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Do you fit your Anime/Manga demographic?
Posted 9/1/13 , edited 9/1/13
Depends on my mood, really. Sometimes I want excitement and intensity, other times I prefer melodrama and angst, or relaxation and contentment, or romance, or whatever. There are even times where I enjoy nitpicking at shows that are clearly fucking terrible. My tastes are capricious.
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Posted 9/1/13 , edited 9/1/13

DivinePrince wrote:


I watch Shonen. I do not really watch Shoujo. IF it's shoujo it had better NOT have ANY romance in it. I usually drop any anime with romance after 1-2 eps. I can't handle it. It's too .....ridiculous for me. I cannot stand romance, it grosses me out.

I watch Ecchi and Harem as long as there's no real romance. I prefer all female harems . I do not like men in my anime; they are too boring unless they are gay or cross-dressers~

I am a huge horror buff. I like anime like Ghost Hunt, Shiki, Another, Ergo Proxy

Also a fan of hentai as long as it's kink related.

No love for the Romance?

I guess it's a man thing.

hehe....Seinen and Shoujo often overlap due to the romance. Sienen is all about the relationships yo!

I like how TV Tropes puts it best. Shoujo often romanticizes the relationship, while Sienen goes for the more realistic, pragmatic, and sexual side of relationships.

Hence why I'm a big Seinen fan.
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Posted 9/1/13 , edited 9/1/13
I'm an Adult Male but prefer Shojo series especially Mahou Shojou and Yuri, I love the drama and relationship development which I feel shojo develops better then shonen. plus I usually prefer the art style
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