, Nu, Ani, Jon, Jumper, Prof. Paradox, Kris, GSXR, Lucky and especially both Angel and Hybrid himself) and now more than ever, they will need prepare for war and it will be the fight of their lives and I can’t really say that everything is going to be all right…..because this is something that they can’t assume they’ll be alive after.
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ONE BLOOD - The Anime Gods Saga Finale

It has been some time since the death of Tron and after the group had him cremated and spread his ashes across the ocean, the group really have to stick together now since all of them are being hunted by One Blood, the tough-gong assassins responsible for his death. But the group is thinking of splitting up for good, covering their traces, changing their names and moving on with their lives, but Hybrid wasn’t going to just give up just like that. He had to rally them to not give up…..without being too cliché and after-school special-ish but Don had to slap some sense into him (literally Don had to slap the shit out of Hybrid) and had to yell at his face that he is basically killing us slowly by making us stay here. Hybrid had the look of disappointment and disarray, saying that if they want to leave, and so they left but said nothing to him…..and after that Hybrid went to a bar and start to drink his sorrows away, raising his glass to the Tron’s short-lived legacy and uncontrollably bellows his voice all around the bar and soon after he left, someone started to follow him on the way back to his place although he was too pissy-drunk to notice. As somebody with a switchblade is about to charge at him when suddenly Angel sneaked around the guys, subdued them by pistol and grabbed Hybrid before One Blood got their chance and Hybrid was really surprised when she arrived even he reeks of booze and cigar smoke (Hybrid doesn’t smoke cigars BTW.) Then she notices more gun shots coming from One Blood and decides to fly her way out of there and meet back to Hybrid’s place but unfortunately for her, more One Blood assassins came over there just as she got there but thought of a quick plan. She quickly ran into the building, having them chasing her and Hybrid to one specific spot when as soon as she got there, she threw me in the attic when Jon, Jumper and Paradox grabbed me and Neon was waiting his cue with the katana sword and Angel finally gave him the word and he sliced the assassin……in half. Top and bottom and there was blood spewing over everywhere and wait, there’s more but for now……..the review of CANAAN comes to mind.

Suddenly, Nu came out with a fucking sledgehammer and easily smashed the guy’s ribcage into pieces and Ani cut one of them in the Achilles’ tendon, easily disarming them. Then Angel went to the one that hasn’t been injured or died yet and tells him you better surrender quickly or things are not going to end well for them. He called her bluff and said that who’s going to be after us and then Don, Kris, GSXR & Lucky were all pointing guns at him and as for Hybrid, Paradox had to give him the Blue Leaf to reduce his alcohol content in his system and he’s back to his normal state. It was time to interrogation and Hybrid came in with a hammer, but he was sure to not kill the guy or torture him too much so that we get the info we need. But as expected, he won’t answer a question and swears that One Blood will destroy me and as another threat, he say that he might kill me last just so he’ll watch my friends die. That comment did anger me a bit and those words gave me more reasons to just kill him……but Hybrid had to control myself and that Angel and Ani came in to interrogate him. Then the guy started to act like a sexist pig and was staring at them like the typical pervert, even trying to put a hand of them. Angel then started to punch him like in the eye and stomp him in his junk, telling him to quit with the bullshit and tell us everything about One Blood. He wouldn’t budge and whisper something else in Angel’s ear. I’m not going to say what but it’s very unpleasant. Soon, Ani decides to step in and she has something hidden on her person and what it is……it’s a power drill and from that sinister smirk on her face, Ani tells Angel to leave the room and tell the others to not enter for 5 minutes and for that next 5 minutes, all we heard was a lot of screaming and hollering; Ani telling him to answer the question and after more minutes of pain, he finally confessed to everything about them, including that they have not only contracts out on Hybrid but Angel is definitely a top target as well. Why were they going after her? He said that sooner or later, they were going to get rid of her and they might as well stick her with the rest of us.

Angel feeling more than betrayed by her bosses and Hybrid more angry than usual , asking that do he have more than enough info on One Blood. Ani said yes and she wonders why about that and has a dark thought in her head as she rushed into the room as Hybrid calmly walks into the room and executes the guy by shooting him in the torso twice and in the head point blank. Everybody walked into the room to stop him but it was too late. A dark cloud was hanging unto Hybrid’s mind as he said that we need to disappear… but he needed to call someone for assistance.

