Post Reply Oreimo & S2 Episodes 14, 15 & 16 incorrectly labeled as OVA's.
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Posted 8/26/13 , edited 8/26/13
Is there a reason why the 3 episodes for season 2 (14, 15 & 16) are called OVA's when they are actually ONA's? They never aired on TV they are only available online.
Wikipedia page: Season 2 Episodes 14, 15 & 16 are called ONA's not OVA's please correct that mistake.
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Posted 8/26/13
ONAs are essentially OVAs: neither is aired on television, and do not initially show up in movie theaters. Plus, "OVA" is a much more widely known acronym.
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Posted 8/26/13

Oreimo S2 episodes 14-16 are OVAs because they were created for inclusion on the final two Japanese DVD and BD releases. They were never meant to be released on the internet initially, however Aniplex was gracious enough to allow both Nico Nico and CR to stream the OVAs before they officially get released on disc. The CR streaming of them is essentially a limited time promotion for the disc release, notice there is a time limit to the internet streaming rights ending on August 31st. They were referred to as OVAs at the Otakon world premier screening as well. Here is a link to the official Japanese Oreimo website's news page (notice the photo of the video screen at Otakon says OVAs not ONAs):

Also, wikipedia's encyclopedia is not a definitive source of information. Read the disclaimer here:

I hope this helps clear up your confusion.
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