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Post Reply Worst book to movie
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Posted 7/12/14
Eragon. I mean seriously?!?

Not sure if there are any Dresden fans here, but "The Dresden Files" which got a blissfully short stay on SyFy, they butchered the magic, they butchered Murphy, they butchered BOB!!! Made one of of the biggest nasties Harry has ever faced into what amounts to fodder. It was horrible imo.

Lastly, the "Sword of Truth" series, coined into "Legend of the Seeker." , nothing was sacred to them, not the two forms of magic and current Wizards being unable to use Subtractive Magic, The Mord Sith, Kahlan having a sister...what?!? The other Confessors still being alive...Kahlan is supposed to the be the last and strongest. The Mother Confessor. Zedd never had a brother, the list goes on and on. It made me quite upset, that the series had nearly no link to the books except for character names.
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Posted 7/14/14
It is simple, is the one that no one ever watch. It was so bad or "underrated" to be marketed.
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Posted 7/17/14
Most of the book that i read and turn to movie was really turn into a good one and for now i don't have a list of worst book to movie ,in fact i have the best one which is the bible or Raamattu where they improve it and it was very good one.
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Posted 7/18/14
The Percy Jackson series.
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Posted 7/20/14
I would have to say 100% without a doubt, it would be Eragon in my opinion. That movie was terrible. They cut out almost all the story and supplemented it with a bunch of random plot devices to speed up the movie, didn't follow the book's description of the characters at all, and basically denied a sequel to what could have been a great series of movies, if they hadn't made the first movie so horrible that is.
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Posted 8/15/14
The Princess and the Goblins, craptastic.. one of my fave fairy tales by George MacDonald totally torn to shreds.. not to mention they didn't have money for a full musical score, so they used variations of the same theme song throughout the whole animated movie, and they were trying to make it like a musical. I feel a migraine coming on just thinking about it.
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Posted 8/18/14
Howl's Moving Castle.

I really like both the book and the movie, but when you compare the two the film is not a great adaptation.

I understand that there is a ton of stuff that happens in the book that would need to condensed down otherwise it would drag on forever, but the movie just went in an entirely different direction after about 30 minutes. It kept some of the major plot points, but even those get changed around since they take away characters, combine others, change their roles, or completely did away with the original story circumstances.

There were a lot of really great sections that would've been perfect for an animated film (wizard battle on the ocean, wizard showdown in the dessert, 20,000 league boots, Wales). I was really looking forward to seeing them go to Wales, which is where the original black blob of Howl's door went, not to his past or where ever Howl seemed to feel like going any giving point during the movie that made him look more mysterious.

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Posted 8/28/14
I was a pretty big fan of the Percy Jackson series before the movie came out. The Lightning Thief movie really killed it. It followed barely anything in the book, and I know that the series are supposed to appeal to a younger audience, but the movie itself could have been just as great if they did it better.
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24 / M / el paso tx
Posted 8/28/14
if i stay
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17 / F / Earth. Duh
Posted 9/7/14
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Avatar: the Last Airbender yet. and the Percy Jackson movies were really bad... Eragon was horrid and I didn't particularily enjoy the City of Bones movie either..
Posted 9/21/14
There are many bad ones I can think of:

Alice in Wonderland
Howl's Moving Castle
The Time Machine
I, Robot
The Da Vinci Code
The Golden Compass
Great Expectations

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34 / M / Animeville, USA
Posted 9/22/14
The worst book to movie adaptation that I ever saw was The Black Cauldron. Read the book first and then saw the movie and have to admit that Disney butchered that story. I can't remember anything from the movie that was in the book. Maybe they kept the names the same but it was a completely different story.
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 9/28/14

Can't believe I liked that move when I was younger >_<
Posted 9/30/14
Every Alice in wonderland movie.
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Posted 9/30/14 , edited 9/30/14
I feel all movie adaptions of books, and book adaption movies are terrible. It removes the special feeling created by the movie/book. The original writers ideas are now written by someone else, its just an idea based off another idea.
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