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Posted 9/10/13 , edited 9/11/13
Album Improvements

Add Folders, so that you can organize better

Hey, I love to upload pictures on Crunchyroll, but it's pretty stupid that you can only add albums and nothing to organize said albums with..

For an example.

I want to make an anime "Folder" with 2 more folders inside, they are "Favorite anime characters" "Anime's"
In "Favorite anime characters" & "Anime's" I would add 1 album for each anime..

For an example.. <.<
I have some pictures of To Love-Ru & Clannad, I don't wanna mix these two together, so I make 2 albums in the anime folder with different names.. To Love-Ru and Clannad.

Same goes for favorite characters, I have Taiga from Toradora and Fuuko & Tomoyo from Clannad, I make 2 folders again and do the same thing.

Ah I hope no one else has posted about this here, this was pretty hard to search <.<
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