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Posted 9/9/13 , edited 9/9/13
So I'm in need of some good cosplay suggestions as to what would FIT me ><
I'm new to this whole thing, and I cosplayed as Luffy last Anime Expo (pic available on my profile)
I need some help with suggestions! I'm fairly tall, medium light skin and black hair (chinky eyes too LOL!)

Here's a picture for reference:
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Posted 9/9/13

Er, no...what series do you like, what con is this for, how far are you willing to go?

Because my suggestions always include Robots. ALWAYS.
Fairly Tall is also not a proper unit of measurement. Are you 5,4 or 5,8? A full 6,0 or a silly 4,8? The numbers matter!

You should go as.....Hmm, lets pick up a random picture.

You know, I have some weird pictures here.....so, Eren looking good there?

Of course, if you manage a Gundam Mk.II Titan colors, you'll probably pick up more chicks....I don't know. That Armin was pretty awesome.

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Posted 9/9/13
I think you'd make a good Eren, Kirito from SAO, Hijikata from Gintama, or Sai from Naruto based on your picture. You could probably cosplay as anyone because you have the body shape of most male anime characters. Do u have any favorite characters?
Posted 9/9/13
You could always be that one glasses guy (Looked up his name. Kyouya) from Ouran.
This guy.
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Posted 9/9/13
Roy Mustang from FMA
Posted 9/9/13
you could try Kirito from SAO/sword art online

Rin or Yukio Okumura from Ao no exorcist/Blue exorcist

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Posted 9/9/13
Hate to do this, but I'm locking this thread because we've got a suggestions sticky in this section already Please feel free to ask/answer in there!

Sorry, I really don't want to. I'm leaving it not-closed for now so people can still see the suggestions, however.
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