Posted 6/22/07
This game is simple. The game starts by marking six weird things about yourself. Don't just state yourself as a 'I like.. this blah blah blah..' So.. Just six weird things about yourself.

Ok, I'll start.

I. I would much prefer to be the underdog in competitions.

II. I have a weird name: Andei.

III. I am very patient. It got to the point where I marched for approximately thirteen kilometers for two hours and fifteen minutes just to make it home. Try to imagine that.

IV. Because of my shyness, I had the reputation of being aloof.

V. I always fall asleep in the most crucial happenings. Our Trigonometry finals exam took place while I was in dreamland.

VI. I'm stuck in an 18 year old body with 7 year old KID inside! I guess everyone who sees me they tend to see me as a "grade school student" or "highschool student". Anyway... many people do not know... that I'm stuck in this 18 year old body with a 7 year old kid inside. Because I still love cartoons, I love toys, I even have my first toy which is a mickey mouse stuff toy even if Wiggle (My Dog) already ripped it in half i still have it. Even all my toys are in my room, my matchbox collection, my marvel action figure collections, my dragonball collection and even my favorite pokemon collection.
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Posted 6/22/07
I. I am always tired, no matter how much sleep I get.
II. I am a music addict, i.e. I can't study/do homework without listening to music subconsciously or hearing noise.
III. I probably have the worst hand-eye coordination.
IV. I always fall asleep in class, but I never get caught ;)
V. I am listening to "Speed of Sound" right now.
VI. I have braces and 3 rubber bands in my mouth right now >.<
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Posted 6/22/07

1- I like rain and sun; the idea of not liking them both confuses me ^-^
2- I tend to randomly roll my eyes every now and again in fear that i am crosseyed ^-^
3- I love to say 'Boooom' in a squeaky voice; anywhere ^-^
4- I love pretty chopsticks and so have them randomly placed in my room as ornaments ^-^
5- I'm wearing Christmas socks o_O
6- I can stare at clouds for aaaages and not get bored ^-^

This reminds me of:
Random Facts...about yourself
http://www.crunchyroll.com/showforumtopic?id=3397 ^-^ - but that's in general

^-^ Are we supposed to do something else afterwards? Because you said 'it starts by..'
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Posted 6/22/07
^ It does not matter if it's in general. They're too similar

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