“Hello. Listen, I know right now you’re just coming back from Japan and seeing the sights, buying some stuff, checking out the girls but how fast can you get here?.........Because right now it’s on."

As Hybrid continues to wipe the blood off his face from shooting that guy and disposing the body, Kris came up to him and confronted him about the whole One Blood and he needed to fully know how much of a big threat these guys are; Hybrid explain these guys have tons of automatic guns, sharp objects, poisons, and mostly anything that can kill them all and Kris replied that we’re screwed and walks off. Soon after that, Angel slapped Hybrid and confronted him about shooting and killing that guy and begins to wonder if he’s starting to become just as devious and cold-blooded as the assassins but Hybrid interrupted Angel by yelling/confronting her on the fact that the Anime Gods were going to off her just for the hell of it. Then Ani added in that at least Angel didn’t get drunk and decides to just straight shoot the guy out of revenge but Ani remembered that she used a drill to get answers out of him. While the three argue, Neon spotted three vehicles pulling up in the parking and the people that came out of the car are loaded with a lot of machine guns, pistols, grenades, swords, basically all the stuff that Hybrid mentioned earlier about that. Neon sounded off like a siren, warning the guys immediately to evacuate the building but it wouldn’t be best to shout that so loud, the assassins could hear it from outside and one of them began to aim at Neon’s head but he escaped at the last minute as a barrage of bullets are coming at him and he ran into one of them as they pulled out their gun and tried to shot him but Neon manage to dodge it but ends up being shot in the arm, also stabbing the guy and he tries to run it off despite the pain of his arm bleeding and Don & Nu ran up to him, sees he’s injured and being followed as Don carries him while Nu handled shooting the assassins busting out of the window while more assassins are barging and trashing the place…..much like the apartment of one Katsuhiro Sato, i.e. Welcome to the N.H.K., motherfuckers!

Meanwhile, Lucky began to snatch guys, subduing and/or killing them, and putting grenades in their mouth just to throw them back at the guys just to kill them while Jon helped by bashing most of the guys’ skulls into dust and Jumper lures the assassins on his trail and have Paradox blind them with a flash bang before GSXR executes every last one of them by pistol. Kris then has to tell Angel and Ani (and Hybrid, of course) to keep their fucking calm down and reminds them of the hoard of assassins charging and shooting at everything. However, things are not looking as good for Jon as the assassins shot tranquilizer darts at him, making him weak and vulnerable to attack but Jon continues to fight them as long as he can. Angel, Ani and Hybrid armed with pistols, a shotgun and a machine gun, respectively, fought their way out of the groove as even more people by the droves attacking them, in which Angel clotheslined and shot one, Ani stabbed one of them in the neck and Hybrid just jammed his fingers in one of their eye socket, very violently. They run into Don, Nu and Neon at the end of the hallway as more assassins closing in on them but then Hybrid shot the ground in a circle and crashing down to the next floor and runs for the exit then following Kris covered in blood, his and mostly the assassins’, GSXR & Jumper and also Paradox by being thrown out of a window…..luckily, Jumper caught him. But Jon was limping out of there last and as he’s close to the people, encouraged by Hybrid to make it out alive and then……Jon was shot in the back, bleeding progressively as the crew was shocked and mortified as one of their own was killed by One Blood and Hybrid especially felt responsible and guilt-ridden by this but soon a large plane appeared out of nowhere and Hybrid grabbed everyone and transported them into the plane and then did the same with the plane and where they went to next…....

Well, as we last left, everyone was transported into a passing airplane while unfortunately Jon has been gunned down by One Blood, leaving Hybrid remorseful and fully aware of what his capabilities of keeping them from being killed. The stress and guilt was eating at him so much, he decided to inject more than the recommended dosage of Blue Leaf whether One Blood strikes again. Then Hybrid spotted someone checking in the back and needed to hide quickly so he won’t be spotted and he noticed who it was. It’s Habib, the one guy Hybrid met during the MADHOUSE scandal and he quite gave him a scare that time and as he makes a quiet escape, something went haywire with his power and then he appeared in front of Habib and the first reaction to that is…..him smacking Hybrid for that scare the last time. He asks why he is in the plane and if he’s going to do some more strange shit with his powers but Hybrid was feeling too melancholy to explain and he told Habib all about what happened. After 20 minutes of explaining everything, Habib came to the conclusion that Hybrid fucked up dearly, he was an idiot but understand him being remorseful and regretting his earlier actions and needs to counterstrike quickly and not get anyone else killed. Habib agreed to help him attack One Blood and begin to ready the weapons but he also asked where the others at? Then Hybrid remembers where he transported them to……and he suddenly remembered it was near a vacant desert……and it leads to our next review DESERT PUNK.

