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The art that is ''The Toilet Routine''
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25 / M / The Dark Continent
Posted 9/3/13
Have you mastered it?

Do you put water before or after you put the toothpaste on the toothbrush? What's your favorite brushing technique, the smooth rotation or the powerful ''aint nobody got time fo dat''? How long do you keep the shampoo on for it to take effect? How would you describe and rate your soap application skills? Do you shower before or after you shave?

The world needs to know!
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Dat Place.
Posted 9/3/13
I put water on my toothbrush before the toothpaste is placed on it!

I need the smooth rotation because it helps. I also pace around my bathroom while I brush my teeth.

....CONDITIONER.....I don't really keep the shampoo on long...

The soap gets everywhere I want and don't want it to be. I'm a klutz with the soap, one time it went up and out of the bathtub into the trash. I was like "nooooooo, but nice slide!"

I shower after, no idea why.

The world does NOT need to know, but it's fun anyway! .w.
Posted 9/3/13
You don't want to know about my "toilet" routine

And who brushes teeth in the toilet? Don't people normally brush their teeth in the "bathroom"?

But who am I to judge, I brush my teeth in my room.
Posted 9/3/13
Pfft okay I guess I'll answer this.

~I put water on before toothpaste.


~I keep the shampoo on as long as it takes for me to clean the rest of my body. Once done with that, rinse shampoo. Boom.

~I don't really care about the details of soap and all that stuff so no rates/descriptions.

~ I shower before of course

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21 / M / Here
Posted 9/3/13
I put the water on first, the toothpaster second.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.
I wash the shampoo off about 10 seconds after I've fully applied it to my hair.
As for soap I am flawless at dropping it.
I usually shower before I shave (not that there's much to shave off).
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Posted 9/3/13
Water after i put on the toothpaste
Aint nobody got time fo dat
i keep the shampoo on until i'm done with the soap
Soap application skills? Mmmmm good i think?
I shave while i shower, kind of varies before or after the soap... i don't pay attention
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Posted 9/3/13
Water before the toothpaste
Long strokes, ain't nobody got time fo dat little twirly circle swallup
I put the shampoo in, rub it in my scalp. Don't know the time it takes.
Soap application skills are good, in my opinion. I get what people soap up and do it rather well. <--Opinionated FACT
I only "trim", a weak version of shaving where you don't get the stubble. But, on the days I do trim, about once every couple of weeks, it differs as to where it is before or after I shower.

Tell the world my story.
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29 / M / Canada
Posted 9/3/13
I don't put water on the brush. Just toothpaste is fine. Tooth-brushing strategy is mostly along the lines of 'ain't nobody got time fo dat'. I leave the shampoo in for a couple minutes (I tend to use shampoo/conditioner two-in-ones. Yeah, it's kind of effeminate, sue me.) before rinsing. I'm not sure how I would rate my soap application skills; I guess they're pretty normal. I wasn't aware it was a thing. I shave after I shower usually, but I don't shave every day, only when my facial hair gets long enough to be easily visible, so more like once every three-four days.
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30 / M / wherever my work...
Posted 9/3/13 , edited 9/3/13
Morning ritual:

Alarm 1: 5:20 AM
Alarm 2: 5:25 AM
Alarm 3: 5:35 AM

Crack every joint in body, get up, go to porcelain goddess and utilize her.
Go straight to sink. Wash hands and grab toothbrush.
Place water on toothbrush, then add toothpaste.
Brush, spit, rinse.
Wipe mouth clean.
Place warm water on face.
Place shaving cream on face.
Shave face.
Rinse off excess shaving cream.
Wipe face. 5:45 AM

Get dressed into gym clothes
Find in exact order: Wallet, Keys, Phone, Reflective belt
5:50 AM

Out the door, go do workout 7:30 AM

Eat breakfast
Change into work clothes9:00 AM

Proceed with day
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29 / M / ಠ_ಠ
Posted 9/10/13
:: post-toothpaste
:: the kind that prevents me from getting cavities
:: for a minute. & then i leave conditioner in while i...
:: ...lather up with a bar of soap, rinse, use a spongey loofah thing to apply body wash, & rinse
:: post-shower

i use more product/spend more money on product than i need to, i'm sure, but i like to feel clean & smell good ^_^
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24 / M / Towcester
Posted 9/10/13
Water is not involved in brushing my teeth. I just shove toothpaste on there, and brush away. I swallow the froth that ensues, rather than finding a sink. I brush in a fairly linear manner, but move of course move around as not to miss anything. Luckily I have very straight teeth, so there's no nooks that are hard to get clean.

If possible I poo before showering.

As for the shower itself, I get in, rinse a bit, apply shampoo + bar soap. I rinse that off, then apply conditioner + shower gel. (conditioner goes in my beard + pubes too), and rinse off again.

I shave afterwards, first applying foam to the areas I don't grow my beard, and going over those with a standard razor. I wash my face, then go over the beard part with a beard trimmer on a predetermined setting.
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25 / M / England
Posted 9/11/13

GayAsianBoy wrote:

You don't want to know about my "toilet" routine

And who brushes teeth in the toilet? Don't people normally brush their teeth in the "bathroom"?

But who am I to judge, I brush my teeth in my room.

In britain 'toilet' can also refer to the bathroom in general.
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28 / F / SC
Posted 9/11/13
I put water on after I put on the toothpaste.

I just... calmly brush my teeth.

I put the shampoo on my hair, wash the rest of myself, and then wash it all off. If it's shaving time I do that too.

I use liquid soap and a bath sponge. Amount of time of scrubbing depends on how dirty I am.

I shower at night. I feel gross if I go bed from the day's sweat and dirt.

Posted 9/11/13 , edited 9/11/13
Water on the brush then toothpaste then a quick swipe under the water again.

I have a sonic toothbrush so my technique is to just run the toothbrush lightly over my teeth for 30 seconds in each of the four sections in my mouth. I usually do this twice.

My shampoo is also conditioner so it stays on until I am clean and rinse everything away.

Soap application skills are perfect. It goes where I want and nowhere else.

Since I don't shave exactly, I trim, I do it before I go into the shower in order to more easily wash away any loose bits of hair that have remained.
Posted 9/11/13 , edited 9/11/13
I'm pretty meticulous about healthy hygiene: handwashing, flossing, scrubbing between toes and behind ears, etc...

That said, you shouldn't overdo. Using too much soap and shampoo too often, or leaving it on too long will strip your hair, nails and skin, and actually make you more prone to infections and cause you to age prematurely. Your skin secretes natural emollients intended to protect you and keep things supple and healthy.

Especially if you treat your hair with chemicals (I color regularly) you should be very gentle to it, and try not to shampoo every single day. If you are in work or activities that require you to cleanse everything daily, use mild soaps and shampoos that are sulfate-free. If you must wash your hair daily, only apply shampoo to the scalp; don't rub it through the length to the ends, or they'll dry and split or break. After cleansing, apply a plant-based lotion or natural oil on your skin and leave-in conditioner in your hair; this will help replace what you stripped off, keeping hair and skin healthy.
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