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Posted 8/23/13 , edited 8/23/13
I am experiencing an issue with videos on the Apple TV v3. It only happens with some videos, and there seems to be no identifiable pattern. When I play an anime in my queue I allow it to play all the way to the end, but the CR app thinks that I stopped it with 10-20 seconds left. When I go back to the video and play it again, it asks if I want to resume or start from the beginning. If I resume, it plays the remaining 10-20 second and then ends, but it still doesn't mark the video as completed.

Like I said, this doesn't happen with all of the shows in my queue, but there are a number that do have this issue. Some of them are Space Brothers, Servant + Service, Silver Spoon, Kinmoza, and Monogatari. If I load these videos on the CR site, then they start from the beginning and if I complete them online, those updates aren't reflected in the Apple TV app.

I am a subscriber.
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Posted 9/27/13 , edited 9/27/13
I used to have exactly the problem you are describing but it went away and now I have a different (but similar) problem:

I am really missing the "Coming Soon" curtain which indicated the shows you have watched and also served to differentiate them from the new (unwatched) episodes in your queue.

This has gone completely missing on AppleTV but is still working normally on the web site. i.e. in my queue, I have about 5 shows which say "Coming Soon" (if I look on the web site) but on the AppleTV they are all ready to play the last episode (again) with no indication that it has been watched already...

VERY annoying.

Yes, I could scan through my history but that starts to get tedious when you have 30 different shows in your queue and it only works until the episode you watched gets bumped off the history page. I generally run down to my computer and check the web site every time I want to know which episodes are actually new. Not very useful.

ALSO: if a series ends, the same thing happens. This is true even on the web site. It would be nice (but unrelated to the problem above) if there was a different curtain that said something like "You watched it all" or whatever. This might sound frivolous but there are some shows I leave in my queue so I will know when the next season has started -- which I thought was being clever but the way it is now, they will always appear as if the last episode is permanently unwatched. You can identify these episodes on the web site because the orange progress bar is fully lit up but there is no indication whatsoever on the AppleTV. Even so, the progress bar indicator is not really satisfactory since there is no obvious indication that there are no new episodes available. A curtain indication similar to the (Not) "Coming Soon" would be extremely awesome.

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Posted 9/27/13 , edited 9/27/13


I'll shoot a note to the engineers.
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