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It's a day of reflecting... A day of remembering... A day that changed U.S. history forever
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31 / M / Kansas
Posted 9/11/13
every day changes history forever -.- .. and yea the sky still looks blue
Posted 9/11/13
I was eating breakfast.
I thought it was a movie and went to school all happy and stuff.
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24 / M / New Jersey
Posted 9/11/13
I was in second or third grade i can't remember, and i honestly cant recall what happened that day because i was far to young to understand what had happened. All i remember is going home early from school and seeing my mom cry when i got home.
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Posted 9/12/13
I was at school. I was surprised but, honestly, it didn't have much of an effect on my school day.
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Posted 9/12/13 , edited 9/12/13

luv_anime89 wrote:

kirika202 wrote:

JayVeeDees wrote:

No offense to those people who lost a loved one in this incident, but I think that having this day "worth of remembering" is cruel against the middle east... In the east these kind of things happen near to everyday.. And what do we hear about? Miley Cyrus twerk, 9/11 which was 12 years ago.. Damn it.

But it's caused by their own people, I believe? as far as I know, USA hasn't made any terrorist attack on the middle east. (it's not the same thing as the war) 9/11 changed the whole country...if USA is in bad state, the rest is even worse (especially third world countries). It is not considered one of the top countries for nothing.

I do agree with the Miley Cyrus thing, though

You took the words right out of my mouth. The Middle East does this stuff to their own people every day.

@ JayVeeDees: When do you hear things on the news about suicide bombers going into places and blowing themselves up from the US? And besides.. The Middle East hates us because of the things we believe in.. Why would you consider our day of remembering to be cruel to them? THEY attacked us.. Does nobody remember the bombing in '93? They had already tried blowing up the WTC, only that time it didn't do significant damage.. They tries again and when the towers came down, they were cheering, screaming "Allah Akbar!" I mean really... It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that most of them hate us...

They hate you with good reason, you went into their country destroyed a lot of peoples lives without a second thought about the people.. All you wanted was to get 1 man, all these years, for one man.
The reason the US wanted to invade Iraq.. Wasn't to get one single man that was to deceive the public, they wanted to take all of it, for their own personal gain, USA isn't as great as everyone thinks.

On a side note, do you know who funded Hitler during 2nd world war? it was the USA oil companies and such, you think they could have stopped for it, no, your country(people in high places) is/are corrupt by the notion of making money..

Well.. the links in that quote are all not working.. the accounts have been deleted... the Wikipedia link works though.
Oh well, I'll add some other links as well.

Yeah if you think that just because a group of people act like that, you need to put all those innocence inside of that group as well, you might just as well be one of them... Also some of the countries that you consider enemies *Neutral enemies* were brought up by the US, I mean, they sent a few people from the CIA in changed their governments over and over, for their own benefit.
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