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Posted 12 hours ago , edited 12 hours ago
I already watch that series I found it interesting that Studio Trigger that did the animation for Kill La Kill were Ex- Gainax employees and they manage with there same old style.

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Posted 2 hours ago
Again we shall call! This time the Semifinal round! They went on hiatus for the weekend, BUT IT IS NI LONGER THE WEEKEND.

There are but a wretched 6 Hours left in the voting process, that's a small number people! If you were going to die in 6 hours, you would do something about it now!

6 Hours, in that 6 hours, the dream could die. Don't let it die, come vote for Satsuki. She is so close to victory!

Come vote for Kiryuin Satsuki, just show up and tell us why you believe her to be a great character, put all the effort you can into it!

sonic720 wrote:

The Best Girl Mid-2014 Tournament is continuing onward, and Satsuki Kiryuuin requires your vote once again! We are presently in the semi-final round and Satsuki stands against Hiyori this time. Here are instructions on how to participate and vote:

1. Go over to the tournament thread:
2. Mark your post as a vote by placing "This is My Vote" in bold lettering at the top.
3. Indicate that you're voting for Satsuki Kiryuuin, and be sure to include the title Kill la Kill.
4. Write a brief explanation of what you love about Satsuki Kiryuuin's personality. It could be as short as one sentence or a full essay.

Be sure to review the OP for official tournament rules as you write your reasons, but otherwise that's it! Hiyori isn't going to be easy to defeat, so every vote is needed.

Yes, Satsuki-sama fans, join us in the fun and let's win this thing together!

Graphic courtesy of LoomyTheBrew.

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