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33 / Up there ^
Posted 8 days ago
Looks like we get to see Nonon in her Nudist Beach "outfit" again. I'm down with that. Yup.
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50 / Bite the pillow.
Posted 8 days ago , edited 8 days ago
- PBS Idea Channel Explores Whether the Anime ‘Kill la Kill’ Represents a Warning About Wearable Technology
- (13 minute video)

There's a lot to talk about when discussing the anime series Kill la Kill.

If you're not familiar with the show, the lead character, Ryuko Matoi, searches for her father's murderer; there's an academy ruled by a powerful student council; and there's a class system where more powerful students wear extraterrestrial clothing which give them special powers… you should just watch it. It's these uniforms, called Goku, that are particularly interesting, and specifically how the wearers unitize them.

Could Goku be considered technology? And how does FASCISM play a role in all this?!?! Watch the episode and find out!
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