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Do You Look Fat in Those Pants?
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21 / M / Miami
Posted 8/19/13
Corduroy pants are the way to go
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18 / M
Posted 8/19/13

Well, if ever there is a desire to be beautiful, it would important to know what beauty is, and in this case specifically, what human beauty is. It would be nice if there were this objectively observable reality that we could call human beauty, the same way that we could objectively observe a phenomenon such as the speed of light. But unfortunately for us, we instead have this ambiguous idea called beauty, and the societies within which we live attempt to define this idea through celebrities and the media. The closest we could come to actually observing any kind of objective beauty, would be in finding commonalities in the concept shared by all or most of the societies on earth. If we call objective beauty those attributes which are considered beautiful by most of the societies on earth, then I think it would be safe to say that cuteness, especially that of kittens and puppies, is one form of objective beauty.

Now that doesn’t help us humans to be beautiful, so we’re stuck in something of a rut. But! we know that in most societies there is a general idea that having a healthy and fit body is attractive—beautiful. But this is where most of the commonalities stop.
All people will have an idea of human beauty that, alongside the biological instincts, is most often derived from what they’ve been presented with in the media. And even so, there’ll be small differences in opinion as to what they think is attractive. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that every Individual on the planet will have their own idea of what human beauty is, and it will most often be based on both the biological instincts within us, and the media conditioning of societies which attempts to impose a uniform ideal of human beauty on its people.

So! We finally come to the last part. Human beauty is defined be each and every one of us individually. And for you personally, the only thing you need to do if you want to be beautiful is to ask yourself, “who do I want to be beautiful for?” If the answer is for yourself, then just change your idea of beauty to match what you already are. If it’s someone else, then you change yourself to attempt to best match their idea of beauty. If it’s a group of people, then don’t try. It is impossible to be all the different types of beautiful that everybody has defined for themselves. In a cliché, “you can’t please everybody.”

And that, lizbell888, is subjective beauty.
Personally, I find beauty to be the most superficial thing out there because that’s all it is, It’s how one looks. If you value yourself or another person based on what you/he/she looks like, you’ve just insulted them or yourself with one of the greatest insults the human brain can contrive.
Posted 8/23/13 , edited 8/23/13
Yes, but these are fat jeans. If I can try to give the impression that I'm underweight, I should be able to show fake pudge as well.
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22 / F / in the TARDIS wit...
Posted 8/23/13
I think I look better with pants. I'm too embarrassed of my legs. They have childhood scars or dark spots, so wearing skirts without stockings or leggings are not flattering.
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 12/15/13
OP nuked. locked and closed
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