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Posted 8/13/13
I Writing this cuz i hate that auto message i get when i ask about this.
I live in Norway and Anime/Manga is not easy to get by we got 2 stores in the whole country that i know about that is in Oslo so i love crunchyroll and when i saw they even had a store i was very excited, but buying from them are impossible since they cant verify my shipping address.

Will they open in Europe? they they'll working on it but im not holding my breath.

what do you think.

can also talk about other places then Europe
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Posted 8/13/13
I can't speak for the ordering stuff since I haven't tried to buy anything yet, but I can relate to you in terms of the lack of Anime and Manga. I live in the UK and as far as it goes I've seen two stores with a small rack that have about 10-12 manga's and that's it.
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Posted 8/13/13 , edited 8/13/13
You can do it if you know someone in america to route them through to you, but remember that all DVDs etc from the CR store are in US DVD format so you'll need a region free player for them
Posted 8/13/13
I would love for CR to expand to Europe and maybe even Australia.

But I'm going to keep it real.

There's not that many anime fans in Australia to begin with, and out of all those fans, only a certain percentage actually subscribes to CR. So I'm not expecting them to open a store here any time soon.

Basically demand = supply. If there's not much demand, there won't be much supply.
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Posted 8/14/13 , edited 12/8/14
Depending on the vendor, we ship worldwide.
If you try to add an item to your shopping cart it should tell you if it is available in your region!
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