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Posted 8/31/13 , edited 8/31/13
For some reason when I watch 1080p, the video randomly freezes somewhere between 1:01 and 1:10. I try to skip to a different part after it gets there and nothing happens. The only solution I find is to reload the page and it doesn't happen again. This has been going on since at least May, as far back as I can remember. I can't recall it ever happening in 720p. This really isn't a pressing issue, but a minor inconvenience.
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Posted 8/31/13 , edited 9/1/13
Basically, Crunchyroll can't stream the data fast enough for all its users to watch the videos at the same time. And they won't let you buffer more than a few minutes ahead because of DRM-related BS. Everybody is having the same problem. I envy your ability to watch videos consistently at 720p.
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