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Post Reply Suggestions - What should I cosplay as?
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Posted 11/6/14
I'm going to crossdress as Lubbock of AKAME GA KILL (after I do Fiel of NGNL) I was just going to ask, if anyone knows how can I make that glove he uses XD it has claws and the ring on the back of his hand is where the strings are at.... -w-
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Posted 11/17/14

(Sorry about the earlier PM, I didn't notice that you don't have enough CR points to make a thread yet..)

Depending on what you have access to, there's a bunch of options for this..

For the gloves, I'd go with white cotton band gloves, with the fingers cut down (and glue or fraycheck applied so they stay nice and smooth), then dyed. Being cotton, they should take the dye really well. I know Amazon sells both individual pairs of cotton band gloves and dozen pair packs (which is what I buy, since they work great for under all sorts of armor that I make).

The lines might be a little tough, but some heavy duty fishing line painted silver could work. Or, given the season, a box of tinsel would give you lots of flexible silvery wire-like stuff to work with, which would show up well in photos.

For the claws, I'd go with craft foam ( Or, for something tougher (though more expensive), Worbla ( Either should support what you need for something that small, and you can always coat the craft foam with fiberglass resin if you want some extra strength - that's what I did for my current profile picture's claws. Here's all the details on that.

The disc is probably the hardest. If you can carve stuff, using insulation foam would be pretty lightweight, and you can coat it with modpodge or other materials to seal it for painting. If not, Super Sculpy oven-harden clay is a great option:
* First, cut out a circle of cardboard for the overall shape, then glue on a smaller circle for the center, and a ring around the outside for the raised edge. Possibly do this multiple times, depending on the thickness/shape.
* Next, smooth the Sculpy over the cardboard so it's completely coated. Once that's done, you can bake the top.
* Once that's out of the oven and cool, flip it over and add a ring of cardboard around the outside - that will create the inset ring. Add on more Sculpy to create the inside of the ring, which faces the back of your hand.
* Bake the whole thing again, then pull off the separator cardboard.

At this point, it should be ready to paint and start gluing in the wires and such.

Hope that helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or alternate suggestions, or post them here!
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Posted 12/8/14
I've run into a slump I need a new cosplay to make and I only have 1 month to make it. Some friends of mine are doing a league group and they asked me to be a part of it. Not sure which league character to be, and if I could make all the parts and props before JAN 9th.
Here is what I look like.
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Posted 12/26/14
i think you should cosplay it
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Posted 12/26/14
My general advice would be to cosplay as a person you know and like, that the costume will be comfortable, and you won't have to explain who you are to everyone unless you fine with that.
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Posted 2/3/15
Umm.. I was thinking of making my own thread like this but seeing as it exists, I need help with mine! I need something before February 18th, and I've never cosplayed before! I won't post a picture, but let's say I have dark brown eyes, currently black/purple hair (natural hair color = dark brown), olive skin tone, a slim figure except for the fact I have a butt (like really have a butt), thighs, and hips (my jean size is 8/10 or 9/11 [pant size large]), and shirt sizes can be from small to large (but usually medium).

And everything about me is posted on my profile, so if anyone can give me an idea (and make it very cheap and on a broke college student budget lol), that would be great. I would want something simple and/or easy please and thank you! And P.S., I don't want to dye my hair or wear a wig (although if I could find a cheap one, I wouldn't mind, although my hair is currently medium long right now), and I can't do colored contacts since I already wear prescription.
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