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Posted 8/10/13

I stayed the free route starting in January. Waited my time for the week delay, suffered through the commercials, then the wife says I can go ahead and get the subscription. I am a happy camper thinking my worries will be over. WRONG!!

Ever since I have started paying, the lag is so bad it freezes for minutes on end. The show will run 2 seconds, then freeze for 2-3 minutes. Why did I pay for a subscription if I never had the problem before hand? And yes, I have checked my settings and stuff.
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Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/10/13
I would try the thread -> http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumcategory-391022/site-support-minor-questions , you'll get to mods asap instead of the general forum.

Have you tried lowering your quality? o-o I know that 1080p makes me lag, so I go 720p.
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Posted 8/10/13
If you are referring to the fact that it is taking awhile to load the videos, i am having the same issue tonight. I think their servers might just be slow today; never had this issue in the months i have been here.
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