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Memorable Drama Moments
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38 / F / ireland
Posted 10/19/07
nobuta wo produce- they're inside the ambulance and akira put her hand on his face..
and say it's not dirty....
meteor garden 1 - rain scene....
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29 / F / USA
Posted 10/20/07
-Ambrose Hsu singing
-tearful death ending
Coffee Prince
-On the beach when Gong Yoo hugged her from the behind when Yoon Eun Hye was asleep then tryng to hold her hand, but still trying to deny that he’s not gay because he think that Yoon Eun Hye is a guy and he liked her
-When Gong Yoo confess his love to Yoon Run Hye at the coffee shop
Admitting that he might be gay he ran in and kissing her then said: “I like you; it doesn’t matter if you are a man or an alien, and I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t. (Here’s the memorable part) So let’s go, as far as we can. Let’s give it a try
-the part that Gong sang to Yoon (nice song)
-Almost every moment that Gong Yoo gets jealous…It’s so cute
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Posted 10/20/07
The kissing scene in GOONG
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27 / M / Malaysia
Posted 10/20/07
the last breakthrough....... a girl was knocked down by a car and die on spot
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F / u.k
Posted 10/20/07
MARS....all the scene esp when Ling ran very fast out of the classroom to rescue Qi Luo
.....when Ling and Qilou talked and reconcile in the beach

GOONG.....all the scene, esp when the prince told the princess that he loves her...
......when the princess waited in the car and the prince was surprise to see her there, and told him that, she too cant leave without him...

SMILING PASTA.... all the scene are hilariously funny, i kept smiling

Posted 10/20/07
Nobuta wo produce- when akira asks nobuta and shuji to call him by his first name......and they don't know it and akira says "AKIRA SHOCK!" and the time shuji and akira act as a couple on a date and are about to kiss then their teacher comes LOL

Nodame cantabile: when masumi-chan leaves 45 messages on chiaki's answering machine asking if he's ok LOL
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Posted 10/20/07
-the part when xiaoshi confessed her love for he qun
-the press conference when he qun sang xiao wu gui
-he qun confessing his love for xiaoshi in skl.
-he qun's autograph session at the last part when he confessed to xiaoshi again

-qin lang throwing the pair of shoes he drew for xinlei at the roadside
-qin lang singing the 'wen hou ge' to xin lei after attending shang dong's engagement party
-qin lang teaching xinlei how to cook fried oyster egg.
the ending when both xinlei and qin lang were quarrelling over duck and swan.
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Posted 10/22/07

raisheru wrote:

all the episodes in hana yori dango 2, but what i really remember well is when tsukasa said to tsukushi that he was not onlove with her anymore...
but i really love all the episodes!
aishiteru Jun matsumoto! -shout-

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33 / M
Posted 10/22/07
hanazakiri no kimi tachi e - tenounji asks if anyone doesnt want to partake on his plans then they could all leave the room. He turns his back on his group then they all launched at the door trying to open it only to find out that tenounji locked it. hahaha it was really funny my stomach ached!
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M / nowhere
Posted 10/22/07
in a moment to remember at the end when she says is this heaven? and the guy says yes
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28 / M / Philippines,Cebu...
Posted 10/22/07
hmmmp...for me its Deathnote,Green Rose,My Girl.
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25 / F
Posted 10/22/07
In hanazakiri no kimi tachi e when everybody comes with blankets to Sano when he is sick x'D and mizuki just stops that "aura-dude" and he gets really disapionted (spelling? :S). And when everybody says that sano kissed them xD They just: me to!, me to!, me to! etc. XD And when Mizuki and Nakatsu plays romeo and juliet xD and Nakatsu just: Juliet! juliet! Juliet! And then that other guy comes and just : calm down Romeo! XDXD Really loved that too! XD
And in devil beside you when Ahmon holds Qi yue's hand, you know, that window scene ^_^ And when they do it! XD
And like every scene whit Rui and Makiono together in Hana yori Dango1/2
And ín Nobuta wo produce, when when Shuji and Akira act as a couple ^^ xD
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29 / F / U.S. of A.
Posted 10/22/07
Nobuta Wo Produce:
-when Nobuta asks Akira how to get power and he says "Nobuta Power...Chuu-Nyu!!"
-when Nobuta does the Nobuta Power thing
-at the end when Kame transfers to new school and Akira is there

Hana Kimi (Ikemen Paradise)
- the last episode, when she was saying her goodbyes to the school I cried so much
-all of Mizuki's talks with the other dorm 2 members (Sekime, Nakao, etc.)

Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
- when Julia comes to Rui Xi's school and Jiro's going crazy cuz he thought they were a couple "I'm Gay!! G-Y-A!! Gay!!"
- when Jiro puts Ella as #1 on his friends list, crossing out Wu Zun

Hana Yori Dango
-pretty much the whole series..

1 Litre of Tears
- the last scene when Aya was alive talking to Ryo about snow...
- the last scene where they show the basketball game her team won and then the blinking light next to her name that said she was dying..omg i cried nonstop for 15 minutes..
-the whole series!

My Girl
-when the Joo Rin is at the party for the tennis player and all the couples were kissing and Lee Jun Ki and twirled her around...I died..

1st Shop of Coffee Prince
- the scenes where Eun Hye would put her "power milk" on Gong Yoo's doorstep!
- the last scene in episode 10, where Gong Yoo goes back to the cafe, sees, Eun Hye and just grabs her and kisses her...dude man...that was hott! :)
- when she said goodbye to the other workers in the cafe...i cried so much! :(
- the Coffee Prince concert!!
- pretty much the whole series!!

100 Days w/ Mr. Arrogant
- when she had to do Sailor Moon i couldn't stop laughing

DBSK Mini Dramas
- Dangerous Love: all those "gay" scenes w/ Hero and Yunho omg sooo funny!!!

a lot of others...maybe i'll add more later
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25 / F / Singapore
Posted 10/27/07
when yixun die
Ko Family
i forgot which ep but is far back de..
the part where xiatian kee[ saying "wa zai"/ i noe?
Romatic Princess
the bed scene...wuzun wanna "xian hai" calvin
den he make calvin and angela/ xiao mai drunk

still got al0t but i cant rmb
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28 / F / my room.
Posted 10/27/07
in hana kimi (taiwan version) in the very first episode where ella is running up to the school, she talks to herself and all of a sudden says, "OH MY GOD."

i don't know why but that cracks me up everytime. :]
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