Post Reply Am I the only one experiencing time skips on the Xbox 360 app?
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Posted 8/30/13
Whenever I watch anime on the Crunchyroll app for the Xbox 360, during random times, the anime skips ahead 10-120 seconds ahead of the video. I ran through many tests and the Support team had me do various things but nothing seemed to help, so I thought it was just the app itself.

I was wondering if anybody else had this problem. I have addressed this problem before to the Crunchyroll Support, but no matter what I do the anime I watch on the Xbox 360 Crunchyroll app keeps skipping times. I thought that over time the problem would fix itself but nothing has changed over the past 3-5 months. So overall I was just wondering if anyone has found a way to solve this problem, or in general, have the same problems I do.
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Posted 8/30/13 , edited 8/30/13
There's already a thread in the 360 sub-folder about this issue: /forumtopic-807807/stream-consistently-skips-10-20-seconds

I've only seen 10 seconds skips, but the issue is consistent across viewings, even after clearing the system cache, and since there have been reports that re-encoded episodes experience skips at different times, so it's probably some issue with how the app handles playback.

Which is a shame, because other than this issue, I much prefer the 360 version of the app to any of the others that I've tried.

The last couple times I've seen this issue, I've just sent in a report using the Contact Us form (linked at the bottom of every page). On my last message, I got a response from Kippu, one of the customer service reps, asking if uninstalling and re-installing the app fixed the issue (it didn't), and that he'd pass the information along to the engineers.
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