As it turns out as Hybrid was transporting the rest of the crew, he sent them into a vacant desert where no one could track them and would be put out of harm’s way but as it turns out, Habib is flying near where they’re at and that’s where he’s stopping at as he drops Hybrid off with the others. However, as Habib begins to take off, a gun was pointed at his head and suddenly it was One Blood that appeared and now he was wrapped into this, too. Why? They needed a plane for some unexplained reason and they figured that they found a ride and their captives; they hit the jackpot and then execute their plan to snuff them out. Kris then kept a hidden gun in his person and while nobody is looking, he disarms a gang member, took his gun and shot him in the kneecap twice and then in the torso three times. The leader then shot Kris in the leg almost got him in the head but Hybrid grabbed him, took his gun, and shot him in his foot. Soon a barrage of bullets flying fast past everyone and now it’s coming down to that moment of truth.

As it all falls down, The Hybrid and the crew are battling it out with One Blood by using everything they got with Ani shooting out their legs; Nu, Don, and Neon scrapping it out on the battlefield; Angel on aerial mode to strike them down; GSXR and Jumper via bike assault and me battling the main guy with Lucky assisting and taking out all the others. Since Habib had pretty much nothing to do with this, he had to get Kris away from the gunfire since he’s been hurt and Paradox was to help them with the first aid. The battle seem to go on forever with no stopping the other guys but just as it‘s winding down, things take a turn for the worse as one guy stabs Don several times in the torso, shot down GSXR’s ride with Jumper breaking many bones as possible, Ani and Angel being cornered and taken down instantly and soon even Lucky is being outnumbered by them. Nu was holding her ground but starting to show her weakness as multiple members’ kept shooting at her but then, Neon kept deflecting the bullets from her and Nu kept steadily shooting and tearing them apart and as Hybrid is heading toward the leader, he violently grip every neck by cracking, ripping throats and just straight killing them and it approaches as we get to review of LOVE HINA. Soon it was down to a few people on each team as Don is down for the count, GSXR is either unconscious or twitching, same goes to Jumper, Lucky was bleeding from the brutal beat downs, Neon is getting tired from deflecting bullets but unfortunately Nu caught one in the shoulder and leg. Plus, Angel and Ani are still standing but soon Ani began to cough blood and last but not least, Hybrid was ready to attack the leader with his Blue Leaf power but he used Red Mist to render him weak and powerless and he began to kick Hybrid while he’s down but he grab the guy’s leg and stab him in the foot. Angel grabbed a copper string and used it to choke the guy’s throat but then pull down Angel and while being distracted, Ani threw rocks, glass and pistol-whips him (I don’t know why, just go along with it), Neon is about to deliver the semi-final blow when he stabs Neon in his ribcage but the leader notices him being stabbed……twice and it was Nu who was the second wielder and then she grabbed a pistol and shot him in the head. Thus he is dead but soon Neon was beginning to lose blood, so we needed to stop the bleeding but suddenly one lone survivor began to creep on Ani but then I pushed her safely out of the way and shot him in the throat and face while he is shot himself and Hybrid falls down wounded and almost slipping to comatose. In short, the war was done but there was some losses with Don stabbed, GSXR & Jumper from an auto accident, Jon got shot, Neon suffering stab wounds and possibly a blood clot, Lucky bleeding everywhere, and Hybrid injured all around. Once all the others came about here, they got their own ambulance and drove their way to the hospital and then…….FADE TO BLACK.

