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Where would you work?!? Heaven or Hell?
Posted 8/13/13
2. hands down. I don't expect to make a lot of money doing what I'm doing, nor do I need to in order to be happy. Actually, I think it's BS that I have to go through someone else i.e. the government to get food, shelter, water, etc. in the first place. But if you give a little, hopefully it means you don't want a lot.
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25 / M / Florida
Posted 8/13/13
while i do love money im gonna go with 2.
Money doesnt do all that much when you kill yourself. haha.

The real question is, what would that number 2 be?
Posted 8/13/13 , edited 8/13/13
Nether I would walk between heaven and hell. I would do what I pleased But I love money and a cesspool Hell is my place for now. damnit if I could be in heaven I would. I want it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!
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24 / F / Iowa
Posted 8/14/13
5 sounds pretty fantastic.... <.< I love jelly filled donuts with a passion.
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