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Post Reply [Request] Option to mark a Series/Video as Unwatched
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Posted 8/2/13

1) Is there any way of marking a video/series as unwatched,,, would this be possible to do?

2) Is there any way of marking a Video as watched?


1) I want to rewatch a series,. but clicking on a video takes me to 23:30 out of a 24:04 (estimated) time on the video. Re-setting the duration (by moving the time bar to the left) to 00:00 works but every once in a while it glitches out and causes the video to stop playing at around 16:00.. too much hassel to then refresh and TRY and watch the epi from where it gliched out

2) Short epi series (3 min long) always claims I am still at 1:20 even though iv restarted the episode numerus amounts of time, tbh I just want the system to recognise Iv watched the epi and would like to show the next one on my Queue ,, this is less problematic than point one ofc

Now, if either 1 or 2 are acturly available right now, im sorry, but I cant find the options Please do a bite-sized tut :)

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Posted 8/7/13

I'll feed this suggestion to Design and Dev.
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