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Posted 3/17/14 , edited 3/17/14
Oh ok.

Though in the end, all [site that shall not be named] ends up doing is extending the series to a larger fanbase. This is because it is taken down once the series is released in English in the US, and also it convinces people to buy the Japanese books of series they like enough (like in my case).

I didn't know it technically wasn't legal, but from what I've seen it is a pretty positive project in terms of bringing the awareness of LN's to US fans.
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Posted 5/30/14
Aria of the Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria) and A Certain Magical Index. Too bad Hidan No Aria was licensed. Got up to volume 10, but the rest no can find.
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Posted 6/4/14 , edited 6/4/14
In case some aren't aware of it yet, Yen Press just started a new light novel imprint called Yen On.

If there are LNs you'd like to see localized in the West, I suggest leaving your suggestions of which books you'd like them to publish in comments section so your voice can be heard and they can consider it.
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Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/2/14
*Continues to wait for Durarara to have a release and do well resulting in Baccano light novels.*
I got the 1st Baccano novel and basically I can only read character names - I need an English release for both so I can finally read them
Posted 7/5/14
I'd recommend the Slayers light novels. Love the narrative and it's action packed (if that's your kind of thing). Kind of expensive nowadays unfortunately.
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Posted 18 days ago
I'm thinking of picking up the first Accel World Light Novel tomorrow at my local Barnes and Noble I loved series as I found the anime enjoyable to watch as it was simulcasting. I'm not sure if I want to buy ソードアート・オンライン2: アインクラッド next month though… On a side note, I'm currently reading No Game No Life, it's just as fun to read it in my opinion
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Posted 17 days ago
Currently reading the Steeplechase from Magic highschool series and the full metal panic series. I would definitely recommend full metal panic to those wishing for a fun LN, although I don't know how the English translation compares to the native language.
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