only if your brave :P :P :P :P :P
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Posted 9/6/13
so i was thinking alot of people on the dating topics seem to be down on them selves about how they look or about what they are like as people and or what there looking for etc etc etc so i was thinking that we could do a rate page and feedback

so today you put a picture up of the real you and a little information about yourself but nothing to depressing like being suicidal

just equal pros and cons and more then just your age name and where you live

and then come back another day and start rating peoples pics you never know you may fine LOVE here

1.put a pic up of you and only you
2.write a little something about you
3.come back another day to start rating

rules 2
1.leave a reason for your rating
2.never say mean thing like (u are ugly...) sexual pics
4.use quotes to rate
5.rate between 1 and 5 (5 being highest score)
if you do find someone you like alot just inbox eachother

just be honest but nice this is to help not put down.....
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Posted 9/6/13

so i will start with me
name: rebecca but u can call me boo
so im mixed race (black and white)
i have never left the country
i like to watch animes also horror and romance
when i first meet people im really shy and end up in giggle fits for no reason
i had a shit childhood
i dont smoke
my fav colour is purple and black
and i love this tune set it of thefatrat remix by diplo feat lezerdisk party sex
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Posted 9/6/13
Posting on here just to keep this thread active a bit longer.

I'll edit my response when I have time to post a pic and stuff.
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Posted 9/6/13

Hey there!
Sorry to tell you but this thread is definitely more suited to be put into a group!
Most of the dating topics aren't really "Get to know me" etc, and therefore not hookup threads either :P
If you'd like to remake this as a thread, I ask that you make it in a group :)
Also for future reference please also don't double post (Post, then post again with no posts in between)
Thanks! :)


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