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Posted 8/8/13

It was a cold and wintery evening and out there was this underground pub no one outside the anime realm knows about called, “BONES Brewery”, where people who are anime fans, reviewers, or even producers come to either to have a good time there or drink their sorrows away with a few drinks. There was a man who was just so damn depressed, you swear if he was on the verge of a catastrophic breakdown until somebody who had their face covered with a yellow scarf arrived and ask for one pint and sat down with the guy. He asked what was his problem and why was he drinking his ass off and he said he was having flashback nightmares about his tenure as a soldier during the Long Days’ War and needed to drink to forget (pardon the corny X-Men Origins Wolverine reference) and he preceded to tell me his tales of guerilla warfare, brutal deaths, and terrorism…which leads to the topic of JIN-ROH THE WOLF BRIGADE.

And so after hearing that whole story that was very similar of the plot of Jin-Roh, the yellow-scarfed man did developed more sympathy from him but he’ll implore the guy to stop drinking himself to death and just buck the fuck up….but it was too late for the drunken guy as the alcohol begins to make him….well, it begins to make him belligerent and much like a drunk, he starts to get confrontational and began knocking the guy out flat on his ass. Then the drunkard was attracting attention from all the tough guys, just thirsty for a bar house fight and when the yellow-scarfed guy was more conscious, he removed the scarf to reveal his identity and do you know who was the guy with the scarf all along? Yep, it is the Hybrid in disguise. What he did next started the whole bloody and bruising affair as he grabbed some beer bottles and started to beat him down but not trying to kill him. He grabbed the guy and said, “Look, buddy, I was trying to make you not feel so bad about you suffering with your bullshit and yet, you beat my ass for no apparent reason? I get you’re drunk but dammit, you can’t be doing this shit.” Then Hybrid got up, left him and as he got close to the exit, two guys blocked him and said these words to him, “So……you’re the Hybrid, aren’t you?"

“So……you’re the Hybrid, aren’t you?”

Those words send a chill in Hybrid’s spine once some bounty hunters in the bar found out his identity but one of the guys disagree and said, “Nah, they can’t be him. People said he was somewhere out there hanging out with some angel wolf girl he knew.” Then the conversation continued with, “I thought that was some guy named MAK. Aren’t we looking for The Hybrid?”, “LOOK!! The point is not about whom the fuck ever is MAK or some wolf girl….The Hybrid, the guy that faced the Anime Gods himself is right there in our own eyes. Somebody wants him alive and we get a large bounty of him.” Then Hybrid got confused at that comment and responded to what bounty was he talking about and he found out he was worth over $6 million and Hybrid continued to read the rest. “Well, boy….” one of the hunters said as he grabbed Hybrid by the arms, “I suggest you come with us nice and slow so we can get our money.” Then Hybrid proceeded to grab his gun and shot him in the knee and said, “Now, the bounty said they want me alive, right? And I know how this shit works…….and if you think about killing me just for the hell of it; this money will be nothing but a pipedream.” Hybrid walks out and then out of nowhere, he was snatched by a rider and their accomplice….which leads out to our following review of BLACK LAGOON.

As Hybrid was being snatched by a masked rider, all the bounty hunters got to their rides and thus, began the chase. The masked rider had to tuck Hybrid down their sidecar and she began shooting at them with taking out a few at a time and Hybrid had his sight at more of the rider’s weapons and when he gotten one and started to shoot, the recoil wasn’t that friendly as his hand gotten sore from that, which activates his power to blast at hyper speed, leaving the others in the dust and having Hybrid holding on to dear life at the rider and it seems that the coast is clear and as Hybrid tries to knock out him, the rider explained, “Look, I’m not here for your bounty nor am I to kill you.” ,“Really?”, Hybrid responded, “Why should I believe you then?”, “For two things, 1. We do have mutual friends around us that want to keep you out of harm’s way and 2. Don’t you ever remember me, Hybrid?” Then the rider revealed himself…..or should I say her? As it turns out, it was GSXR the whole time and Hybrid sighed in relief that is with her and said to her, “Girl, I thought you got wrecked up the last time I saw you. How did to you manage to recover?” GSXR explained that at the hospital had her stitched up for a few months until they needed to be taken out and couldn’t ride for a while until today, that is. I ask her are the others still alive and willing to help me out and she responded with a yes and no…..and said she’ll explain later once we head to our next destination where one other person is running the show.

