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tattoos/piercings/body modification
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17 / F / Winterfell
Posted 4/26/14
I've only got the standard ear piercings. But I've always wanted a few more, plus a few tattoos.
I said to one of my friends that if I got more piercings and tattoos, I'd turn into a punk rocker. She said that she'd avoid me and pretend we weren't friends XD
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25 / M / Alaska, USA
Posted 4/26/14
A lot of the tattoos I see are awesome so I understand tattoos, but gauges and things like that I will never understand. Not a particular reason other than it's just aesthetically unpleasing.
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35 / F / Buried under a pi...
Posted 4/27/14
For all you tattoo fans out there, remember: never commit a crime with a tattoo showing because the police will always ask if a felon/criminal/person of interest had any distinctive markings like tattoos.

As to personal opinions on these:

1. Tattoos: Don't like them and don't think it's a good idea and they're a pain to get rid of if you decide you want to get rid of them.

2. Piercings: No. I have enough holes in my head/body and I don't want more. If somebody wants to do a traditional ear piercing like ONE on the ear lobe, fine. More than that I think is not a good idea. For all you tongue piercing people, I've heard you can ruin your teeth. Is that true? I've always been curious. (And don't you worry about getting an infection or something? Well, the idea of tongue piercing just creeps me out anyway. )

3. Body Modification: Unless you've had some sort of major accident and need reconstruction to pass in society, not my thing! I've never liked the idea of plastic surgery or any type of body modification. I'd rather leave my body alone as it is.

I guess I'm ultra conservative on this front.
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 5/26/15
Closed due to inactivity, and existence of other threads on the topic. See


Feel free to start another thread on non-tattoo body modification. Since this thread is pretty old it didn't make sense to keep it open just for that.
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