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Post Reply Does Evil Exist?
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Posted 6 days ago , edited 6 days ago
Of course it does, but I won't tell you where it comes from...
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Posted 6 days ago
It's an abstract concept created by humans so yeah, evil does exist.
Posted 6 days ago
I'm looking up cat rape so...
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Posted 3 days ago
Well, following my study of St. Augustine, I'd have to say that evils do exist, but as an absence or deficiency of being. It has no real existence: evil can only exist in a fundamentally good thing. For example, people are good, but they can deviate from their inherent goodness or suffer evils. In the latter case, sickness is a deficiency of health and being wounded is a deficiency in bodily integrity. When one is healed, the sickness or wound does not go anywhere--it is just gone, which demonstrates that evil has no being of itself. These are physical evils.

In the case of people deviating from their true mode of being, these are moral evils. A human being is a moral agent who must apply himself to a particular standard. The standard known to all is natural law, and the fulfillment of natural law tends toward happiness. We have an idea of what a just man is and several examples of particular just men, e.g. Jesus Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, Socrates, Saladin, Buddha, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Joshua Chamberlain, or whomever virtuous man you like. You shall also find that these men are particularly happy.

However, following vice does not make people happy. The proud man refuses to see the truth about himself or facts which don't fit his opinions, leading to many mistakes harmful to himself. The wrathful man causes harm when it would have been better to refrain. The envious man is avoided. The lustful man embarrasses and enrages those to whom he's close. The gluttonous man finds his body unfit for useful or pleasurable activities. The lazy man sees his powers and talents diminish with time. The greedy man spends his time collecting money instead of friends--the greatest natural good for a man.

So, even those beings which are confirmed in evil ways--whether they be demons or bad people--are fundamentally good in that they have being. They are bad in that they have deviated from their proper mode of being.

And so, evil exists--whether physical or moral, but the word evil itself always refers to a lack of true or complete being.

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Posted 3 days ago
Question: Does Evil Exist? defines Evil as:
morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.
harmful; injurious: evil laws.
characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.
due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character: an evil reputation.
marked by anger, irritability, irascibility, etc.: He is known for his evil disposition.

When I look at the definition, I notice one thing. All of them are related to the human experience. I am not finding a reference to "Natural Evil."

So where does Evil come from? Humanity, it is a human creation, therefore it exists. If however, there were no humans, there would be no Evil.
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