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Post Reply NIghtcore anyone?
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17 / M / Britain
Posted 11 days ago
I have a confession. And i bet this will spark a lot of arguments, but here we go.

I hate most nightcore

I say "most" for a reason. I think that nightcore works so much better with some songs than others. EDM genres like hardcore or euro-dance work really well with nightcore. However, some people believe they can put it on any song... and... well... thats where the crap comes from...

Am i the only one who thinks that this sounds absolutely ridiculous?
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Posted 10 days ago
This thread's about nightcore, and S3RL has been mentioned so, I have to post this.

I like speed and don't mind high pitches, so I don't completely dislike nightcore remixes. Still, I prefer the original tracks over their night core counterparts almost all of the time. Nightcore remixes, at least in my opinion, rarely sound like improved or transformed versions of the original track they're based on.
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Posted 3 days ago

xKagamine wrote:

i love Nightcore but i dont have a favorite song

^ this
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