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Posted 9/10/13


An anime adaptation of this manga have been announced recently. However, I have been following this series for awhile now and since I did enjoy Elfen Lied, I was looking forward to this to be adapted into an anime someday and it came true!

I think the manga is decent so far and has more humor than I had thought (occasionally anyways). There's also this sense of mystery going on with some of the origins and regarding the characters. In particular though, Ryouta's life is never going to be the same way again.

Thoughts on this manga? Discuss~
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Posted 9/10/13 , edited 9/10/13
Love it love it LOOOOVVVEE IIITTT!

Everything about this is full of win.

HIGHLY recommended to anyone with good taste~

Oh and my theory is that it'll be a summer 2014 anime. Usually it takes 6 months or so after it's announced to be aired, but I always felt that it would be a summer anime. That's just my thoughts.
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