Post Reply What is "Tsundere" And 'Yandare"?
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Posted 9/4/13
,many people have different explanations for these 2 words. Please right down your explanation; i get these 2 words really confused at times.
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Posted 11/3/13
Tsundere is like,no emotions,for example acting cool,acting bad..but actually kind inside.. For example she\he was bullied in the past,so Right now he or she os acting cool and like no emotions but actually kind inside :D
Next is yandare..
Yandare is a character of kind,sweet and cute....but he or she is actually a killer or very bad inside... It is the opposite of tsundere,i didnt search in google but i actually Kinda remember some things about it :)....(and its not only tsundere and yandare.....theres some others more.
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