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Bring figures to college?
Posted 8/6/13
don't bring anything to college that can't be replaced if broken or stolen. period
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Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/9/13
As the recruiter told me before I signed up for classes there:

"If you can sign your own name, you can draw. Drawing uses the same hand-eye coordination as cursive writing, just requires different techniques to help you represent the things you see. Whenever you write you are drawing the individual letters together." I never drew a single thing until our first class, and now I can make recognizable shapes of objects and people :-) looking forward to more practice and classes.

This site - link removed- has some good free video tutorials on drawing people. We are doing the exercises in these videos as homework for one of the classes, and it helps a ton! Check it out, you may have a good surprise on how much you can do with a little instruction and practice :-)



puellapeanut wrote:

fchierad wrote:

I am currently going to an art college and we have posters in the corridor walls ranging from comic books to movies to anime to gaming to manga - and from other things I haven't been introduced to yet. So I think you should fit right in the group :-)

Cheers and enjoy college - it is a lot of fun :-)

AmaraEveinson wrote:

What do people think about bringing figures to college dorms? Ignoring kinky ones for now, since those may break specific rules, but figures in general. Would you or wouldn't you bring them in, and why?


Art college? I'm so jealous. I wish I could draw lol.

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Posted 8/6/13
I bought all of my anime merchandise during my second year of college. By the end of my sophomore year, I had about $3000 of figures in my room. Luckily I lived with mostly like-minded individuals, so it went well. I'm about to study abroad in Tokyo for a semester, and when I get back I'm living in an apartment with more like minded individuals who all share an anime addiction. So yes, I'll be displaying them.
Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/9/13

Wow, thanks a lot for the info and for taking the time to type it out. That was really nice.
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Posted 8/6/13
I brought those wooden ball-jointed bendy figurines that artists use for drawing poses. Dunno if those count.
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Posted 8/7/13
I dunno really it depends where you are living for collage. In a dorm shared with people it can be hard to own anything like that. Things will get stolen and people will always deny all knowledge of it. Things will also get broken in dorm parties by people picking them up and screwing around with them. Just remember to consider if you are living in dorms that it's not just you and your friends who will be living there. In your apartment it's much easier to control who touches what and when.

But all i can remember about University was that things got stolen and broken a lot first year in halls. A lot of people bring laptops and games consoles with them and a lot of stuff happens. Figures in most cases go out of print after a short run too so they are not easy to replace.
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