So, GSXR explained that some of the others are either alive, in critical condition or either dead from the Red Blood tragedy and the ones that escaped the turmoil vow to never get involved with the Hybrid again and live a life away from reviewing anime or anything else. Hybrid thought long and hard about that day and what happened there; he asked about Kris and according to GSXR as she spoken to him last, he said if Hybrid ever comes within 10 feet of him, he’ll kill him…..and he meant it. She described his very pissed-off and angry mood when your name is mentioned and how he felt about that. She also explained that Don’s body was never discovered after the shootout. No one knew if he was alive or dead, he just disappeared out of the thin eye. Nu just disappeared and has never heard from again and for Jumper and Emperor…..we heard of them traveling to Greece and Tahiti, respectively. But GSXR said that one person of that group did thought of finding him and regrouping but for a while, it seems efforts were futile until that person had GSXR’s help and who was that person?

While you ponder on that, it’s time to review Bacca—I mean, Durarara!!!

Then all of a sudden, the masked accomplice of GSXR came up to his face and told him about the mistakes he made in the past and how he messed up the relationships of the people who truly accepted me in my time of need but realize that he needed to repair them. Hybrid wondered if they’ll even speak to him ever since and what of the outcome then the accomplice said that she’ll give them a good talking to and told Hybrid to eventually calm down about it and then said, “After all, I’m the person that led the search to find you.”, and then she took off the mask to reveal herself and it turns out to be……Ani. Ani then said, “Surprised it was me?”, and then smiled at me and GSXR, too, as they got a long way ahead to get everyone back but there was to be a problem, as in, since Hybrid is wanted for a bounty, how are they going to elude from the bounty hunters? And the worst thing of all is that Hybrid can’t use Blue Leaf due to the new tracker devices that can sense the essence of it and he’s on a low supply so either way he’s screwed…….that is until Ani & GSXR thought of a plan.

As Hybrid is re-united with GSXR and Ani, they need to think of a plan on how to escape from town and getting past through bounty hunters looking for Hybrid’s head…….Well, Ani, GSXR, & Hybrid put their heads together and thought of a plan. Two hours later, GSXR received a vehicle from one of her contacts while Ani is busy making an unrecognizable Hybrid with false teeth, a blue-grayish low-cut afro, and a facial mask to fool anyone who has the slightest suspicion. He looked at the mirror and said that he looked like if Marge Simpson had a long lost bi-racial brother but he was okay with the appearance as not even he recognizes himself. Now Ani specifically said to him, “Look, if anyone asks about you, I’ll tell them you’re a deaf mute, that way no one can recognize your voice.” And then GSXR interfered, “And if that happens, we can make you deaf.” Hybrid’s eyes widen as GSXR puts earphones with loud music blaring and he said, “Okay, okay, the deaf mute thing works.” Soon, they were ready, willing, and eager to go and during that time, a track enters the mind of these words: WELCOME TO THE SPACE SHOW.

Ani, GSXR & Hybrid are now on the road to find the rest of the crew and from the looks of it, it looks like to be a hell of a long trip as the first destination they’re heading to is Kris, or as he liked to be called now, “Pancho.” And as Hybrid knew about that, he said, “AAHH! No fucking way! Didn’t that guy want to kill me when he sees me?” Ani calmed him down saying, “You have a disguise. We’ll just tell him you are….my grandfather. I think he’ll believe that.” Then Hybrid interjected with, “How is he going to believe that I’m…….wait, I’m not sure if I’m younger or older than you.” Then GSXR came to an abrupt stop as a gaggle of police officers and bounty hunters are securing the exits and they are checking every vehicle for The Hybrid and other runaways. Soon they got to theirs and GSXR got off by saying, “Is there a problem, officer……and scary looking guy?” As she looks toward one of the hunters, the officer said, “Well, ma’am, we’re searching for a dangerous and nefarious man that’s considered a threat and danger to everyone in the state, including you two lovely ladies and……is that your grandfather or grandmother?” Hybrid looked displeased and Ani answered, “No. This is my hearing impaired cousin who really needs our help with communication so we speak for him.” The officer looked awfully suspicious of that but he checked them out……with one exception. They send in another officer and that officer was……….”You need my help, sir?”, and it was Pancho that answered and Ani, GSXR, and especially Hybrid were shocked.

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